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The Law of Assumption: Everything You Need to Know

law of assumption

What is the law of assumption?

If you know the law of attraction, you might’ve also heard of the law of assumption. When I heard of it, I simply dismissed it because it appeared like an inferior version of LOA. But that’s not true. In fact, it’s more refined.

So basically, the law of assumption suggests that you must believe that you already have what you want. More accurately, you must assume that you already possess the thing you want to manifest in your life.

Law of assumption vs Law of attraction

These laws seem quite similar but they’re not the same. The law of attraction is a universal principle, and the law of assumption is an application of that law. For instance, Time-space is what is, and gravity is Time-space in action.

Significance of positivity

Staying positive is an important aspect of this law. When you have ridden yourself off of the worries and stress, you move through flow and effortlessness. People have put the cart before the horse. They say if I get this I’ll be happy, stressless, and more joyous.

Practical steps to ridden yourself from all the negativity

  1. Put some good music
  2. Coffee and other beverages
  3. Plan your day. Sometimes we clutter our minds with a list of tasks and things we have to do in the day. Put the clutter on the paper.
  4. Dance, sing and do what you love.
  5. Put your worries on the paper.

Applying The Law of Assumption

Applying the law of assumption is very simple. First, you must know what you want and then create mental thoughts that imply that you already have it.

Practical steps to take right now:

  1. Write down what you want
  2. Close your eyes and visualize that you already have it.
  3. Then assume you already have it.
  4. Think of what you’ll do when you’ve manifested it. And then do it.
  5. Believe as though you already have it.
  6. Align your thoughts, emotions, energies and environment as though you’ve already manifested it.


Science has proven that everything is energy. And now string theory suggests that everything is vibration. Everything in this universe boils down to oneness. We’re energy that can be transformed into various forms. You can invest your energies to become poor just as easily as becoming rich. In the law of assumption’s context, energy is synonymous with frequency.

To align your energies, you must organize your mind. Consciously create the thoughts that imply that you already have what you want, and slowly but surely, you’ll induce your energies to align in that direction.

The Author’s take: Neville Goddard

The author who introduced us to the law of assumption says that our consciousness is all there is to the universe. In fact, the universe and the concurrent events are just a reflection of the state of your consciousness. Furthermore, in the Indian yogic sciences, this is called the state of your Chitta.

You must find the feeling of your desire. Only then will you be able to manifest it into physical form.


Everything you see around yourself, including your thoughts, emotions, and energy, is a depiction of the state of your consciousness. In my book, samyukti, I’ve expanded upon the topic of consciousness and energy, and how they work together to manifest our reality.

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