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How to use The 333 Manifestation Technique

The image symbolises that the 333 manifestation technique is based on human evolution.

The number three is an important number when we look at it from a human evolutionary bias. When we correlate our thought-stream with this number, we can see it’s significance. Every 3 consecutive thoughts can and do linger in our mind, and when we conceive a 4th thought, the first one starts becoming a little inarticulate. For this very reason, a majority of people remember 3 bullet points well, but if presented with 4, many people forget all.

To put it simply, this number is often used in countdowns (3…2…1…Go!), and is often perceived to hold greater value in human psyche. For example, many companies and brands sell products, like chocolate bricks and biscuit packs in the multiple of 3 for this very reason.

These very facts have some substance, and prove the effectiveness of this manifestation technique. So, let’s quickly go over the 333 manifestation technique, what it is, and how to do it.

What is the 333 Manifestation Technique

Here’s the 333 technique (Also called 33×3): For 33 consecutive days, you should write down your desire 33 times, in the morning, evening and before sleep. So basically, you would write an affirmation for 99 times a day, and continue doing it for the next 33 days. Here are the steps you can easily follow:

Step 1: Decide What You Want

Find something that you can stick to for the next 33 days. Think of the decision as written in stone. You can’t alter it even slightly for the next 33 days. This would increase your conviction and make your manifestation more powerful.

This is a powerful intention setting process. As you may already know, a majority of today’s population are scattered everywhere, and are too much influenced by their external situations. Setting intention helps us focus our mind and stick to our desire until we reach the finishing line.

I can’t emphasize enough how essential it is to crystallize our desire before using the law of attraction. A building needs a strong foundation. If you build over a weak foundation, it’s a wasted effort. The building would collapse even before it’s built, won’t it?

Step 2: Set The Intention

Write a clear statement that suggests that you already have what you’re trying to manifest. The sentence should be in present tense, and should create an emotion in you. Once you’ve set the intention, write it on paper 33 times, and don’t be too hasty with it. Write slowly, and after every repetition, create that feeling of “already having what you wrote”.

Step 3: Repeat For 33 Days

For 33 consecutive days, repeat the process. If you can’t write for 33 days continuously, try to do it in multiples of three. So, 21 and 12 days would work too. Especially, if it’s something that is believable to you, you can shorten the span and repeat the process for 3, 6 or 9 days.

33 Days Sounds Like Too Much. Is there a Faster Way?

Be steady and consistent with the law of attraction. That’s the secret to manifesting long lasting results. In contrast, if you manage to manifest something big too quickly, it may completely flip your life around, and you may not be ready to live that way. It’s like running an old program on a new computer. It would definitely work, but not be as convenient for you as the newer updated version of the same program.

So, to manifest something life changing, one must prepare themselves to receive it first. If you’re prepared to live the new life and embrace the changes without resistance, then go ahead, and manifest everything quickly!

Final Thoughts

The number 3 definitely holds a special place in the human mind when we look at it from human evolutionary perspective. The core application of the 333 manifestation technique is consistency of not just your actions, but also your mind. When you’re consistently recreating the feeling of the end result in your mind, you’re increasing the momentum (the force) of your attraction. And so, the object of your desire will definitely manifest itself.

If you want to learn the yogic science of the law of attraction, check out my free eBook: Samyukti. For follow-along exercise, go for SPTSN! That’s it for this one. Thanks for reading!

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