How to Visualize For Manifestation (Follow-Along)

You can visualize, but it’s not vivid or anywhere close to real-looking? Don’t worry. Most people “believe” that! In this post, you will discover a visualization technique for effective application of the law of attraction.

But before we move into the crux of manifesting exact situations through vivid visualization exercises, let’s understand what visualization is, exactly, and how it can change your mind (and life) within a matter of days!

What is Visualization?

Visualization is just a thought with colors (and other sensory details), that can be used to practice, predict, or manifest a future event. Knowing how to visualize properly gives you a supernatural edge in the world. Want to know how to do it? Read through!

Human awareness is a big mystery. Studies suggest that Thalamus is a part of the brain which is responsible for creating human awareness. But these studies are not set in stone because the definition of awareness is taken loosely. These studies were primarily focused on Thalamus, not awareness.

Here’s a fun fact: In psychology, we determine the presence of human consciousness/awareness by asking questions that the test subject cannot answer (does not know the answer to). If the test subject gives an answer that doesn’t make sense, it is not conscious.~ Shuflash

Human awareness/cosmic consciousness watches the visualization and harmonizes with its vibrations depending on the clarity and stimulation the visualization created. Of course, the physical design of the universe complies to this harmony, but this is only in terms of momentum. Wherever attention goes, energy flows, and it’s all about the law of thermodynamics. What you think about the most, becomes your quality. So, just a simple visualization cannot shift your energies. The visualization must have enough impact to change the way you think! And I’ll to teach you how to do that (using a technique and secret tips to hack into your brain).

To make your visualization have an impact on your very life-energies, you have to imbue the visualization WITH your life energies. And this “decision” is something YOU make. Do you really want it? And if you do, ask yourself why you’re hesitating to go ALL OUT on it. Keep asking yourself this, and ASK yourself what’s stopping you from having it.

Argue with yourself through-and-through, contemplate, question, and come to a decision. This method of contemplation focuses your emotions to some level on what you want. And once your emotions are focused on something for 21 minutes, that state of mind seeps deeper into your energy body and starts feeding onto your life energies.

Looking at the science behind visualization from a physical perspective, visualizing a future event creates neurological patterns that direct the mind towards that event. The mind begins to move towards that event through every little opportunity it finds.

The Human Brain

The part of human brain, called the occipital lobe, processes visual inputs and gives us the power to visualize. When you’re consciously visualizing something, you’re training that part of the brain. But do you know, you can increase the speed at which you learn, by trying out different visualization techniques.

  1. When you’re reading a pictureless novel.
  2. When you are visualizing past events
  3. Even visualizing events that never happened.

The power of visualization: Visualization is an essential ingredient in creating your future the way you want. Let’s discuss a step-by-step comprehensive approach to improve our visualization skills!

Create Your Personal Domain: A Step By Step Approach

The best way to begin visualization is by visualizing and designing an imaginary room of your own. Think of it like your personal adventures. When you close your eyes, you shift to a different landscape, and you explore new territories, find stuff, take it home, build new things with it.

We’ll not be venturing out in the forests and mountains now. But if you want, take that as an assignment from me, and tell me about your experience in the comments below. We could all find new territories when we read others’, so I’m excited about what you come up with.

Whenever you want to visualize something, first construct this room in your mind and think that you are sitting inside that room. Soon, you’ll master visualizing the room as real as real can be, and you’ll be able to create more things inside that room. I’ve covered the visualization practice in great depth in my book SPTS. In this article, we’re going to apply it through a follow-along exercise.

1. Visualization Practice

The key to doing a successful visualization session is, you’ve got to relax first. Become mindful of all the tension and knots you’ve built inside your mind and body. Do the practice as follows, this is designed to develop the imaginary room for you. Practice this daily!

Take deep breaths and relax your body totally. Stop all worries and stress. There’s no need to be worried about things that don’t matter. Focus on your breath as you breathe deeply. Close your eyes and visualize an apple–give yourself enough time and do it now. Once you finish continue reading further.

