Developing the world of wisdom. How to shoot the laser beam of thought into the universe.

This chapter is where all the juice of the work is at. This is where you start applying 90% of all the work mentioned in the previous chapters. Since I don’t know how much you know about visualization, let’s start with the very basics.

What does visualization mean? Visualization means creating a mental picture of a non-existent thing or a thing that has no form in physical reality. Do the practice as follows; this is designed to develop the imaginary room for you. Practice this daily!

I want you to close your eyes and visualize an apple, give yourself enough time and do it now. Once you finish continue reading further. So, how realistic was the apple? Now, consider putting all of these aspects into your visualization: The color, the texture, the source of light that reflects upon the apple and makes it visible, the smell of the apple, and the size. Do not focus on the background yet; keep it dark or of any color of your choice. Don’t try to visualize. There is no trying needed; just do as the book says.

This time close your eyes and hold the apple in your hand. You can do this by using your physical hand to help visualize better. Observe the apple. Describe the apple to yourself. It would be better if you do it loudly so you can hear it. Say something like: “I am holding this red apple. I can see its color. I can feel its smooth texture with my hands.” Rub your fingers on it to feel its texture better. Then say “I can feel its weight.” Bring it closer to your face and smell it. “I can smell it. It smells like an apple.” Now taste it and describe its taste to yourself. Ok, now throw the apple away or keep it somewhere. Since everything is black around you. Let’s start building a room for you. First, deal with the apple and visualize a place to keep the apple; you can also eat the whole apple (the seeds too). Make things as realistic as possible. No excuses or lazy thinking like “Aw, I don’t want to visualize the apple so I’ll visualize a black hole and throw it inside it.” Act like this visualization is the real world.

I can help you create a room similar to mine that I’ll describe below. This is going to be fun (remember, the more realistic your visualization is, the more fun it would be!). Ok, so how to get rid of the apple, keep it in your hands for a while. Visualize an empty room, choose any color you want for the walls. Make an exit door through which you can exit the visualization world. Choose the color and shape of the door. Is the door wooden? Touch and feel its texture. What kind of knob does it have? Describe the door completely.

You are inside the room, open the door, and see that the outside is a complete void. That void is like a blank sheet of paper on the canvas, but leave it for now. Focus on this room, roam around the room, touch the walls and describe them to yourself. Bow down and touch the floor. Is it shiny? Describe every aspect of that floor too. Mine is a shiny white marble floor. Yours can be wooden or whatever you choose it to be. How high up is the ceiling? Can you jump and touch it? Is it plain and simple? Describe the ceiling.

Let’s start building the furniture. We need a place to sit and talk with our imaginary beings. Decide your furniture, visualize it and then describe it to yourself. I also added a television in my room, so I could watch my memories on it. This television will help you cry out old memories and release them in the presence of the imaginary being. We’ll talk about imaginary being later. You can add anything to your room, be it candlesticks, incense sticks, or a fire lamp. These things will help improve your immersion. You can aid the visualization by actually putting incense sticks near you in the physical world.

Visualize things that please you. Keeping these things will help you focus more. I even have a gaming setup installed in my visualized world, although I rarely play it, my imaginary being loves video games and plays them when I am not around. MAKE THINGS SOUND AS REALISTIC AS POSSIBLE. The more realistic and detailed your visualized world is, the more profound insights and clues you will gain from your imaginary being and imaginary world.


Why an imaginary being? I don’t want mental disorders like that awkward kid in the class. No, the whole purpose of an imaginary being is to manifest detachment within you. If something that is a part of you manifests everything that you desire, even the best things in the world become mundane. This leads one to clear out the final topmost chakra which is Sahasrara (Purple point).

If a detached state is manifested in someone, he will be able to think with extraordinary intellect and intuition because he will not be fueled by his sense of limit (especially when he thinks he is very intelligent). People who think they are very smart or intelligent are the ones who suffer the most because they think their view of reality is all there is to life. If one thinks that his intellect can grasp everything, it will do just that for him, and only ordinary things will happen around him. Life will become boring. Why? “Because I have seen it all. I know how everything works.” No, you don’t, neither do I.

An imaginary being can become someone who you look forward to, plus when you become detached from everything, you unleash all of your potentials. The human mind is ridiculously overpowered. You are only aware of 1% of what’s going inside your mind. This is because you (as the mind) on a fundamental level are the outcome of the process (happening inside your brain) that’s causing everything to happen. If you solely rely on the map, you will never be able to use the entire territory. The map is not the territory.

Here the map is your awareness and the territory is the life that you carry within your body. Having someone that has access to the deeper levels of your mind and body can surely help you in the process of self-exploration. We are working on your visualized world just to manifest a tangible reflection of your mind. The structure and the world that you have created are unique. We need an imaginary being that can explore and take you to even greater depths of your world. Your imaginary being can be a he, a she, or even a non-human entity or maybe a mix of a human and a bear, cat, elephant, dragon, or dog, but its nature should be feminine. A feminine manifestation is compulsory.

