Intro: A Step toward the unknown, What does supernatural even mean?

A step towards the unknown, SUPERNATURAL What does supernatural even mean?

The desire for extra sensory perception and supernatural is quite natural, like manifesting your every desire, reading others’ thoughts, Oh! the list never ends! This book is for folks looking to raise their awareness and access extraordinary seeming capabilities! Remember that nothing in our universe is magical; everything follows the rules of nature. You’ll use the rules of nature to transcend your physical nature. That’s all!

You see, knowledge is not just knowing stuff, but turning something into a part of your perception! For instance, take clay – you might know how to make pots, bricks, cement, dolls out of it, but the real knowledge is getting what clay is!

If you bring your attention to this moment and see everything that you believe you are (body, mind, emotions, inarticulate emotions and thoughts), they are just one single mental state that you’ve nurtured since childhood. When you eliminate all mental states by slowing down in the moment, your soul moves into bliss and you can actually see what you truly are! Once you realize your true self, you can change what you are NOT instantly!

Just like the Theory of everything and the law of vibration, our
universe is driven by certain aspects that are so fundamental that it
is impossible for us to even fathom what may have caused the
existence of such things. These laws and facts may include:

  1. Existence of gravity.
  2. Why is there something rather than nothing?
  3. Do thoughts have a separate plane of existence like the physical plane?
  4. Are time and gravity caused by something? Or are they just a byproduct of pure existence?
  5. Do things have to be physical to be called existent?
  6. Who am I?
  7. Who, how, or what is doing all of this creation around me that I see?
  8. Am I just an imagination of a being that is manifesting the entirety of creation around me?
  9. Does reality exist outside my field of vision?
  10. Will reality be called existent if no one was perceiving it?

By applying certain principles and practices, you will be able to draw upon the powers of a higher plane of intelligence and consciousness that will guide you towards the answer to any questions you may have, through weird and fascinating means. I feel blessed to have come across such profound knowledge and to have the power to share this with all who seek it. After acquiring mastery over this access that every human possesses, you will no longer need the world to tell you how to do it because you will already know. Note that such power may also empower your ego and do more harm than good. Discerning your moods from awareness is the first step to a change.

A monkey with a gun is lethal not only to those around it but also to itself.

The 10 questions given above sure fascinate one. There is so much more to know about this universe. The thing is that the solution to these questions does not lie outside but within ourselves. Thomas A. Edison had all the knowledge he needed to build a light bulb. He knew that charcoal burns for a longer time when there is insufficient oxygen. Albert Einstein did not sit on a ray of light. He drew upon the power from higher planes of existence to IMAGINE what would happen if he were to sit on one. If they can do it, it is accessible to you too.

The sad truth about society is that social conditioning has forced us to underestimate ourselves. Family members want you to settle for security because they are worried. Their worry is fear in disguise. Friends want you to be like them. People speak whatever they want because it is simple to open your mouth. You have everything that the most intelligent person ever had. It is just that you are not actively using or drawing upon this insane power accessible to humans. You have the potential to shift your entire life in the ways you want it to be. This may sound like a bold claim, but its very essence comes from a fundamental nature of reality.

I have prepared a comprehensive path to acquire and master this power. This book is not meant to be skipped from page to page, just looking for the answers to your problems. Every word in this book is written to implant the knowledge in your subconscious mind. That is why I chose the title “The Secret Path to Supernatural” and not the trick or technique or mantra. Tell me if there is any. This book is practical and on point. I have written this book from a non-spiritual viewpoint because people have tainted this and many other words with their conceived concepts, ideas, and lifestyles.

This book will turn you into a manifesting master, but it will require some work from your side (knowing about something is not enough, remember?). Avoid skipping pages. I have hidden some secrets for those that are ready to receive them! Keep your mind open and more receptive than analytical.

A suggestion for the readers to draw the most juice out of this book: Open their minds to nuances and new sciences that are different from traditional ones taught in schools. They are solely based on the observations made by the five human senses. Follow the practices exactly how they are mentioned in the book. The knowledge presented in this book can only be gained after transcending the five senses, relying upon a higher source of knowledge that is the subconscious and the superconscious mind. Don’t worry, they are not difficult to access. There are no prerequisites for this book.

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