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The Effortless Vibration

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Be honest! From the moment you learned about the law of attraction until now, how much have you focused on staying high-vibrational? I’m definite very little. And no, I’m not talking about the façade that most people use to deceive themselves.

As the flower blooms only when there’s the right kind of soil, water, and sunlight, so do you! Unless you use the right tools and apply the right techniques to create the right internal environment, you cannot tap into an effortless, high-vibrational state. There’s so much false, misleading, and harmful information coming from various social media channels, like TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, that many people started questioning whether the law of attraction is real or not.

However, if you commit 2 hours of your free time to this book, it will equip you with everything you need to manifest your desires without even visualizing or doing any practice, as all of that will happen automatically.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • This tool book shows how anyone can align their vibration with their DR (Desired reality), so you can live in the end, which means all your desires manifest automatically via inspiration.
  • It offers a practice powerful enough to instantly change how people interact with you, so there’s no question of worldly toxicity, no low vibration can touch you. And you’re in absolute control.
  • You discover a simple technique that frees you from all preconceived negative vibrations, so you’re free from all worry and anxiety. This means you won’t be taking a single step backward when attracting significant things.
  • The book proves the law of attraction. You no longer need to understand the law because you can see it working everywhere, and you KNOW that it works. Say bye bye to panic and uncertainty in life.
  • You drop all BS social conditioning about what you can or cannot do. You can say “NO SHIT” to your past trauma, and move forward with UNLIMITED manifesting potential.
  • Much more!

How is all of this going to happen? The goal has always been to stay in the vibration of your desired reality. No need to follow complex rituals and do hour-long practices each morning. Do this today, and transform every aspect of your life forever. No strings attached!

No law of attraction stories, no complex concepts, and no 10-page explanations. Just plain tools and techniques to see immediate results you’ve been seeking. Manifest like a freak with “The effortless vibration” by Shubhanshu Rawat, a yoga student and engineer who loves taking refuge under enlightened sages’ and mystics’ parasol shade.

You’ll get this:

  1. A 60-page PDF tool book stacked with techniques and tools
  2. Audiobook version of the same book, so you can listen to the book at the gym, while driving, or designing your ideal future.

This tool book is the intersection of ancient Vedic literature and contemporary science of psychology. These tools and technique have come directly from several Gurus and Mystics of Bharat(formerly known as India) through Sanskrit literature.

Gain access to the knowledge that’s extremely obscure and not written in any LOA book till date! Get your copy of “The Effortless Vibration” now!

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The Effortless Vibration
Original price was: $3.85.Current price is: $0.71.
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