So, how realistic was the apple?

Now, consider putting all of these aspects to your visualization:

  • The color
  • The texture
  • The source of light that reflects upon the apple and makes it visible
  • The smell of the apple,
  • And the size.

Ok, now do it again but define the points mentioned above and see how you feel. Do it now and then read further. Didn’t it make your visualization 5 times more vivid? Let’s do it again, but with our eyes open as we read. Engage all your senses into it.

2. Visualize An Apple: One step at a time! [Follow along]

Do not focus on the background yet, keep it dark or of any color of your choice. Don’t TRY to visualize. This time close your eyes and hold the apple in your hand. You can do this by using your physical hand to help visualize better.

Observe the apple. Describe the apple to yourself. It would be better if you do it loudly so you can hear it. Say something like: “I am holding this red apple. I can see its color. I can feel its smooth texture with my hands.” Rub your fingers over it to feel its texture better. Then say “I can feel its weight.” Bring it closer to your face and smell it. “I can smell it. It smells like an apple.”

Now taste it and describe its taste to yourself.

Ok, now throw the apple away or keep it somewhere. Since everything is black around you. Let’s start building a room for you. First, deal with the apple and visualize a place to keep the apple, you can also eat the whole apple (the seeds too). Make things as realistic as possible.

No excuses or lazy thinking like “Aw, I don’t want to visualize the apple so I’ll visualize a black hole and throw it inside it.” Act like this visualization is the real world. I can help you create a room.

This is going to be fun (remember, the more realistic your visualization is, the more fun it would be!).

Remember, the more realistic your visualization is, the more fun it would be!

3. Visualize A Room: A Starting Point For All Visualization Sessions

Visualize an empty room, choose any color you want for the walls. Make an exit door through which you can exit the visualization world.

Choose the color and shape of the door.

Is the door wooden?

Touch and feel its texture.

What kind of knob does it have?

Describe the door completely.

You are inside the room, open the door, and see that the outside is a complete void. That void is like a blank sheet of paper on the canvas, but leave it for now. Focus on this room, roam around the room, touch the walls and describe them to yourself.

Bow down and touch the floor. Is it shiny?

Describe every aspect of that floor too. Maybe a shiny white marble floor. Can be wooden or whatever you choose it to be.

How high up is the ceiling? Can you jump and touch it? Is it plain and simple?

Describe the ceiling.

Give as much detail to it as possible!

4. The Furniture

Let’s start building the furniture. We need a place to sit. Decide your furniture, visualize it and then describe it to yourself. Add a television in your room, so you could watch your memories on it. This television will help you cry out old memories and release them.

You can add anything to your room, be it candlesticks, incense sticks, or a fire lamp. These things will help improve your immersion. You can aid the visualization by actually putting incense sticks near you in the physical world!

Visualize things that please you. Keeping these things will help you focus more. You can even have a gaming setup installed in your visualized world. MAKE THINGS SOUND AS REALISTIC AS POSSIBLE. The more realistic and detailed your visualized world is the more profound insights and clues you will gain about the imaginary world.

To any visualized world, detail and clarity are the keys.

Also, make sure that you are relaxed.

It’s Easy.

Still can’t visualize things in your head?

You have to act as if you’re seeing it. Act as if you are seeing the vivid images and affirm loudly what you see. This will reprogram your mind to see what you want to show it.

The most important things to keep in mind in order to visualize properly are:

  • Clarity
  • Detail
  • Sensory involvement
  • Relaxed Mind

Start every visualization by first visualizing the room we created. This will help you get into the zone. This room is your sandbox, you can add more rooms, an island, or even a planet if you want.

Visualization is essential to creating and defining clearly what you want. Make use of it to create your future. You can also use it to manifest whatever you want. Visualization is a great way to utilize the power of autosuggestion.

I’d like to hear your take on visualization and how it improved your life.


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