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[4 Steps] How to Manifest a Specific Person?

How to manifest a specific person (SP) in your life?

Many people have used the law of attraction to manifest their SPs – check out success stories at thesecret.tv – but they’ve not done it from lack or scarcity mindset.

People think that just one single 5 minute visualization session would change their lives forever and bring good people in. Well, if it were that simple, wouldn’t everyone do it? It doesn’t work like that. Your imaginary world is a tiny speck compared to the person you’re trying to manifest.

The only way to manifest someone you want is by being super clear about WHO you want. Not just the guy who walks his dog every morning at 5 am, but who and how he is.

So, in this article, you’ll learn to manifest your specific person, exactly how you see him/her in your mind.

Blockages Toward SP-Manifesting

Many people feel a sense of luggage when they experience love — they feel as though it binds them to earth and confines them to a cycle of emotions. Often, we think that we just want to feel good at all times — but it is not so, in truth. We, sometimes, want to feel happy, sad, lonely, desperate, obsessed, euphoric, too.

Because, unconsciously, we want to feel everything as a human (or soul), we manifest every emotion into our lives. Emotions are similar to our eating habits. If we eat something spicy, we desire something sweet next. If we eat too many sweets, we desire something spicy again. This is how we regulate our emotions.

How to Manifest Your SP (Specific Person)

Mostly, you can decide the characteristics and personality of your SP, but you cannot decide who you manifest. Additionally, you cannot control or direct someone else’s life your way, so drop that idea! All you can do is control the images of YOUR MIND.

We’ve put together a chart template you can create for yourself that helps crystallize the details of your SP in your mind.

#1. List out the characteristics you want in your SP

Take a piece of paper, and list out the things you want. For example, elaborate their personality, body characteristics, habits and hobbies. This is the crystallization process where you’ll clearly define what you want — the first step to manifest your SP. Once you’ve listed out everything, look at the list and try to become the person you’ve put on that paper.

How to manifest your specific person
Simple chart to fill in the details of your SP

#2. Visualize yourself with your SP

See yourself with your SP, and while doing so, have faith that you’re doing it to seek fuller expression in this world. When you visualize anything for manifestation, you must always look for everyone’s advancement. It makes your faith invincible and removes all mental obstacles.

#3. Keep your vibrations high – No matter what!

Low vibrations do not support creation, nor does it attract people toward you. When you’re happy with who you are, and your focus is set onto “making the world a better place” and “advancement for all”, people naturally draw toward you, follow you, and help you manifest what you want.

It is practically impossible to stay happy at all times, therefore, we suggest that you quiet your mind and relax. A quiet mind is always blissful, and bliss is “all eternal” because it’s the nature of your consciousness.

#4. Do not cling to your SP

Among manifesters, there’s a common phenomenon, where people fail to manifest something in their life just to receive something better and beautiful! You must not grief for your failures and keep your faith. If you do so, you’ll soon realize that the failure was apparent and took you toward something 10 times better!


The most important thing to do? It is to think what you want to think. As told by experts, “thinking what you want to think” is the most laborious task known to humanity. If you have the desire to live a great life with your SP, you must be happy and grateful before you manifest your SP. This is important, as you’ll manifest only those that align with your vibration.

Thanks for reading the post on how to manifest your specific person (SP). Let me know your opinion in the comment section. I’ll read and answer as many of them as possible. That’s it for this post. Share!

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