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9+ Lowest to Highest Vibration Foods List

Highest vibration foods

Everything in our universe is vibration, even food! In fact, in yogic sciences, the foods are divided into 3 major categories: Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic. These 3 categories go from highest to lowest, respectively. So, if you want to boost your manifestation, feel good and develop positive energy inside your body, then you should choose highest vibration foods or foods with Sato-guna.

To help you, this articles goes through 5 best and 5 worst foods you can take to supercharge your manifestation by 10x! If you want, you can read my book where I’ve elaborated on every aspect of the science of “law of attraction.” And how to prepare yourself for effortless manifestations. (Samyukti)

5 Worst Foods to Eat When Manifesting

Following are 5 worst foods, that sabotage your manifestation efforts and lower your frequencies. The list goes from worst to ok-ish, which means #1 is the lowest in vibration! 6th to 10th foods are highest vibration foods that you can add to your shopping list.

#1. Meat and Alcohol

While many suggest that meat is essential for good nutrition, it also makes your energies sluggish and compulsive. An animal that’s killed for food dies in the lowest frequency possible, which is fear. The body of the animal retains these vibrations long after death, due to inertia. So, avoid meat if you don’t want to assimilate low frequency into your blood.

Alcohol is made from fermented fruits, and anything that has gone under fermentation develops Tamasic qualities, which means these consumables will develop emotional instability in you.

#2. Garlic & Onions

While garlic and onion are spices that have several benefits when it comes to treating different ailments, but regular consumption of it makes your body tolerant to it. By nature, these spices are neuro-stimulants, which means they may raise your vibration for a while, but immediately lowers them the moment they’re out of your system.

#3. Cold Drinks

Processed sugar is yet another drug that kicks up your vibrations only for the moment you’re consuming it. Refined sugar barely keeps your frequency high for 5 minutes. It’s okay to consume sugar, but do it under moderation because many people have built severe addiction!

#4. Caffeinated Drinks

Tea and coffee have similar effects when compared to garlic and onion. They raise your vibrations greatly, but lowers them too much when they’re worn out. When consuming caffeinated drinks, pick the ones that get to your bloodstream steadily (for example, tea).

Also, carbonated drinks are packed with, well, carbon dioxide. CO2 is something that your body throws out, if you take it in through other means, it makes you feel groggy.

#5. Grains

Eating grains is no big deal, as they don’t effect your vibrations too much. So, I’ve put this in the last area.

However, remember that overconsumption of anything will lower your vibrations, and make you feel tired. Anything that puts a toll on your digestive system creates inertia that brings your energy down. It would be great if you eat less and manifest more!

5 Best Foods to Eat When Manifesting

Following 5 foods start from good to the best you can eat to raise your vibrations. So, the last ones are highest vibration foods.

#6. Raw Fruits

Raw fruits are nutritious and don’t stay for long in your system. They help you feel energetic and active throughout the day! As fruits ripen up, their Tamasic qualities increase, because ripening of fruit promotes bacterial and worm growth inside the fruit.

#7. Green Veggies

Green vegetables are packed with nutrition and don’t create inertia in your body, which means they are effective for anyone who wants to accumulate positive energy in their body. However, washing vegetables properly is important too.

#8. Honey

Honey has high calories and high vibrational frequency. It doesn’t create energy blockages and negates compulsive behaviors. Consuming honey with hot water boosts your metabolism and therefore, make your energy more vibrant.

#9. Ash Gourd

Ash gourd cools your body, makes you calm and helps develop focus. It has several health benefits because it is packed with nutrition, isn’t heavy on your digestive system, and has high frequency.

#10. Black Pepper

Black pepper generates heat in your body and improves metabolism, which, in turn, makes your energies vibrant and free from energy blockages. It raises your energies to the top 3 chakras of the body.

However, as said before, overconsumption of anything will cause trouble.


So, these were to lowest and highest vibration foods you can eat to raise your vibrations for manifestation. Remember that food is not the only thing that determines your power to manifest. Desire, mindset, faith and self-image play an important role in LOA practice as well.

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