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How Helping Others Can Transform Your Life

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In a world where every action creates ripples, the act of helping others stands out as a powerful catalyst for change. Imagine extending a hand to someone in need and feeling an instant shift in your own energy. This isn’t just kindness in action; it’s a scientific phenomenon where generosity boosts your own vibrational frequency, aligning you more closely with your desires. Through the lens of the law of attraction, these acts of giving do more than just aid others—they transform you, drawing you into a cycle of positivity and abundance. Let’s explore how this beautiful exchange can elevate our vibrations and enrich our lives.

The Truth or Science Helping Others

The act of service is definitely rewarding, but the rewards you get from it are extremely subtle and unintuitive. It is not just about the physical or material assistance we provide, but about the sacrifice we make in the physical world.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says, everything or everyone performs yagya (or makes sacrifices) as per their its own innate qualities. Water bodies sacrifice a part of themselves to the sky, which brings rain. The soil around the seed sacrifices its life energy to nourish the seed. The seed sacrifices itself to life and dissolves as the plant grows. The plant performs yagya by throwing oxygen, and we perform yagya by throwing out carbon dioxide.

On death, you surrender the body and transform into something totally different. Even the soul is not free from this cycle. The soul can be dissolved into the ultimate consciousness through yoga. The vedas make mention of a symbolic river called Vaitarani, that every soul encounters after leaving the body. The soul either bounces back, crosses the river, or dissolves in it while trying to cross it, based on the thickness of their karmic memory. Those who cross the river need not come back to human form, but they can at will, and we call them avatars.

In simple words, everything in the universe is constantly making sacrifices or surrendering itself to transform into something else. So, transformation/movement/change CANNOT happen in the universe without yagya or surrendering something.

You Can’t Escape This But Can Control It

Now, you may have figured that whether you try or not, you’re constantly surrendering a part of yourself to the outside world. You may be contracting with your mobile phone, laptop, notebook, books, friends, family, colleagues, etc. You’re contracting with YOURSELF through food choices and decisions. There’s no escaping this, because it’s an elemental quality of the universe.

However, you can choose what/who you contract with, and what you give out to the world. You may be giving out hatred, and reinforcing the those neural connections to see hate across the world, or you may be contracting through donation or by helping others. But there’s a catch!

Whether or not, you’re able to control what the world throws at you, you can always change the innate quality of the thing you receive. You see, the plant gets nutrients from the soil, and uses them to create “itself”. This is how transformation works.

You can donate millions to the world, but if it’s only for building a reputation among your neighbours, you’ve already transformed that money for yourself, and so that donation will have zero impact on your wellbeing and vibration.

Two Types of Surrendering

Physical Yagya: Let’s say you have already donated a million dollars to the poor. Yes, you may have become reputed from the donation, but that’s only the physical transformation you got from surrendering physical wealth, which could’ve served you in other ways in the physical world.

Mental Yagya: However, mentally, you surrendered your desire/attachment to the same money, and so, the energy released from surrendering is still present in your mind waiting to be transformed. But now, you bring your attention to “feeling like a great (wo)man”. All that energy is simply wasted on your self-image, which is anyway a lie. This type of surrendering is not fruitful for one’s wellbeing and spiritual growth.

It’s crucial to surrender to the right things and people. If you surrender yourself to asuras and rakshasas, they’ll rip you off, and you’ll get nothing from the transaction. Find the demons and rakshasas within yourself and stop feeding onto them. You’ll automatically become more competent spiritually, live a better life, and manifest everything you want anyway.

Intuitive Benefits of Helping Others

Okay! So, now we’ve gone too deep into why helping others (or in other words, making symbolic donations) can transform our life energies. It’s time we cover the more basic benefits that you’ll receive from helping others:

  1. Increased Happiness and Reduced Stress: Helping others triggers the release of hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin, which are associated with happiness and satisfaction. It also reduces stress by shifting our focus from our problems to the needs of others.
  2. Promotion of Positive Behavioral Patterns: Engaging in acts of kindness encourages positive behavioral patterns. It teaches us the value of generosity and fosters social connections, thereby creating a more harmonious society.
  3. Longevity and Social Connections: Studies have shown that acts of kindness can potentially extend one’s lifespan. They also lead to a wider social circle and more meaningful relationships, enhancing our social health.
  4. Cultivation of Empathy and Compassion: Helping others cultivates empathy and compassion, essential traits for understanding and connecting with those around us. This counters feelings of isolation and lack of purpose, fostering a sense of belonging.
  5. Promotion of Gratitude and Perspective: The act of giving promotes gratitude and provides perspective. It makes us aware of our own privileges, fostering a sense of appreciation for what we have.

The Transformative Power of Generosity: A Brief Summary

Helping others transcends mere acts of kindness; it’s a fundamental catalyst for personal transformation, deeply rooted in the law of attraction. This journey of generosity aligns with the universal principle of ‘yagya,’ emphasizing that true change requires a form of surrender—whether it’s tangible acts of giving or the intention behind them. Engaging in selfless service not only aids those in need but also enhances our own vibrational frequencies, fostering a cycle of positivity and growth. The benefits are manifold: from increased happiness and stress reduction to the cultivation of empathy and stronger social connections. Ultimately, this cycle of giving and receiving not only elevates our spiritual well-being but also reinforces our interconnectedness with the universe, reminding us that by uplifting others, we uplift ourselves.

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