Manipura Chakra: Unlocking Willpower and Overcoming Shame

Situated at the navel center, the Manipura, or Solar Plexus, is the focal point of willpower, associated with the elemental force of fire. While it plays a role in physical functions like digestion, our focus here is on its emotional manifestations. Those with dominant energies in this chakra are often driven achievers, embodying the essence of a “go-getter.” The ultimate states to be attained here are faith, knowledge, and devotion, while lower possibilities, often imposed by societal norms, manifest as illusion and ignorance, transforming into faith being the potential.

Individuals grappling with attempts to control this chakra, particularly when delving into the realm of the law of attraction, may find themselves stuck. Merely suppressing negative thoughts and adopting positive self-talk is not an effective strategy.

Shame emerges as a significant blockage for the Manipura chakra. To clear this energy center, a counterintuitive approach is needed: immerse yourself in the feeling of shame. This doesn’t advocate becoming shameless; instead, it encourages acknowledging shame as an integral part of oneself. Personal experiences of shame, such as facing criticism from teachers or breaking down on stage due to uncertainty, exemplify the deep-seated fear of shame that everyone naturally possesses.

Transcending these emotions is crucial for tapping into higher possibilities. Survival needs must be addressed before absolute focus on personal growth becomes feasible. Consciously confront and identify these emotional demons. Consider negative emotions as your demons, realizing that brute force won’t conquer them. Instead, trigger opposing emotions to transform negativity into positivity.

The arsenal against these emotional demons includes higher channels like Love, Personal Power or Wisdom, Insight, Truth, and Imaginary Beings. While these concepts will be explored in later chapters, it’s essential to gradually open up to fascinating possibilities and aspects of reality without making hasty assumptions. As the saying goes, “One must learn and practice basic maths and algebra before jumping straight to calculus and quantum physics, calling it incomprehensible.”

Conquering Shame: A Journey of Self-Reflection

Face your past and confront your shame. Reflect on what you are ashamed of, whether it be poor life choices or actions that hurt those close to you. Visualize yourself in the past, witnessing these actions and understand the reasons behind them. Recognize that nothing happens by accident in the universe; every experience is a part of your journey.

Shame, one of the most painful emotions after grief, often leads people to develop awkward behavior and poor communication skills. Many fear shame to the point of subconscious dread. To conquer shame, bring everything you are ashamed of to the forefront through visualization. Observe and feel the shame deeply. Breathe through it, allowing your mind to accept shame as a part of your existence.

Switch between the present moment (focus on breath) and visualizations triggering shame. Help your subconscious mind recognize shame as an emotion with no physical manifestation. Gradually, you’ll identify patterns causing shame. Once your conscious mind sees these patterns, you transcend the emotion, making room for its positive counterparts: personal power, motivation, and wisdom.

Don’t worry if you struggle initially; growth comes with learning. Subsequent chapters will delve into various aspects of visualization and emotional mastery. This chapter aims to establish a clear distinction between different emotions, helping you understand yourself better. Other emotions are either mixtures or subsets of these major emotions. Mastering these emotions paves the way for greater possibilities.

Each chakra or energy point, with its unique shape, color, and number of petals, resides in different spinal locations. If visualizing triggering situations is challenging, focus on visualizing the shapes and elements in the spine’s designated areas. Immerse yourself in thinking from those locations, creating an altered state of mind for each energy point. While your physical brain doesn’t exist there, your mind does. Experiment with thinking solely from each chakra, gaining insights and altering your perspective.

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