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How to Use The 17 Seconds Manifestation Technique

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If you could set your manifestation in action within 17 seconds, imagine how different your life would be a few days from now. Yes! You can do change how you feel, and as a result, change your physical reality just with a 17 second manifestation technique. Today, we’ll see what this technique is, and how we can use it to manifest anything definitively.

What is the 17 Second Technique?

The technique was introduced by Abraham, which is believed to be a collection of non-physical beings who communicate with Esther and Jerry Hicks, the human law of attraction authors. From a yogic perspective, this is called “Parakaya Pratistha”, where a Guru or an established being enters a devotee’s or disciple’s mind. This practice is quite common in the yogic lore, as this practice is essential for consecration processes, initiations, and knowledge transmission.

The divine person has made their awareness so single pointed and subtle, that they’re able to push themselves out of their body, and enter spaces and people. If you can visualize an unmoving white dot in the center of your eye brows, you can do it too, but there are a lot of prerequisites. It doesn’t happen just like that. I’ve covered the necessary practices in my free book Samyukti, and we’ve delved deeper into the cosmic science in my book “The effortless Vibration“.

So anyway, Abraham states that you can kickstart law of attraction immediately by holding a feeling in your mind for 17 seconds. And by keeping that feeling for 68 seconds, it crystallizes and sets the manifestation of your thought into motion.

The 17 Second Manifestation Technique & The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a concept that our thoughts always manifest into our reality. And there’s also the statement that if we’re feeling as if we already have what we want, that feeling will manifest that desire into physical form. So, if you want to understand this law completely, you can study the 7 fundamental aspects of this law in the free book “Manifest“. I’ve especially stacked this book with beautiful imagery and visual cues that would raise your vibrations, so please check it out!

The 17 second technique extends the law of attraction, and says, if you can hold the feeling of the “end-result” for just 17 seconds, your manifestation activates. And if you hold it for 68 seconds, the attraction gains enough momentum to manifest itself. So, you can practically complete a manifestation ritual in 68 seconds.

Why Isn’t it Working For Me?

Being able to hold your attention on a single thought for 17 seconds isn’t easy. There’s a lot of unseen background noise happening in our minds, subconsciously. It’s crucial to silence the mind first, before starting any manifestation practice. Now, silencing the mind can happen through relaxation, but that may also make you drowsy and inattentive. I’ll give you a step by step method to follow in the next section.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about negative or limiting beliefs because the moment you see them, they are reinforced. Don’t bother about limiting beliefs, and focus your full attention on what you want. It’s also important to stay in a positive high vibrational state. To master your vibration and access god consciousness, check out “The effortless vibration“.

A Simple Step by Step Process to Apply The 17 Second Technique

Let’s go over the steps. First, we’ll silent the mind and halt all of its movements, then, visualize the desire as being fulfilled for 17 seconds. But before everything, define clearly what you want to manifest. It’d be ideal if you could write it on a piece of paper.

Step 1: Clear Your Mind

Sit somewhere with your back leaning straight against something, and keep your head straight. After you’ve settled comfortably, inhale deeply from your navel (and the whole torso), and exhale out slowly and steady of relaxation. As you exhale, visualize exhaling everything that you are (your whole mental state) through your nose.

As you do this, you may feel compelled to stop breathing deeply and relax, but don’t stop. Continue this exercise for 2-3 minutes. Set a timer if you want.

Step 2: Visualize & Pay Full Attention on The Visualization

See yourself in the situation you want to manifest in your mind. Start with your hands and see how they feel, hear the surrounding and describe it to yourself through mental dialog, move around and fully take everything in. Feel the space and engage all of your 5 senses. Do this for a minute or two, don’t track time here, because your eyes must remain closed throughout the process.

Step 3: Find a Symbol For The Feeling

For example, if I want to manifest an apple, I’d visualize an apple in my hand. And as you do keep that object/symbol in front of your eyes, hold it still. Don’t try to bring in the feeling, just hold the object in front of your eyes. In addition, while looking at the object, think what you will do now that you have what you wanted. Keep the object in front of your mind’s eye, and day dream. Would you call someone important to give them the good news, would you brew yourself some coffee, would you go out on a holiday trip? Get excited!

Step 4: Now, Do 17 Second Technique 4 Times

Even if you prolonged the visualization step, do this practice 4 times in a row so there’s no room for doubt. When you do repeat the cycle of visualization, it’ll be best to not change the symbol or the object of your desire, as it may also change the feeling. Stay relaxed and continue, and if you don’t feel like you want to repeat the visualization, do it some other time of the day.

Step 5: Let Go

I tell this all the time. Letting go isn’t something you do. So, basically, don’t obsess over the desire or the practice too much. Continue with your daily routine and, eventually, you’ll forget about it.

My Thoughts On This

The technique sounds interesting because it employs the power of concentration, which I know has incredible potential when it comes to human potential. However, I know that to influence your very energies, you must hold your attention on something for 21 to 24 minutes. By doing this, the very nature of the awareness changes, and you perceive things differently. This practice can be extremely useful for changing yourself, more than manifesting material success.

So, I’d say, try out the 17 second manifestation technique and see for yourself. And make sure that you’re in an undisturbed environment during the practice. Besides that, the only obstacle one may face while following this method is laziness and sleepiness. So, keep your back and head straight while doing it.

That’s it for this one. Thanks for reading. If you liked what you read, share and subscribe to the newsletter.

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