The Third Eye, known as Ajna, is associated with the light element and focuses on insight, hindered by the illusion we live in—referred to as “Maya,” manifested as our universe. This illusion encompasses various aspects, including separation, time, destiny, self, birth and death, physical reality, control, and existence outside oneself. These illusions, essential for survival in the physical world, often go unnoticed due to reliance on the five senses.

Survival is now relatively easy due to sophisticated systems, rendering the need for these illusions unnecessary. Uncovering these subtle lies requires contemplation, introspection, open-mindedness, a broadened perspective, continuous learning, and a stable intellect. Developing intuition through visualizations and accessing the subconscious and superconscious mind aids in this process.

To stabilize the Third Eye chakra, visualize a white light in the shape of a dot between your eyebrows. Concentrate on this light until it becomes perfectly still, resembling a static image. If the light moves uncontrollably, it indicates a lack of mastery over the Throat Chakra. Practice until the light achieves stillness. Alternative visualizations include imagining an undisturbed stream of water or oil. Another method involves Swami Vivekananda’s technique, visualizing a sleeping snake at the base of the spine during breathwork to hasten the awakening of Kundalini energy.

Caution on Kundalini Awakening:

Exercise caution when considering a “kundalini awakening” and avoid unestablished gurus promising transcendental experiences. Kundalini awakening is not merely for the sake of an experience but is intended for genuine spiritual growth. The awakening involves the activation of the pineal gland, symbolized by a snake moving upward from the base of the spine to the Ajna chakra, prompting the opening of all chakras.

Seeking a self-proclaimed guru for kundalini awakening may lead to impulsive actions, as a rapid shift in perception occurs if the chakras are not adequately prepared. Some gurus may have motives driven by ego rather than a sincere commitment to your spiritual growth. Genuine gurus serve as instruments for spiritual development, devoid of petty desires.

Recommended teachers for spiritual guidance include Sadhguru, Eckhart Tolle, Osho, and Adyashanti, known for their simple and universally accepted teachings. Working on the Third Eye chakra takes time and should ideally be approached through dedicated practice (sadhana) under the guidance of a reputable guru.

Recognize the interconnectedness between yourself and the surrounding world. Your existence gives meaning to the world around you, and vice versa. Understanding this interconnectedness is crucial for spiritual growth and the journey toward higher consciousness.

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