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Top 10 Feel-Good Chrome Extensions [2022]

best chrome extensions for productivity

Today we bring to you the 10 best chrome extensions with (3 more bonus extensions) for improving your productivity at school, work, or home!

Nowadays, distractions flood the internet! They can easily sway our attention because that’s what they are made for; To steal your precious time and productive hours. Many of us even have a sly habit of taking breaks when faced with problems or boring tasks at work, and this causes us to delve into social media or games for 5 minutes, which turn out to be 1+ hour before we realize it’s too late.

Sometimes an advertisement triggers a chain of thoughts that lead us to social media, youtube and products that we don’t need. And many lucrative websites hinder our work by wasting our precious time!

So, we analyzed over 100 productivity tools and brought you the 10 best chrome extensions that will increase your productivity at work by around 427%. When you perform better, the work becomes simpler and more fun!

You can directly add them to your chrome bar because each of them serves a different purpose.

1. Site Blocker

best site blocker extension with scheduler and whitelisting for productivity
Site blocker

Best site blocker extension with scheduler and whitelisting for productivity: Site Blocker

This site blocker is simple to use with many features that are only available to premium users on other site-blocking extensions. You can remain focused on your tasks without any interruptions. Using this extension you can block sites by a custom schedule which means you can select the time for which the chosen sites will remain blocked throughout the day. This specific feature will help you by restructuring your schedule and make it more productive than before.

2. Momentum

Best wallpaper chrome extension for inspiration and productivity
Momentum Homepage

Best wallpaper chrome extension for inspiration and productivity: Momentum

This is a beautifully designed extension that greets you with inspiring quotes and comes with several features. You can set your major to-do task for the day, which is reminded to you every time you open a new tab.

The benefits you receive from Momentum:

  1. The beautiful wallpapers change every day. As you open each tab you are reminded of the task you are supposed to do. This keeps you mindful of the task you must do, throughout the day!
  2. With the power of autosuggestion, your mind is flooded with positive thoughts and you feel calm and happier.
  3. It shows weather forecasts, just so you know when to move out with an umbrella.
  4. You can customize your dashboard and turn it the way you want it to look!

Use this extension to remain in the zone state throughout the day. Great productivity tool!

3. Toggl Track: Productivity and Time Tracker

Best chrome extension to track your time for productivity
Toggl Track: Productivity and Time Track

Track your time with Toggl Track

This is one of the most versatile tools out there. You can integrate it with many other tools and You can also use it as a Pomodoro timer. Some of its advanced features include:

  1. Pomodoro Timer
  2. Idle detection
  3. Tracking reminder

It is certainly not minimal to use because of the countless features it includes, its console is very intuitive though. We recommend you integrate this extension with a website tracking tool. At the end of the day, you’ll get great insights into how much time you spend on which website.

If you develop a habit of putting this tool to use daily, you wouldn’t really need anything else, except a reminder for lunchtime or coffee! It is especially productive for academics. Highly recommend using this! We can call it the best chrome extension to track your productivity.

4. Google Keep Chrome Extension

google keep is the best chrome extension for taking notes and lists for increasing your productivity
Google Keep

Best chrome extension for taking notes and lists: Google Keep

You can organize your notes, set up reminders. You can Even save images, web pages, or quotes offline for later access. Its features include:-

  1. Save URLs, images, webpages
  2. Take notes
  3. Add labels to your notes
  4. Automatically saves to google keep

This is the best tool to keep everything at work well organized. It also keeps everything synced across all platforms. If you want to send some information to your family member, just log in to their google account and write a note. It also has a to-do list function, though you can install the “Todoist” extension, this also works well as a scheduler.

There’s also an interesting feature, which enables you to take location-based notes. This can help you take notes without mixing up office notes with your mom’s grocery list.

(We picked the best of all similar extensions for productivity to keep your google chrome clean and tidy, so you don’t have to set up all the extensions every time you go to work.)

5. Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List

best task manager and scheduler chrome extension for productivity
Focus To-Do

Task manager and scheduler chrome extension: A simple combination of Pomodoro timer and To-Do list.

You can manage, delegate and execute your tasks right from chrome. This extension is used to build and develop pipelining of tasks. The more orderly the job is, the easier it gets to focus on one task at a time.

The benefits of this extension include:

  1. White noise, Ambience sound on Pomodoro which helps you focus better. (Scientifically proven way to stay focused)
  2. Different Alarm sounds.
  3. Put colors codes to different tasks (This way you can give different priorities to the task)
  4. Custom Pomodoro timer (20 minutes of work with 5-10 minutes of breaks is proven to increase performance)

A great extension added specifically for Pomodoro and resource management.

6. Noisli

Best extension for improving focus while working for productivity

Improves focus while working: Noisli for the right ambiance

A beautiful and minimal-looking soundtrack and binaural beats repository. It has a set of options for different situations and needs.

