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The World Not Your Oyster, It’s a Battleground (Bhagavad Gita)

Shri Krishna and Arjuna blowing horns in the kurukshetra

We can learn a lot about the law of attraction and wellbeing from the Bhagavad Gita. You may have heard the phrase, “The world is your oyster.”, which basically means, the world is your sandbox, and that you can take all the opportunities to make whatever you want from life.

While one may take this quote as an inspiration, it doesn’t really mean anything outside paper. We can say “The world is your oyster” as much as we want, but we know we have to move back on fulfilling our duties and responsibilities. Don’t you think the same?

Yes, I can skip the exam and go out on vacation, do whatever I want and continue to ignore the consequences of the opportunities I take. But that doesn’t mean I won’t ever face the consequences at all. Opportunities are made for serving the ego, while our duty is made for serving the cosmic consciousness.

The World is a Battleground

This statement is extremely powerful and it can transform your life if you understand what it really means. Look at the nature of the universe. It doesn’t look like an oyster, it’s chaos.

Inside your body, there are millions of cells constantly fighting and breaking down foreign objects, viruses, and bacteria. The atoms colliding inside a billion stars forming heavy metals. Human heart, compelling us to move our bodies and do activities, fill our stomach to defeat hunger, kill animals for food, cut trees to build infrastructure, and confine criminals.

The creation/universe is a manifestation of this chaos. Wherever there is movement, there’s a battle between two forces, and so, there is war.

To Learn to Live Well, You Need to Know Your Enemies

The sole determining factor of whether one comes victorious or defeated is your knowledge of:

  1. Who your enemy is.
  2. How you can defeat them.

In the Bhagavad Gita, when Arjuna fell to lord Krishna’s feat, agonizing over the thought that he had to lift his bow against his own fellow family members, brothers, teachers and guru, Lord Krishna insulted Arjuna for his cowardice. You may think Arjuna was in the right to refuse to fight his own family members, but that’s not the point Shri Krishna was making.

As a scion of the warrior race, fighting the evil was Arjuna’s duty (or dharma). Arjuna’s dilemma was that the very evil he was fighting was his own family.

Friends, the secret to winning in every area of life is this.

Every morning, before you go to the battlefield, whether you’re in politics, economics, or social-work, You need to know these 2 things:

  1. Who exactly is your enemy.
  2. How you can effectively battle that enemy.

In Arjuna’s case, Shri Krishna showed Arjuna the 2 enemies that he must win over:

  1. The compassion that Arjuna started building for his brothers (in his mind) when the battle was about to commence.
  2. The wrongdoings of the evil that stood against Arjuna in the battle which may continue if Arjuna didn’t defeat them.

Nowhere have I mentioned the Kauravas (Arjuna’s 100 brothers) and his family members here.

Your True Enemy is Never The World or Its People

Do you get the point? Many times, our worst enemies are not what we think they are. As per the situations and circumstances we’re in, we often think there are bad people or evil organizations, but that’s not true.

The Karma/activities/behavior of the external world and internal world (your mind), that stop you from fulfilling your duty, are your true enemies. Don’t demonize people, situations, or your luck because they are never your enemies. They’re are solely mediums through which your true enemy makes its appearance.

In simple words, you’re at war with problems, not people.

Our true enemies are the symbolic representations that stop us from doing our duty.

What is our duty then? For that, you must either study the Bhagavad Gita, or subscribe to my newsletter, so you’re notified when I publish the next article: “How to know what to do every time?” where I’m going to discuss just that.

Significance of War in The Law of Attraction

When you’re especially attracting something you want, you may need to understand what obstacles are stopping you from manifesting what you want. The obstacle may be a limiting belief or a situation where you’re unable to maintain a high vibration. Think of the problem objectively, and find various solutions to solve that one problem.

You’re not manifesting the object of your desire, but the set of solutions to the problems you’re facing. This piece-by-piece evaluation of your current situation gives you a complete blueprint for manifesting your desired reality.

If you believe the world is your oyster, you’ll try to exploit and devour it, creating hell for the oyster for your own sake. Obviously, an opportunity for you can come at the detriment of others. So, it’s better to change our perspective and say this instead.

The world is your oyster, only when you know your duties and responsibilities in the given moment. Your duty and responsibility can never be at the expense of someone else’s rights.

That’s it for this one! Have a great day! Check out more articles!

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