SKY BLUE ENERGY POINT: Throat Chakra or Vishuddhi

The Throat Chakra, known as Vishuddhi, meaning “filter,” is situated at the base of the throat. Associated with the fabric of reality and the space-time continuum, mastery over this chakra unlocks supernatural abilities, enabling one to perceive the past, present, and future. Its existential aspect involves filtering undesirable thoughts, emotions, and energies, granting control over the karmic body—comprising the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and subtle aspects.

With its flower-like shape adorned by 16 purple petals, each emitting unique sounds, this chakra is linked to truth and blocked by lies, particularly the self-deception we engage in. Having mastered the lower chakras, one must confront and accept every facet of their past without justification or evasion.

In the present moment, one stands precisely where they must be—an indicator of capability rather than incapacity. The external world reflects the internal identity; thus, identifying with various attributes shapes one’s reality. These identities, whether related to physical appearance or psychological traits, are not the true nature of the self. Focusing on numerous identities simultaneously hinders change, as the subconscious is constantly shifting from one identity to another.

To manifest desired changes, a conscious shift in identity is necessary. Engaging in affirmations, one should continuously question their thoughts, asking if a version of themselves with the desired outcome would think the same way. This introspection aligns the self with the vibrational frequency of the desired identity, facilitating the manifestation of those aspirations into reality.

An analogy is drawn to fertile soil—the mind—as what is sown within it determines the eventual growth. Whether cultivating seeds of wealth or poverty, the mind nurtures and manifests the corresponding reality. Changing the narrative involves redirecting awareness and emotional involvement toward the desired outcome, allowing the undesirable elements to wither.

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