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Manifest: A Beginner’s Guide to The Law of Attraction


Attract what you want in a matter of days, no matter who and where you are

This is a beginner-friendly and powerful guide to manifesting anything you want unconditionally, in a matter of days or weeks.

If you’ve just getting started with the law of attraction or you’ve not manifested something life-changing yet, this is for you. “Manifest” covers all the basics of the law of attraction and teaches you how to attract wealth, love, attention, and fame.

Save time and avoid searching for “more information on the law of attraction”, as Manifest covers everything. This short book only demands 35 minutes of your focused attention, after which, you’re ready to attract the life of your dreams!

  • Attract anything you want FAST.
  • Save your time and effort by cutting the fluff, the book has everything you need.
  • You don’t need to enroll for a LOA course, this is enough.
  • Discover verified manifestation techniques that work consistently.
  • Learn to drop your limiting beliefs quickly using simple techniques.
  • Make a huge shift by releasing everything unnecessary from your life right now.

The author, Shubhanshu Rawat, a Yoga practitioner, has been studying this law for 5+ years. Get free access to 5+ years of expertise to hasten your progress and succeed at everything you do.

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