Whether you want to relax, release workload stress, or sharpen your senses for improved productivity at work. Noisli’s got you! Do you enjoy the sound of a train? or the rain? Lots and lots of options to choose from. This is one of our favorites!

This extension requires a decent internet connection.

7. Grammarly

Best extension for content creators for increasing producivity

Best extension for content creators: Grammarly

This is the most known and one of the best chrome extensions for productivity when it comes to content creation. A great tool when writing an email to a potential client or writing a blog. It increases your speed and quickly proofreads your paragraphs/posts. It can be directly used from chrome as an extension, so whatever you write and share has the right vibe to it!

Using this tool you can even choose between keeping the look of your text-friendly, admiring, assertive or surprising!

It’s a great tool for everyone but especially for writers and content creators!

8.Boomerang for Gmail

best professional gmail extension for productivity
Boomerang lets you schedule your emails

Boomerangs: Schedule your emails

This is one of the best chrome extensions for productivity. Boomerang is a great tool to follow up with your customers and clients. Using Boomerang, you can send emails to your clients at the time they are most likely to see it. And it also notifies you whether the client has seen the email or not.

Once the emails are written and scheduled at different times, you don’t have to check emails all day and reply to them but once. It also tells whether your email is likely to get a reply or not.

A great tool for digital marketing, submitting assignments and generating semi-automated mails.

9. AdGaurd AdBlocker

best ad block extension for chrome for productivity
An ad blocker extension

best ad block extension: AdGaurd Adblocker.

There are 2 sides to an extension like this. One is, blocking out the monetization earned by content creators like us, and the second is protection from the continuous brainwashing and instilling of fear in the minds of potential customers through the power of autosuggestion.

For example, there’s an advertisement that Shu-Kun comes across about 10 times a day. It goes like this “Any small mistake can spoil your reputation when it comes to business. So purchase _______ to appear more professional!”.

This might sound like an ethical advertisement, but it’s not. It is quite clear that the business knows about the power of autosuggestion and appears to leverage fear in the minds of its potential customers, so that, to avoid the fear people buy their service. It’s the sole reason why Shuflash doesn’t use their service!

This Adblocker removes all distractions and unnecessary subconscious cues from your workspace!

Features that this adblocker offers:

  1. No Distraction
  2. Faster load time for webpages
  3. No Scam Ads
  4. Blocked Fake News
  5. Better Bandwidth
  6. Malware protection

We believe there must be complete transparency between the business and its customers. That’s the purpose and meaning of a business. To make lives better by providing valuable and remarkable service!

The good thing about google Ad campaigns is, it doesn’t actually provide user’s information to third parties, it just uses it to advertise on its own platform. Although, we can never know the intention of the person using their Ad campaign (Though, not all advertisers have bad intentions!).

10. Dualless: Best Chrome

best screen splitter for chrome
Dualless extension helps multitask

best screen splitter for chrome: Dualless

This is a great tool for those who don’t have two display monitors. It’s especially suited to students and workers but also anyone else in general. Using this extension you can split tabs instantly. You don’t have to continuously switch between 2 tabs to do your work. A useful feature is you can define the ratio of each tab!

It makes the job really easy when you have to keep things in mind while working on another tab.


11. Workona Tab Manager

best workspace manager chrome extension for productivity
Workona Tab Manager

Best workspace manager chrome extension for productivity: Workona Tab Manager

When working on a project, researching, analyzing, the tabs become a mess really quickly and fill up your workspace with unnecessary distractive tabs. Soon the tabs become difficult to open and close because their selection bar becomes so small, you click on “close tab” instead.

You can use workona to organize your tabs perfectly. Separating workspaces with, let’s say, music tabs and social media tabs.

The use of different workspaces for different activities positively affects our subconscious mind, either talking of the physical environment or virtual. You become more focused on the tasks at hand.

12. NimbusMind: Meditation, Relax and Calm

best meditation chrome extension

Best meditation chrome extension: 5 minutes guided meditations for different situations

A nimbusMind extension is a productivity tool used to improve your concentration, sleep, reduce anxiety, happiness, etc. You are guided through a short 5-minute meditation of your choice with some background ambiance sound of your choice. You can also download a variety of video themes and background music.

It’s a great extension to use right before work or at the end of the day before sleep!

13. Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader

best voice reader chrome extension
Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader

Best voice reader chrome extension: Read Aloud

This is a great tool when you are on a bus with a cup of coffee in one hand and you want to review your google docs or revise your online notes, but you don’t want to read them. So, maybe when you are doing some activity and don’t want to waste your time (Like eating your lunch or putting some signs and stamps on a bunch of papers).

It’s a great hands-free tool to listen to the blogs on Shuflash’s website, anytime and anywhere.

So here are the 13 best chrome extensions for productivity that you can use to organize your life at work/school or home. Hope you liked the tools mentioned in the list. you can comment below if we missed any. make sure to check out our other posts on success and improving your productivity!

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