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Samyukti: An Eternal Manifestation Guide (Free!)


Masters don’t just apply the law of attraction; they understand it because they can see it — Everywhere!
Attraction is not a cosmic force, but one of the 3 qualities of creation; Energy, Space and Attraction. So, if you’re unable to attract something, it is not because you’re not attracting it, but because you’re creating a resisting force. Okay! Then how do you release these energetic blockages and attain coherence?

Samyukti is the ultimate (and complete) solution to raising your vibration – through yoga, foods and practices – and aligning yourself with the cosmic/Brahman-consciousness, where anything thought once, manifests. It unlocks and enables your latent abilities to create, not through “the law of attraction,” but by teaching you the ultimate science of reality (Why it is, and how it is).

Why Samyukti:

  • Dive into the supreme consciousness and become it!
  • The book gives out EXTREMELY PRACTICAL steps to master attraction (Law of attraction).
  • How to attain a state of samyukti where anything that is wished for, happens.
  • Awaken the Ajna chakra (commonly known as the third eye).
  • Master your ability to manifest using the extremely powerful “Black bull technique”
  • Discover that one ingredient which can raise your Chi or life energies exponentially.
  • Discover how energy and consciousness interact on different levels, and manifest reality from nothing to everything!
  • Develop crystal clarity on the law of attraction and the universe.

The book starts from the tip of the iceberg, which is “The basics of the Law of Attraction” and goes rock bottom into the domain of consciousness and looking at the law from the sight of Ajna, where anything and everything is known by experience.

No matter who you are, where you came from or what you have been through. If you are a human being, you can attain SAMYUKTI.

Become Attraction Conscious Today! Order Now.

  • E-Book PDF (1 MB) version download (91 Pages)
  • Audio files (138 MB): 3+ Hours of Audiobook content (High-Quality AI TTS)
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