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How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs? Outpace Your Competitors Now

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Have you noticed when people criticize us, we often take their criticism to the heart, while when we receive praises, many of us assume others say it more out of humility than appraisal? To overcome limiting beliefs conceived from such biased perspectives, one must bring clarity of perception and back it up with positive affirmations.

Functioning through the social environment, people develop a pessimistic inner voice that says:

  • I’m not good at managing people.
  • I suck at public speaking.
  • I’m not like that.
  • They’re so much better than me.
  • I’m not cut out for this.

Many of such phrases are common even among professional experts. A single interaction can make or break our self-image and how we see ourselves in the world. In this article, we’ll understand what limiting beliefs are, in essence, and also share a step by step approach to eliminating all of your limiting beliefs once and for all. This could definitely hold incredible value for law of attraction practitioners because this is one of the major obstacles they face when manifesting something significant and life changing.

What is a Limiting belief?

Any idea that hinders your ability to function in the world can be called a limiting belief. Many of such beliefs can hinder our performance and progress in so many areas of life. Moreover, our limiting beliefs are fundamental to how we see ourselves and what we can and cannot do in the world.

How to Drop Your Limiting Beliefs?

Out of all the beliefs under the rug that you don’t even know you have, which one are you going to drop first, and how are you going to find them all? It’s simple! The very idea of, “crushing your limiting beliefs” only reinforces them, because that’s implying your limiting beliefs have substance and they actually need to be crushed.

You don’t want an upgrade, you want a transformation — not evolution, but mutation. What if you withdrew all opinions and stereotypes you’ve conceived throughout childhood and adopted a new way to function?

Instead of adding ideas to your current self-image, you can start from scratch. Here are some ways how you can do that.

#1. Create a Vision Board

For immediate results, create a vision board that encompasses everything you want to see in yourself. This could include pictures of people in confident and victory poses, affirmations that imply you’re capable, powerful, and skilled. Add anything that you want in yourself.

And for the best results, take enough time and effort into making the vision board visually appealing. That way, as you work on it, you’ll notice that you’re beautifying the terrain of your mind. Why? Because what’s inside is a projection of outside and what’s outside is a projection of inside!

#2. Practice Mindfulness of Thought & Action

When you practice full control of the body and mind, you naturally become conscious of deeper and subtler aspects of your thoughts, energy, and soul. Through continuous observation, as things become clearer, you become the master of your body and energies.

Upon mastery, you’re able to control your emotional states, energies, and thoughts at will.

#3. See The Desired Qualities in Others

When you see certain positive qualities in others, those qualities get nurtured in your mind too, as you’re actively thinking about them through your own mind. Seeing the positive in everything you perceive is also a great way to develop a positive outlook on life, which can help you worry less about your limits and instead do what’s possible for you.

If you want a complete solution to achieving a positive mental state that frees you from all your worries, negativity, and past trauma, then check out “The Effortless Vibration“. It’s a law of attraction book, especially made for the worried, anxious and fearful mind. The book offers you a vantage point from where you’re able to see the world with absolute clarity. When you have the clarity, there’s no question of having limiting beliefs because you don’t have to overcome something that doesn’t exist.

You already know how important it is to stay in a high vibrational state to manifest your desires into reality.

But our external environment isn’t something we can 100% control. Isn’t it so heartbreaking to see the outside world try to stop us from reaching there?

The effortless vibration is a complete solution that’ll help you raise your vibrations regardless of what situation you’re in:

  1. Tap into a vibration of positivity, enthusiasm, and zero worries.
  2. Manifest anything effortlessly.
  3. Learn secret techniques to transform the world around you.

#4. Create a Sense of Surrender

The emotion of surrender is special because it’s the opposite of resistance. When you’re not resistant to certain ideas, you’re able to look at yourself objectively and move forward fast. Whether you’re visualizing something to manifest into reality or you’re rehearsing something in your mind, when you do it with the emotion of surrender, it impacts you more.


Almost every limiting belief comes from negative social interactions. It’s best to not think about the beliefs themselves, as that’ll only strengthen them in your mind. Create a vision board of how you want to be, and not of what you don’t want to be.

Becoming mindful of your thoughts and action will help you gain complete mastery over them, which will eventually help you overcome your limiting beliefs. If you add that up with a positive outlook and a sense of surrender, you’re going to notice that your limiting beliefs naturally begin to dissolve.

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