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This section covers many esoteric spiritual topics and law of attraction insights that one may need to understand to manifest powerfully and miraculously.

Many law of attraction concepts are based on a science that’s within the scope of human intelligence and understanding, which when understood well, can help one manifest miraculously.

“Needs” Work Better Than “Wants” in The law of Attraction

Many of you may have friends who’ve attracted so much into their lives without even learning the law, which may have had you questioning, “what am I missing here?”. The truth: Your “needs” always manifest, your “wants” rarely manifest. One word can mean different things for different people, and many people have complete opposite images …

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5 Best Law of Attraction Books to Change Your Life Right Now

You cannot learn more about the law of attraction because the concept is really simple: affirm, visualize, and manifest! The quality that makes a law of attraction book great is solely how well it puts together positive ideas, impressions, and belief systems. In truth, every book is a set of affirmations that actively influence your …

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Is Manifestation Witchcraft?

The law of attraction is a branch of eastern spiritual science — Witchcraft is just a masqueraded manifestation of Atharva Veda Scripture. Manifestation isn’t witchcraft. LOA and witchcraft have many things in common because they have the same origin but also very distinct qualities. This article will give you a holistic understanding on what witchcraft …

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