Orange Energy Point – Sacral Chakra or Swadhistana

Situated above the pubic bone and below the navel, the sacral chakra is associated with water. Various interpretations of the Vedas suggest that its natural inclinations include fear, hatred, filth, anger, and violence. Human beings often find themselves stuck at different stages of growth, claiming to be against violence while fearing its consequences and easily resorting to it given the right trigger.

This energy point is also linked to pleasure and is hindered by guilt. If your energies are predominantly focused on this chakra, pleasure and joy become the most valuable aspects of your life, manifesting in various forms such as delicacies, sex, drugs, and even enlightenment experiences. Some individuals opt for certain drugs to induce instant samadhi and enlightenment effortlessly. While these drugs may provide an “enlightening experience,” true enlightenment is a result of spiritual growth and energy work. Using psychedelics without clearing and aligning your energies can lead to a disastrous “bad trip,” with no lasting development or spiritual growth once the drug wears off.

This doesn’t imply a complete dismissal of psychedelics; they can impart insights that may be challenging to realize independently. However, it is essential to emphasize that there are more effective and quicker methods to consciously reach enlightenment than relying on drugs. The increased consumption of nervous stimulants diminishes their potency over subsequent use, and developing resilience against these substances makes achieving a state of bliss consciously more challenging.

Cleansing the Sacral Chakra: Overcoming Guilt and Embracing Present Moments

To cleanse and balance the sacral chakra or Swadhistana, one must embark on a journey of self-reflection, particularly in the realm of guilt. Guilt, a powerful emotion, often stems from past actions, creating a barrier that hinders the free flow of energy in this energy point.

Understanding the Roots of Guilt: Begin by delving into your past to identify the origins of guilt. If guilt is prevalent, it may indicate an underlying fear of this emotion, tainting even the root chakra (red energy point). Mastery of the root chakra diminishes the fear associated with negative emotions, making them more visible and manageable.

Acceptance as the Path to Liberation: Guilt can manifest from diverse experiences—stealing, cheating, lying, uncontrolled compulsions, damaged relationships, or moral conflicts. The key to releasing guilt lies in accepting the truth, unburdening oneself from judgment of past actions. Past and future are mere illusions; only the present moment holds significance. Allow guilt to exist without resistance; resistance only prolongs suffering.

Facing Personal Demons with Presence: Personal experiences of guilt, like harming a crab, engaging in bullying, or playing with earthworms, often result from ingrained beliefs in the duality of good and bad. In reality, existence follows rigid laws akin to those of physics, with every action having an equal and opposite reaction. Individuals unaware of these laws inadvertently harm themselves while seeking happiness and security.

Practical Steps to Overcome Guilt: Becoming more present in the moment is a practical approach to overcoming guilt. Recognize that guilt has no physical manifestation in the present moment; it exists solely as consequences shaped by the human mind’s perceptions of pleasure and displeasure. Utilize visualization techniques to revisit past actions causing guilt, observing yourself in the third person to detach from past identities.

The Counterintuitive Power of Acceptance: In a counterintuitive manner, allowing guilt to resurface and accepting it as a part of oneself accelerates its departure. Faith plays a crucial role in this process, believing that past actions were necessary and inevitable. As guilt gradually fades, a transformation occurs, paving the way for creativity, heightened sexual nature, joy, abundance, passion, and a strong desire.

Exercise Caution with Sexual Energy: While experiencing the resurgence of sexual nature, exercise caution and channel this potent energy through willpower. Unlock higher channels for its non-physical expression as you continue the journey towards self-discovery and energetic balance.

Liberating Yourself from Guilt: A Self-Reflection Exercise

Recognize that the guilt you feel has no intrinsic basis; it’s a construct of your own creation. The past is immutable, and dwelling on it only perpetuates the cycle of guilt. Paradoxically, you may find comfort and identity in this guilt, which, if absent, might make you feel disconnected from yourself. Consequently, the tendency is to subconsciously guide your thoughts toward experiences that evoke guilt.

Whether you harbor love or hate for a particular aspect of yourself, both emotions exert an equal influence on your consciousness, nurturing the root of their existence. Acceptance is the key; when you wholly embrace something, your awareness no longer clings to it. The issue is resolved, and the memory loses its grip on your consciousness.

To initiate this transformative process, take a moment to list actions from your past that evoke guilt on a piece of paper. Now, question yourself: “Is the problem on the paper or within me?” Adopting this method, inspired by the renowned Bob Proctor, allows you to detach from the problem by externalizing it onto paper. Through this act of detachment, you begin the process of reprogramming yourself, gradually releasing the weight of guilt from your consciousness.

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