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How to Deal With Someone Who Constantly Criticizes You?

What is Criticism and How to deal with it?

5 ways to deal with a person who constantly criticizes you.

When we talk about criticism, we always think about THOSE people.

How many critiques do you have in your life?

If you pulled your fingers to count, then you need to read this post thoroughly!

Introduction to Criticism and its ramifications

So, what is your definition of criticism?

For me, well, I just call it unconscious branding. Let me tell you what I mean by that.

Criticism is one of the worst conditioning you receive when it comes from a parent, relative, or friend.

Some friends think criticizing one’s beliefs and goals is funny. Family members begin planting their beliefs in the child’s mind the moment it is born.

This is unconscious branding.

People have branded you with a set of beliefs too. Everyone is!

If you have ever failed in life, then you must have braced for the fear of criticism.

Criticism is the tool of a monkey. Monkey uses it to protect itself from the world or prove itself to the world.

There is no such thing as constructive criticism. On the other hand, a suggestion can never be destructive (You can’t suggest with the tone of voice of a critique because it wouldn’t be a suggestion if you do).

Suggestions are neutral on both sides.

Suggestions open up people and criticism closes them.

Some Initial Steps To Consider

Do not criticize people. Do not accept criticism from others. Never fight a critique. If you fight a critique, you’ll become the very thing you are standing up against.

Do not give any credibility to a critique either. No matter how skilled, talented, or successful he or she is.

If possible, transform their criticism into a suggestion. Know their intentions and act accordingly.

Carry others with you at work and have a group that believes in your goals and would like to help you reach there. Fortunately, I have had good friends ever since my childhood who believed in me when nobody did.

It might be because they are not attached to the results that my success would bring in their lives. It is okay to stay more connected to your friends and mastermind group (Your team at work or business group) than your family during the initial stages.

After success, you can listen to both.

Why does that person criticize you?

Criticism arises from watching too many TV shows and movies. An idea of a particular personality is over stigmatized inside your head until you see that same villain, dumb guy, or over-smart guy in common people who gave off a slight cue that reminded you of that specific personality.

Too much to take in, but true nonetheless.

Criticism is not just limited to TV shows or movies. We get influenced by a ton of people.

Mostly everyone gets influenced by people around them. It is a natural human instinct to follow up on the people we are surrounded by. They subconsciously want you to feel guilty, shameful, and resentful (if they are feeling resentful) for things.

Criticism is one of the 15 traits of a toxic personality (15 Traits of a toxic personality).

Here are 5 ways to deal with a person who constantly criticizes you:

1. Tit For Tat

A reply to someone who criticizes you
Picked from Reddit

The moment you begin to point out their critical nature, you begin to criticize their criticism.

If the person is self-conscious, he’d understand, and tone down a little. Although this might be a slightly immature and rude approach.

You can also just tell them that you didn’t ask for their opinion.

If you ever wanted an opinion, you’d rather ask someone else who actually knows what he’s talking about. (Not for family critiques).

It is a well-suited reply for those who intentionally make you feel bad.

Opinions are the cheapest commodity on earth. Everyone has a bunch of them. The more they are spilled out, the cheaper they become.

2. Disengage

A critique is like a parasite–One that feeds on attention. Disengagement will simply keep them away from you. They’ll stop feeding on you.

This must have been first on the list, but I understand leaving some important people may cause you some trouble. If you can’t leave your boss, family members, and relatives altogether, at least become unenthusiastic towards them.

Avoid them if possible. If you engage yourself in important things, for example, things like working on your life purpose, business, or studies, they’d simply leave you be.

Keep as brief engagement as possible. Don’t take their advice seriously.

People often speak of things and teach things that have not worked out in their lives. You don’t have to know what doesn’t work.

3. Persistently Take Their Criticism In a Positive Way

A critique craves to be understood. If you give them what they are asking for, they’ll continue to leech onto you. If you love yourself, take every criticism in a way they didn’t intend to give and also in a positive way.

“Oh, you think my nose is too big? Feels good to get more oxygen than other people. I mean, don’t you feel the congestion?”

Disclaimer: This usually irritates the critique.

4. Get Another Friend to Deal With Him

When a person is denied his opinion in a group, he thinks twice before giving another opinion.

Whenever the critique begins to criticize you or anyone in your group, just dismiss them totally. Or, when he/she is speaking, treat them like they are invisible.

This is funny and rude, but a great trick to shut them up for a long time. Yes, they will return to their old state because a set of habits rule them.

Although this trick won’t change their mental paradigms overnight, it will surely give you a hiatus from criticism.

5. Just Tell Them They Are Being Rude

Sometimes a simple talk can fix many things. It is understandable that you wouldn’t want to open yourself up to toxic people. If the critique is in your friend circle, or family group, just tell them that their behavior is inappropriate and toxic and they should stop criticizing.

This might solve the problem or open more problems. If this opens more problems… Trust me, you don’t want this person in your life.


How to deal with someone who constantly criticizes you?

The last thing you’d want to do is deal with them…

Kick them out of your life. You don’t really have to deal with a person who criticizes you.

Use these 5 tricks to deal with a person who criticizes you often.

Criticism can be taken lightly but if you can’t, then don’t! Hope you like the list. Thanks for reading and commenting below your opinion on this matter.

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