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Is it okay to feel lonely every now and then?

is it ok to feel lonely?
How to cure loneliness?

Everyone feels lonely every now and then. And the truth is, you can feel lonely even when you are surrounded by people you love or hang out with. In this day and age, we’re all so close together, yet so far apart. Everyone has a face on Facebook and Instagram. But in reality, most people are sad, stressed, and living not how they want to live.

Why does it even happen to us?

Well, loneliness is just the result of a defense mechanism developed through evolution, because humans cannot survive in the wild without their tribe.

So maybe, you don’t feel safe around the people you love. Or maybe you’re tired of being alone all the time. Whatever the reason, there is one cure for all loneliness.

What is it?

It is in becoming whole. When you are whole (not codependent) you don’t feel the heaviness of other people’s lives and situations. You are just happy because you have YOURSELF! Sounds corny, but this can really make a difference in your life.

With this pandemic, we’ve not just been separated from our friends and family members, but also ourselves. Yes, you can manage loneliness by socializing or spending time with your loved ones but that won’t cure it. If you want to cure loneliness, you’ve got to become okay with who you are.

Here’s how to manage loneliness.

You can manage loneliness quickly. Curing it takes time. Following are some quick fixes that will get you going.

#1. Talk with people

talking is the best way to avoid feeling lonely. Talk and speak your heart out. There are so many things held in your heart that remain unseen. This is what causes us to feel lonely. We don’t just hide our thoughts from others but also ourselves.

These thoughts belong to you. Talk to someone who cares and is open to talking about personal matters. Even small talks can help you cope with loneliness. When you talk to random strangers across the street, you develop neural patterns to feel comfortable around everyone. Comfort chills you out a little.

#2. Focus on different things

Once you move your attention towards positive things or anything that shifts your awareness towards something that is not loneliness, you don’t feel lonely. It is as simple as that.

#3. Hang out with people with similar interest

Spend time with people who resonate with you. But in all honesty, it may make the situation worse. You know, sadness loves company. The more time you spend with sad people, the sadder you will get. This is caused by reinforcement.

When someone who is sad sits next to you, there is a subconscious exchange of beliefs and ideas. You build the wrong, low vibration points of attention.

These points determine how you see the world. Believe me, when I say, the world changes when you change the way you look at it.

#4. Hop onto facebook

The best way to avoid feeling lonely is through seeking gratification on social media. Although, this is highly negative advice you can get from the internet. This habit of seeking gratification can cause the obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Actually, don’t follow this advice. Don’t seek gratification across the internet. This may feel like it is working until you realize that you’re just feeding the seeds of loneliness.

#5. Read a fiction, watch anime, or NetFlix

Now, this can be good advice if you choose what to pick wisely. You can watch, read emotional stuff to feel something that isn’t a part of your life and gain experience. Or you can watch self-help material across the web and grow yourself mentally and spiritually.

Here’s how to cure loneliness. [Accept it and sit with it]

#1. Feel Lonely!

To get rid of loneliness you’ve got to stick with it. Watch loneliness like you watch the waves when you sit beside a seashore. You don’t put up a fight against them. Don’t even look it up on the internet either. You just watch it.

I know it sounds absurd, how can you compare peaceful waves of the ocean with provoking thoughts of loneliness and a sense of unworthiness?

#2. Don’t Judge Loneliness. [Ego does the judging]

The thoughts are provoking because they are being judged. They belong to you, and so, they should be embraced. The world would be a beautiful place if everyone embraced their thoughts.

Once your thoughts are embraced and accepted, the lump of energy that kept them alive is released. You feel lighter and more energetic. The energy block that was held will become useful in other activities.

#3. Accept Loneliness [Tell people that you feel lonely or write it down]

Accept loneliness. If you feel comfortable, tell people that you feel lonely. Accepting an emotion can be difficult depending on the intensity of the emotion.

If you want to release a strong emotion from your body, watch it and accept it. Once it is accepted it is already seen, which means its purpose is fulfilled.

Take these Steps Now [To Cure Loneliness]

#1. Maintain a nightly personal diary.

when you’re writing down your entire day, you see everything in retrospect. You’re able to make better decisions and take better actions the next day.

You also recognize your mental patterns and habits that are causing you to feel lonely. Do you know, all human emotions are associated with certain activities?

#2. Be Mindful of the things that help you avoid loneliness

This means if you eat chocolate when you feel lonely, you treat chocolate as a quick fix to avoid the emotion of loneliness. If you eat chocolate when you are happy, after you finish eating it, you’ll feel lonely for some reason. This is how associations work.

Neurons that fire together, wire together!

#3. Practice positive emotions and do things that make you happy throughout the day.

When you feel sad you nurture the sadness within you. The more attention you give to something, the stronger it gets. Positive thoughts create a positive and happy life. Positivity attracts positive people in your life and negativity attracts negative people in your life. Like, attract like.

When you are happy (even for no reason), people would love to sit and spend time with you. This is why I told you to do the things that you really love. And don’t let anyone judge you. Don’t let someone’s imaginary wall block you from feeling good.

#5. Make others happy.

When you make others happy by giving them attention and love, you develop centers of happiness, self-love, and positivity in yourself. The opposite is true as well.

When helping people feel positive with you, you’re ultimately focusing on the positivity of life. When you see the good in others, they see the good in you.

#6. Listen to music that makes you happy.

There are so many good playlists out there that’ll immediately help you feel good in the present moment. Music is the language of the soul. It hits you deeper than words and images.

This is my choice, maybe you’ll like it too (If we’re from the same generation)…

Positive music to feel good in the present moment.

Don’t listen to sad, sorrowful, victim mindset music for a few days. You’ll realize that you’re in a better mood.

If you have other positive music in your playlist, please share it with us in the comment section!

Would really love to see what you guys are into.

#7. Don’t even bother judging others [Or by getting judged by others]

Don’t even bother giving attention to negative and critical people. You don’t have to spend time with people that feel low in vibration and heavy.

If you can’t get rid of people that are low in vibration, raise their vibration yourself.


By not finding faults and searching for the good in them. You can practice compassion through self-love. Use the power of autosuggestion for self-love.


If you want to change something in life, you have to first change your vibration. Become the person you want to live like right now. Do you know why people stick to their past, their problems, negativity, habits, and their fears?

It is because they don’t give themselves permission to change.

Give yourself permission, allow yourself to change. Allow yourself to see the change before it is made manifest.

Thank you for reading the post. Hope you liked the information presented. If you did, let us know which part of it, you liked the most. Here are some more posts that you may like!

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