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Samyukti: Yoga & the Law of Attraction


Samyukti: Be in the top 1% among all LOA practitioners, with yoga.

Do you know most commoners barely use the law of attraction? Isn’t it absurd that after spending hours learning how to manifest, people succumb to their negative environment, and feel like they cannot devote any mental resource to manifestation?

The reality is, it’s hard to change our mental patterns instantly because they’re like a rolling snowball. They gain momentum and weight over time.

Here’s what sets masters apart from the commoners: Masters don’t just use the law of attraction, they live it!

Samyukti shows you how to “live” the law of attraction with the help of yoga.

How can yoga help you with the law of attraction?

The word yoga means union, or becoming one with the everything. Yogic practices and techniques will create a shift in your perception that’ll automatically release all your self-concepts and beliefs, turning you into an empty slate.

The word samyukti means “coherence between the observer and the observed.” The moment this yogic state is achieved the whole universe (society, circumstances, and events) starts conspiring to manifest your desires FOR you.

What Samyukti Offers:

– Experience your supreme consciousness.
– Apply PRACTICAL steps to master the law of attraction.
– Attain a state of samyukti where all desires manifest.
– Awaken the Ajna chakra (commonly known as the third eye).
– Master your ability to manifest using the powerful “Black bull technique”
– Discover that one ingredient which can raise your Chi or life energies exponentially.
– Discover how energy and consciousness interact on different levels, and manifest reality from nothing to everything!
– Develop crystal clarity on the law of attraction and the universe.

The book starts from the tip of the iceberg, which is “The basics of the Law of Attraction” and goes rock bottom into the domain of consciousness and looking at the law from the sight of Ajna, where anything and everything is known by experience.

No matter who you are, where you came from or what you have been through. If you are a human being, you can attain SAMYUKTI.

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