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What is Shuflash?

Shuflash is a law of attraction outlet with a singular purpose of inspiring people to turn their lives around. Shuflash was made to dispel sadness, lack-of-purpose, close-heartedness, loneliness, and darkness caused by ignorance and lies.

Society is a lying machine. It only accepts and promotes the norms, which, in a way, is important for its survival, but that’s not the best route for one’s complete self-expression.

Any person who desires the best society can offer is often oppressed by the society. One needs to forge their own path and follow their own principles to win, and Shuflash helps such people make the difference through education.

Who am I?

I was born and raised in Mumbai city, which made my education strictly scientific and culturally elusive. I come from a religious background, but with a tad bit of questioning, I floored my own beliefs on what’s true.

To understand the nature of existence, I delved upon many belief systems, philosophies and doctrines; all to no avail. Later down the journey, I stumbled upon eastern mysticism and spirituality, and I’ve stuck to it to this day! Over 5 years of practice (of yoga), I’ve had many realizations and revelations that I’d love to share with the world; with you. So here’s the website! Here you are! Let’s create what we want!

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