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How to Focus On Yourself? [15 simple ways]

How to focus on yourself and grow.
Be you!

Introduction: How to focus on yourself?

There are a lot of distractions out there. You and I know that they never end, and we tend to find more and more to keep ourselves busy in things that don’t matter. These distractions cause us to lose focus, and drag us away from our goals and sabotage our self-growth.

People have opinions and will always share them to draw your attention towards them. I know that it’s hard to not listen to what others say or do. We often get caught up in situations and things that ruin our productivity and slow down our personal growth. This post will help you focus on things that do matter and will give you enough stimuli to take action towards living an organized and focused life.

Here are 15 simple ways to focus on yourself.

  1. Flick your perspective and turn it inwards.
  2. Ask yourself “How can it improve me?”
  3. Spend your awareness on productive things. [Be it anything]
  4. Don’t listen to the moods [Self-discipline]
  5. Define what “focusing on yourself” means.
  6. Devise plans to achieve your goals and set dealines.
  7. Eat healthy. [You are what you eat]
  8. Do what you think you should be doing. [Move towards your goals and dreams]
  9. Meditate everyday for atleast 20 minutes. [clear the mind from all the clutter]
  10. Some kind of exercise is necessary to have a well functioning mind.
  11. Have a rigid sleeping and eating pattern.
  12. Stay fixated on your goals. [Do not change them too quickly]
  13. Use the power of autosuggestion to reprogram your mind
  14. Focus on one thing at a time.
  15. Organize your thoughts and try to give them more clarity.

You can already tell how transformational these steps can be. Imagine yourself already following all of the steps, and see how you feel. Let’s dive deeper into their meaning and significance to draw the most juice out of them. I know for a fact that bringing order into life is the most important part of life. With order, comes awareness. And awareness is crucial for living a fulfilling life.

Flick your perspective and turn your focus inwards

We are conditioned to use our external environment as a feedback mechanism to see how we perform in the world–but this way of measuring ourselves doesn’t give accurate feedback every time.

If you measure yourself externally, you may come across people or situations that don’t suit you, but that doesn’t mean you are not good enough. And if you measure yourself from someone else’s perspective, you will become their slave.

Observe your habits and actions. See what keeps you going and what slows you down. If your group doesn’t support you, don’t bother yourself to expect support. Find people who are focused inwards. To live freely and have mental clarity, watch yourself and your fears. Ask yourself, why you’re scared of certain things. Then do them.

Ask yourself “How it can improve me?”

Anything you decide or do, ask yourself why you’re doing it, and how it can improve you. Focus on all the aspects of your life. Be it in handling relationships, public speaking, studies and career, sports, anything. Ask yourself, how can I improve this area of my life.

Asking deep questions and finding answers to them, then following up on those answers and actually doing them will grow you exponentially. 90 percent of the average population either question too much and don’t act, or act without planning. The other 10 percent are high-performers. You can easily outdo the average because the bar is not that high. If you wake up early and workout 4-5 times a week, you’ve already passed many.

Spend your awareness on productive things. [Be it anything]

Doing productive things doesn’t always mean, studying, reading, or working. You can make any activity productive. The important point is to focus totally on the activity itself. Forget about the nature of the activity. If you’re playing a video game, focus totally on it and nothing else. If you are writing, focus on writing and nothing else.

It can be swimming, dancing, running, working out, thinking, breathing, or relaxing, do everything wholeheartedly.

Don’t listen to the moodswings [Self-discipline]

Don’t get lost in the mood and forget about the things you REALLY want to do. Remember what you want from life and always be productive towards it, even if it’s just a small step.

If you listen to the mood swings, you’ll actually not get anything done. If you only studied when you felt enthusiastic about studying, you’d never score good marks.

The funny thing is, you can shift your moods through sheer will. Moods induce you to take actions that require the least amount of energy. Spending the least amount of energy takes you towards the route of mediocrity. This kills dreams and desires.

To get rid of procrastination, think of it this way. Doing hard things will lead you towards an easier life. Doing easy things will take you towards hardship and failure.

