How to Manifest Something Instantly Regardless of Size

Some manifestation techniques are kept a secret because they’re highly potent and follow a complex process which many cannot follow. You know, following “the process” is still too far fetched for many, and indiscipline the the mother of all mishaps. Look at the world around you! An average person can barely maintain focus for 3 seconds. TikTok, Youtube Shorts, and other short-form content could be playing a big role here, don’t you think?

Manifesting something instantly has obvious pros, and but what about the cons. Ready or not, be prepared to face the life-changes when your goals and desires really starts coming to reality!

How is Instant Manifestation Even Possible?

The pace at which the universe is moving is unfathomable (It is infinite speed – creation and destruction – on and off). The reason why all the movement, we see around ourselves, appears finite and arbitrary, is because we’re moving forward along with creation, at the same speed. The manifestation process is just this!

When you create a new desire in your mind, it has already manifested in reality, by all means. All manifestations are instant because time is only a conception of mind, which is just a form of finite energy! But the universe is much-much greater than finite energy. It is infinite in space-time-energy-awareness.

The only thing is, to have the object of your desire (your goal) manifest in your perception, and therefore, your reality, you need to prepare yourselves to receive it. And by being prepared to receive it, I mean, you must be expecting the results in your mind and also, your actions!

Law of Attraction Breakdown

The law of attraction is one of the 12 fundamental laws in the Hermetic philosophy. An esoteric and advanced version of this law has also been expounded upon and made practical in many of the Hindu (Sanatana Dharma) scriptures. There is a way to realize and master this law, which I have covered in my book: “The Effortless Vibration“.

The basic principle behind the law of attraction is, you’re a magnet and you attract things that you think about. In Sanatana, the word “desire” in itself is said to be “wish-yielding”. If you don’t have a desire for something, it will not manifest into your life. However, if you do desire something, that thing will naturally gravitate toward you and present itself in the form of opportunity, luck, course of events, or you can call it whatever you want.

In addition, if you have two conflicting desires (conflicting, in the sense, that the fulfilment of both desires require opposing actions), then the stronger desire will prevail and manifest itself in the universe.

For example, you want to build a great physique, but you also don’t want to move your body, then you have two conflicting desires. To manifest a great physique, you need to get rid of the “laziness” (desire to rest), by fixing your diet and sleep schedule. You see? The desire that consumes most of your energy, your thoughts, your dreams, is the strongest desire. And if you have no conflicting desires against that big goal, that goal will inevitably manifest itself.

That’s the whole point of the law of attraction. You don’t have to prepare/do things in the world to get what you want! Instead, you have to take steps and actions which YOU love, with the goal to love them even more! And with that, manifestation will take care of itself.

The Technique to Manifest Anything Instantly!

The subconscious becomes extremely active during the time of panic or the time when your body’s life is in danger. This technique leverages this principle. It forces energy to change form rapidly by agitating it violently.

Jot down these steps on a notepad. First, decide what you want. Decide anything and frame it into a sentence or phrase. The shorter the phrase the better. Remember, a decision is a prerequisite. Determine clearly what you want! Ask yourself, do I want money, a relationship, or success?

After you’ve decided ONE THING, follow these steps:

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Release all the air out until your lungs are empty.
  • Hold your nose so no air passes in.
  • The longer you go, the deeper your desires go.

~ Origin of technique, at the courtesy of Osho, who was a widely known Indian guru.

It’s also important to maintain a daily manifestation journal to account your daily findings. By maintaining my own journal, I’ve learnt that I’m able to SEE how my intention has changed throughout the span. Journaling not only gives you the juice of experience and clarity that many law of attraction practitioners miss, it also builds up your purpose and concretize your faith and feelings.

Manifesting a Text Instantly

To test this technique right now, manifest a text from someone you know by following the steps given below:

First, visualize that the person is sitting in front of you.
Devote all your attention to them until you can see them listening to you.
Now follow the technique mentioned above.
When you hold your breathe, command them to message you now. Use a single affirmation like the following:

“Message me right now!”
“Text me quickly!”
Talk to me right now!

Once you finish the technique, wait and see the magic. (They’ll message you.)

Be clear that you must feel that you are talking to that person when following the manifestation technique. And after you’re done, don’t worry too much about the outcome of the practice.

Some Clarifications Related to This Technique.

Your mind will panic, and your heart will beat faster. But know that you must go on for as long as you can! The more your mind panics, the deeper parts of your subconscious mind will try to induce you to breathe in! Protesting and demanding from the subconscious what you want during this time will create a strong desire in you (a desire stronger than how much you desire to breathe in fresh air). If you have heart problems, please do this practice slowly and as simple as it may suit you.

Moreover, this technique is completely safe and applicable for most people.

That’s it for this one. Share you experience with this technique and let me know how you succeeded in the comments below! Share this article with someone who may need it!


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