Do we have control over our destiny?
Do we have free will?
If you open your mind and could see all the intricacies involved in the
making of the reality it would metaphorically look like sand falling due
to gravity. Everything is a result of a cause and effect, right? No,
cause and effect are ideas that apply to that what a human has
seen. There can be no reason behind anything, reason is something
that the human mind has created. What’s the reason behind this
universe? There is no reason. If there was a reason it wouldn’t be
but the reason. Human mind is an idea, human being is an idea,
planets, solar system, the reality, enlightenment, birth, death
everything is an idea. Ideas are not existential in nature. My desk
that I am writing on, is an idea as well. If you think this implies
existence is not existential in nature? Observe! Everything you see is
falsely believed to be real, but truly there is no real entity in the world
around you see but in what you TRULY see.
It Is You!

Why you must accept your powerlessness? Because ego really catches up to you fast. The greater or bigger it becomes the harder and emptier things feel in life. If you hurt someone or deceive someone you will hurt yourself. The reason why spirituality is endorsed more than occult in this book is so that you become wiser and realize that competing is not as fun as collaboration, grieving someone is not as fun as building something. Anger, sadness, jealousy, hatred or any other emotional luggage are not as desirable as positive emotions like love, pleasure, joy and collaboration.

These positive emotions are not as desirable as inner peace and inner peace is not as desirable as bliss. This is the hierarchy of vibrational frequencies. If you want to experience bliss, you have to (there’s no other way) detach yourself from the body and the mind and put your whole attention on who’s watching the body and mind. When the mirror starts reflecting itself, it explodes into infinity. It starts to expand at the rate of infinity engulfing the entire universe. Does that mean you don’t have a freewill? From your perspective you have a freewill and you can choose to keep it that way but everything happens in the divine order. Even an intention or a longing to achieve is calculated. This doesn’t mean you are powerless. This means you don’t have to worry about anything. Everything will happen regardless of you trying or not. Should you stop trying? Yes! Stop trying and start doing because the cause of any desire that manifested in your mind is the entire universe seeking a physical expression of that desire through you. Which means it is a possibility and it can happen! If it wasn’t possible for you, it would have never come to your mind. You have 100% choice over whether you want to manifest a desire or not. But… that 100% isn’t you but the universe’s desire. You are that universe. You are god.

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