Define what “focusing on yourself” means to you.

Ask yourself “Why am I reading this article?”. Are you trying to run away from a hurtful feeling at this moment? We often take action when we are hurt or denied, which is totally opposite to what we should be doing. Don’t take action when you are sad, depressed, anxious, or hurt. Instead, feel the emotions fully. Watch the person who is sad (you), for a while. This will uplift your state, so you can move on from old mental patterns, and do what you must do.

Our emotions tend to reflect in our activity.

Devise plans to achieve your goals and set dealines.

Take out a sheet of paper and write down your “game plan” for the month. This is an effective strategy to get things done. There might be things that you wanted to do, but aren’t really doing. Make DEFINITE plans and follow them religiously.

Eat healthy. [You are what you eat]

You’ve got to eat healthy foods and in the right quantity. We often eat foods that are easily available (burgers and pizzas). These foods make us feel sluggish and sleepy. To feel better throughout the day, you have to change your eating habits. What you put in is what you put out. If you consume junk, you put out junk.

Do what you think you should be doing. [Move towards your goals and dreams]

Now, we all are guilty of this at some point in life. You have a plan and strategy, now do what you must do. Think of everything besides it as a distraction because it is.

Analyze your day and ask yourself, how close have I gotten to my goal today?

And is there any room for improvement?

If yes, how?

Meditate everyday for atleast 20 minutes. [clear the mind from all the clutter]

Meditating every day is essential to self-growth. It clears the clutter of the mind and helps you tackle situations with no stress. Your meditation time is the time to do nothing. Just watch your breath go up and down. That’s all!

After the end of each session, you’ll be able to focus on things faster and become more productive.

Some kind of exercise is necessary to have a well functioning mind.

Be it yoga, HIIT, or heavy lifting, working out opens up your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. People who work out regularly, are more disciplined than averages. Discipline means productivity. Discipline is the key to success!

Have a rigid sleeping and eating pattern.

Having a defined habitual pattern in life is necessary for stability and persistence. If you keep changing your sleeping patterns and eating regime, you’ll feel unstable. You’ll feel like something is going wrong.

Stay fixated on your goals. [Do not change them too quickly]

In Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and grow rich”, he says that the biggest reason why we fail is in our tendency to change decisions too quickly, or in not taking them at all.

having a goal that leads you towards success, and staying fixated on it until it is done calls for persistence. Persistence is one among the 13 principles of the law of success.

Use the power of autosuggestion to reprogram your mind

Autosuggestion is the most powerful tool on earth. It is the process of repetition of a single thought until it reaches and embeds inside the subconscious mind. You can read more about autosuggestion and how to use it here.

Be persistent with the use of autosuggestion to change your beliefs and in turn change your reality.

Focus on one thing at a time.

Many studies have shown that the mind can only focus on one thing at a time. You either have to switch between tasks rapidly or be doing the other tasks subconsciously. Focus on eating when you are eating. Focus on riding when you are riding. Don’t think about anything else. This will bring your mind to a peaceful place where every task will become as enjoyable as any other.

Organize your thoughts and try to give them more clarity.

Define everything. Bring as much clarity to your vision as possible. This will establish the right image in your mind and manifest itself as steps and plans to reach where you want to reach. Build a clear image of what you want. Make the image as detailed as possible. Then define the steps you must take to achieve them. Then follow those steps and finish what you started.


These were the 15 ways to make the change. Little changes and the right choices matter! Make the right choices today. These were the 15 ways you can follow to grow and focus on yourself. You see that keeping things organized and having mental clarity is essential to success in anything. A well-designed schedule, keeping things around you organized, keeps your mind organized and focused. Once you release all the clutter, your awareness rises and you see negative mental patterns and habits that you ignored earlier. Once you see them, change and transformation are imminent. Humans shed habits and patterns faster than a snake shedding its skin. You can be anything you want! You are built-in god’s image!

Take action, not tomorrow, not today, but right now!


Make sure to comment below and do share. Thanks for reading through. Have a great day.

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