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Reality Shifting

This section shares guides to manifesting new realities for individual souls to live using the law of attraction.

What is Reality shifting?

Manifesting a new reality is based on the science of parallel universe and how an individual can shift and does shift through infinite possibilities of choice throughout his/her lifetime.

Is reality Shifting Real?

While science claims this topic to be pseudoscience, many have experienced this phenomena and seen immediate results. If it appears to be real, it’s alright to call this phenomenon shifting until someone explains the science behind it.

Reality Shifting Proof

Because many have seen significant results using the shifting techniques, it doesn’t matter whether it’s real or fake. We know that it works! And ultimately, that’s all that matters!

This section shares incredible and practical insights and shifting techniques, and how anyone can do it effortlessly.

What’s the Raven Method?

Having recently gained popularity on TikTok, the raven method is a shifting technique inspired from the ancient shamans, who used to shape shift, or transfer their consciousness, into ravens. They probably used this technique to examine weather conditions, avoid potential calamities, surveil areas, etc. However, I’m not 100% certain if that’s exactly why used it.

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How to Manifest a New Reality Using the Two Cup Method

The 2 cup manifestation method has been one of the more popular manifestation techniques adopted by several influencers, manifestation practitioners, and the whole social media. It is definitely an odd one, and has shown results for many! Or has it REALLY? People say they have used the two cup method to win lotteries, manifest financial

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