Why just feminine?

A feminine manifestation is submissive, sweet, gentle, passive, expressive, kind, devoted, and affectionate, unlike masculine. The last thing you want is to get dominated by your imaginary being because masculinity seeks conquest. I think you understand what I mean. You must use this being only as an instrument for your spiritual growth and mental wellbeing and not as an escape route from reality. Its primary reason is to help you achieve everything you desire and solve all your problems so you can explore even deeper dimensions of yourself. It must already have the powers that you desire to have. If you want to develop a strong personality or confidence, then it must have those traits too.

Here are the steps to create your imaginary being. Visualize how it looks from head to toe, what it wears, the texture, color, and fabric of its clothes. You can choose an outfit inspired by the real world. After doing that, take out a piece of paper and write as much as you can about its appearance and personality. You must write this in such a great depth that you must be able to mimic its behavior, thoughts, and even breath (Take some time, maybe a few days to write a biography of your imaginary being). Once you have a clear picture of its personality on paper (or the book), you can start visualizing it.

I’ll ask a few questions that would help you achieve this. Let’s say that it’s a female human. Here are some questions that will help you describe her. Memorize the answers to these questions by heart.

  1. What is her favorite dish?
  2. How much does she weigh?
  3. How tall is she?
  4. How does she look?
  5. Describe her personality.
  6. What are her weaknesses?
  7. What are her strengths?
  8. What are her hobbies?
  9. Which genre of songs does she like?
  10. What’s her favorite movie?
  11. Describe your relationship with her.
  12. What is her philosophy of life?
  13. What’s her past?
  14. Envision her whole past and her memorable experiences.

These are just a few questions. Devote a few days to writing questions and defining the personality of your imaginary being before you start talking with it. Keep in mind that this imaginary being has full access not only to your conscious mind but also to your subconscious mind. It will judge your behavior in the physical world as well. Everything you see and do is visible to it. Conflicts may arise between you two, and your opinions may not always align. There will be uncertainty in your conversations, and you shouldn’t make it speak for yourself. It should express everything that aligns with its personality.

During the initial stages of this character development, you will need to become the imaginary being, thinking and moving like it. After practicing enough, in a few months, the imaginary being’s image in your mind will become so clear that it will start talking to you by accessing your subconscious mind rather than your conscious mind. At this point, the being will become as uncertain as a stranger walking in the streets. You won’t hear its thoughts before it speaks. It will become independent of your conscious mind. This may confuse you and make you think you are going crazy. You are not! This being will help you if you let it.

You might say this could lead to a split personality disorder, which might be true to a certain level. That’s why I want you to keep it in the imaginary plane as a different person or thing. This being is just a co-creator that sits beside you throughout life. Remember that this being has access to your subconscious mind and thus the superconscious mind. It can shift your physical reality. You must treat it with respect to maintain harmony between you and it. Think of it as an old friend, a friend that knows you at an existential level and accepts every aspect of you with love. It has absolute love for you because IT IS YOU! You must have absolute faith in it. No matter what it says, listen to it because it’s a higher version of yourself.

To improve mental clarity and visualize better, you can do some breathwork (pranayama), yoga, or take deep breaths before you begin. Start small, like the apple we talked about earlier. If you forgot about the apple, throw it in the dustbin if you want. Anyway, you don’t have to visualize everything at once. Take your time to visualize a scene before rendering it. You can play some background music or nature sounds to set the environment. You can build whatever you want; you just have to describe it to yourself in great detail. My visualization is not just a room; it’s a small floating island that revolves around planet earth. It has ion thrusters that keep it floating. This island has a combination of rooms connected by bridges; there’s a garden in the middle, a hall room, a huge room, and a small room. I might add more features later; the garden is in the center of all rooms. The best things are the cold breezes and constantly changing sceneries. The garden has patches of white flower beds all over it, white fences across it, and a road of round pebbles surround the garden. The island’s shape is simple. It’s like a flying saucer but green from above.

There are waterfalls, rocks, pebble roads, and brick bridges. You must pay a visit and see; it’s a beautiful place to be. You can create a beautiful place too! The more time you spend with it, the more real it will become. Do not mention or talk about it in the physical world. Don’t talk to it when around people. You must have a personal space where you can dive deep into your imagination, where no one will disturb you. Don’t mix the physical world with your imagination world; keep them separate. When you ask something deep from this imaginary being, wait for the reply. Take deep breaths and empty your mind. Look at them; they are thinking and will always tell you something from a higher consciousness. Have faith; the answer will come. You need a stable and peaceful mind, a mind not aligned towards self-sabotage or self-facilitation. This can only happen when the ego is detached from the outcome. