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Here’s How to Manifest Happiness Regardless of Your situation

Don’t feel so unique! Over 90% of world population suffers from the same mental disorders (neurosis). Yup! Sadness, loneliness, depression, stress, feeling of unworthiness, anxiety, hatred, envy — everything is a psychological ailment that needs to be dealt with. You manifest happiness by dropping all stereotypes.

Well, isn’t it obvious? — you might say. But almost nobody knows how to “eliminate” – not manage – such recurring emotions for good. The scientific perspective, or so “they” believe, is biology focused, which, apparently, ignores human competency and intelligence. Now, doesn’t science want to sell you some of them prescription drugs?

Well! I’m not here on a conquest to bash the FDA, or prove its illegitimacy. I can’t, nor do I have any derogatory views on it. It’s useful! But not the ultimate solution to human wellbeing.

This article will throw some light on how an individual nurtures skewed mental images to fit in with the social trends. And how watching all these trends for what they are can manifest true happiness into your life.

Shouldn’t I Visualize Being Happy to Manifest Happiness?

Happiness is a foundational quality of every person. You don’t need to visualize or create happiness in your mind to manifest it into your reality. It comes naturally the moment you stop creating strong negative mental images/stereotypes in your mind.

For instance, when you say that you’re “manifesting happiness,” it’s similar to saying that you’re trying to release a rope you’re holding from the get go.

I know it’s not that simple, though! I’m not asking you to find all the preconceived ideas and stereotypes you’ve built throughout your life and just “let them go”. Don’t! I’m saying you can’t do it because there’s nothing to let go.

Doesn’t letting go of resistance appear to be the most difficult part of manifesting something? It’s because the phrase “let it go” is paradoxical in nature and doesn’t say anything. Awareness has no opposites in nature. The moment you bring your awareness/attention to anything, it only becomes more tangible and well-defined in your mind.

So, letting “IT” go, makes “IT” more tangible and then IT becomes another wall that you must break before what you’ve visualized manifests into physical reality.

What’s The Root Cause of All Unhappiness?

All unhappiness stem from beliefs you have about yourself and the world. Your own feelings for how you see the world burden you. It is difficult to accept or realize that your beliefs about EVERYTHING are lies.

Think! Where do beliefs come from?

There are countless personalities with countless traits, self-images and distorted perceptions of reality. You cannot do much to protect yourself from influence when you believe that the person speaking to you is the ultimate authority.

You’ve absorbed your family’s karma as a child, and this karma decides how you feel, behave, think, and act. This karma is essential for any creature to function properly in the world (According to the theory of evolution), but it becomes unnecessary and a burden once your intelligence develops fully.

How to Manifest True Happiness?

The key to manifesting that “carefree” and “light-hearted” happy space is:

First, you need to stop following influencers that create emotional “tension” in your body. You need to stop consuming loads of information. You need to come out of the dumpster to realize you were in a dumpster.

Ideally, I’d say follow/listen to no one for a week or two, but it might be too big of a step for most people. Youtube Shorts have and is messing up people’s ability to pay attention. This short reward cycle has already disoriented the whole world, and there’s chaos in people’s mind. People are losing integrity because they’re stirring up their memory by consuming loads of unorganized information.

For instance, when you think about cars, your mind subconsciously revises all the car-related Shorts and videos you’ve watched. Likewise, every area of your life gets affected by this, building a skewed perception of the whole world.

Your Mind Remembers Everything

When you take in ideologies from 5 different influencers, you’re not just consuming more “useful” information. You’re also absorbing subconscious cues (such as their body language, how they react/behave when discussing certain topics and subjects, etc), building false and distorted mental images of the world.

No one image of the world is true because the world is so big, and each and every individual is SO different. When someone with “wisdom” tells you about “the world” or “how things are/work”, they’re only showing you how THEY are. Those mental images are unique and only a projection of the “trends” of THEIR mind.

If you believe people or things are “a certain way”, you’re only going to find more evidence to prove yourself right because that’s how human awareness functions. People that don’t fit your model of reality will slip right past you without you even noticing them. No exaggeration!

Steps to Manifest Happiness

You have no reason to feel happy or unhappy, but you have a choice. A positive state of mind is more than the good feeling you get after your morning coffee”. And this state has so many aspects to it.

#1. Build/Define a Positive Law of Attraction Routine

Unhappiness can stem from mundane lifestyle, undefined schedule, lack of a goal, lack of inspiration to reach the goal, fear of failure, failure, fear of success, negative social environment, toxic relationships, mental ailment, pessimistic beliefs and views on aspects of life that you may consider valuable. There can be so many reasons!

So, first, you need to clarify what negative beliefs and ideas you have about the world. Jot them down on a piece of paper and give them half an hour or an hour of time every morning. Write down new beliefs and perspectives every morning that negate your false beliefs. Find facts and figures that PROVE that those negative beliefs were blatant lies you taught yourself.

#2. Find The Good in Others!

Cherry pick online resources, people and friends that are positive and upbeat. However, remember that not all upbeat people are positive!

Most people don’t have the necessary light to see through different personalities they come across each day. And I don’t want you to be rude to toxic people. To make a drastic change in your psyche, you need to stop searching for negative and filthy traits in others.

Ultimately, what you see in others is the projection of your own mind. So, when you bring the negative in others to light, you only strengthen those traits within yourself.

You see filth below the lotus, you become filthy. You see the lotus, you become beautiful. It’s that simple!

#3. Visualize/Create a Mental Domain

Some of us may be stuck in a rut that’s difficult to come out of. And there are all kinds of people that we need to deal with. Creating a personal domain/space (that I helped you create in my book: SPTS), can help you deal with this problem.

When you have a personal mental room/space where you can conduct thought experiments and build yourself the way YOU WANT TO BE, then the outside world doesn’t pose a threat.

I’ve also used the word “imaginary beings” in my book, as many people would be hesitant to using the word “deity”. In your mental domain, You create a being/friend/deity/imaginary figure, that has the qualities you seek to have within yourself.

Unfortunately, people took that in an odd way, too! They thought I was talking about creating imaginary friends just because I believe everyone’s lonely like me. I couldn’t conceive that idea, so I was clueless. Don’t see the filthy, negative and awkward in others (including me) because you’d only find more of your own creations!

The purpose of the technique was to create someone in your mind, that you can look up to. And as you look up to the qualities of your imaginary being, you only reinforce those qualities within yourself. How? Because you already HAD those qualities. You just weren’t making them articulate enough to let them find expression in the physical world.

Why do you think deity worship is such a big deal in India? It’s because singing and emphasizing certain divine qualities of the deities only nurtures those qualities in you. Every deity is a complete package, and you can pick whoever you wish to manifest inside your body. If you don’t like any, create your own!

Many devotees surrender their whole being to the deity, which turns them INTO deity incarnates. Oh well, isn’t that interesting? We can talk about this subject later! Comment below, and the next blog post will be about “deity incarnates”.

Why Does This Work?

The approach we used in manifesting happiness resembles practicing affirmations. But this time, you’re not taking the time out to practice it (You can if you want added benefits). However, here, we’ve made the slight shift already (using the law of attraction), to believe that we’re already happy and positive because we’re seeing happy and positive in others.

That’s how you manifest happiness in your life! For more check the links below! And also if you liked what you read, subscribe to my newsletter.

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