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How to Let Go of The Past Right Now?

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Wake Up to The Truth

The sole reason why we feel dull sometimes is when we dwell in our past. It doesn’t matter whether it happened yesterday or a decade ago, if you’re sad, you’re holding onto something. Letting go of the past becomes essential to getting back into the groove of life and becoming productive again.

If you want to let go of the past, you need to open your eye and wake up to reality. We live in a fantasy of thoughts, emotions, and ideas, that have no relevance to creation, but only to our evolutionary encoding. In fact, our future is decided, not by the past, but by how much we dwell in it in the present.

Letting go of the Past: Practical Steps

As simple as the words may sound, we know how difficult it can be to just wake up and let it all go. We’re no Disney princesses who would dance and sing their way out of it. Or can we?

Let it all go song.

It might be simple, but not easy to awaken from the cycles and memories of our past just like that. So, here are 4 methods to step out of your past right now!

Method 1: Shadow Work

A shadow is an unconscious aspect of personality that the person isn’t aware of. This shadow is usually formed in childhood from a traumatic event. For instance, when people laughed at you, or when someone said something that you believed and now see as a living reality.

Shadow work is the process of finding these shadows and realizing that they are lies. And then, planting new positive beliefs in their place. This method is really effective. Following are some pros and cons of this technique.


  1. Very effective
  2. Releases energy blockages
  3. It can transform your life in a few days


  1. Takes Time
  2. Requires two people for drastic changes
  3. Karma takes a hold of you quickly (Void may fill itself with other compulsive behavior)
  4. Each belief must be worked upon, one by one

Method 2: Karma Transcension Through Kriya Yoga

Karma comprises different forms of memory in our body, like brain memory, DNA memory, perception memory, and so on. In a way, it gives us an opportunity to have an individual experience, which means if karma dissolves or dissipates totally, then the body, mind, and soul will vanish and dissolve with the infinite.

But you can choose to walk over the karma of your body by creating a distance between you, and your body and mind.

Here’s your complete guide to kriya yoga:

Kriya yoga to let go of the past through karma transcension


  1. It is all-inclusive, one practice to release all past.
  2. Immense transformation when done twice a day for 48 days, or once every day for 90 days.
  3. All beliefs drop effortlessly.
  4. You become totally self-contained.


  1. Desire for material world begins to drop

Method 3: Using the Law of Attraction

You can also let go of the past by deliberately visualizing and believing that you’re already over it. However, this method may set you up for a false belief, as you are suggesting your mind to believe something that you feel isn’t true. This is a direct method to reprogram your mind.


  1. Simple and straight-forward.
  2. Can be effective when used properly.
  3. Can change you in 10 minutes if you can concentrate on a single thing at a time.


  1. Doesn’t work for everyone because they can’t come to believe something.
  2. Requires immense concentration to be effective and fast.

Method 4: The Sedona Method

The Sedona Method is the most famous way to release the complicated games of ego and live a fulfilling life. It comprises 4 steps:

  1. Focus on the issue. Define what’s bothering you, clearly.
  2. Ask yourself, could I welcome this feeling?
  3. If not, can I let it go?
  4. Whatever you answer, ask yourself, if so, when?


  1. Fast. Can temporarily release an emotion in a few seconds.
  2. Simple. Works for everyone trying to let go of their past.


  1. It’s a decent technique, but it doesn’t release the root problem.


These practices have immense benefits, and it is recommended that you follow the ones that complement each other. However, if you want karma transcension, then you don’t need to follow any other methods. Just do the Isha Kriya and you are set.

Use these techniques to overcome your past instantly and get back into the groove of life.

That’s it for this post. If you have personal techniques that have worked for you, please share them in the comments as it helps everyone. If you liked the post, please share and subscribe to the newsletter. Thank you for reading the post about letting go of the past! Have a great day.

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