Cleansing The Body Off of The Old Manifestations

Manifesting “EXACTLY” what you desire. The 7 ponds of energy.

Energy points in our body go bottom-up, and each can be sectioned as a part of your perception (or our mental state). Negative emotions, such as fear, guilt, shame, and grief, block these points. These 7 points, as shown above, circulate energies in the body (or you can say they are parts of consciousness) that occupy some portion of consciousness. This is a basic model of the human mind. There are 114 energy points, but these 7 are the major ones. Don’t confuse the human mind with the brain.

We’ll be using the chakra system to explain the emotional bodies of a human being.

Have you ever come across a situation where you are looking for something and later found out that you were grabbing it from the get-go? The human mind is good at distinguishing things to separate them but doesn’t recognize the existence of things that were always existent. Why? Because they never lost consciousness of that thing to distinguish how they would feel without it. So, that thing’s existence is taken for granted and remains unseen, especially when it is something that isn’t physical. These points are not physical but psychological or metaphysical. Notice that the human mind is a manifestation of the entire physical body, unlike the human brain which is a separate part of the human body.

You can’t devise the mind through physical analysis or observations. Through physical analysis and observations, you can only determine the shape of the brain, how neurons are connected, and how the endocrine system and some drugs like dopamine, endorphin affect the brain. You can’t devise the mind by simply studying how the brain works. If we could truly comprehend all the functions happening inside our brains, then this would mean that we have already transcended the physical structure of the brain by the brain itself, which is physically not possible. The superset cannot be a subset of its subset (right??).

Another reason why science can’t determine consciousness is that it is the superset of all 5 human senses that are used to make observations. Observing the observer itself wouldn’t give out tangible results that can be written on a sheet of paper. We can only tell what the mind is not, but what it is. This mind has been observed throughout ages, so you no longer have to conduct experiments on yourself, although you can if you are an explorer.

These points can be experienced through raising your awareness and seeing everything that IS. Although these points remain dormant for those who are unaware of their presence. Being dormant means they do not exist for them because they haven’t structured their mind in such a way. The mind is intangible and can be given any form. Learning about these energy points and developing your mind that is structured cohesively with this model will help you work on every aspect of yourself separately. This would create a strong distinction in your mind about different aspects of yourself. This means you have to become aware of these points as real things. For this, you have to become more present at the moment. The human mind has a habit of dwelling on the past and the future. Unconsciously, we desire to live in the present moment, but the blockages in these points (caused by negative feelings mentioned above) cause us to dwell in things that do not exist (in physical reality).

This causes some to use external stimuli to become more present at the moment, for example, drugs, alcohol, sex, narcotics, and even talks with a friend. There is nothing bad and wrong with any of these, but they have their consequences. Indulgence in these doesn’t make one bad in any way, but it does mean that one lacks the awareness of what he/she truly seeks. Humans have a naïve nature; they seek joy from the external world when everything is happening within them.

Any emotion or feeling can be triggered through the power of visualization, but using this powerful ability on recreational and meaningless things is not in one’s best interest. Finding a trigger to release an emotion you have been holding since your childhood is a good use of this power. This emotional release can open your energy points and turn you into a different person. You will experience yourself as a different person, the person you truly aspire to become. The energy points are these shifts in perception where each resembles a certain way of looking at life. These perceptions are always present in the mind mixed, but to give it form and work on each separately, we have to develop an understanding of the energy points.

Coming back to these energy points, visualize that these points are connected through a blocked creek. The points are a whirlpool of energy, which is why they are called chakras (which is a Sanskrit term for wheel). In India, this energy is called prana (Which means life), in China and Japan, it is called chi or qi (which means vital life force or breath). Due to the nitty-gritty of life, one often finds these creeks dirty and blocked. To unblock these creeks and clean the whirlpools, one must use the powers of visualization and yoga. The power of visualization will be discussed in great depth in the visualization chapter. Let’s discuss each energy point in greater depth. After reading the entire book, come back to this chapter and apply the principles given in the chapter on visualization.

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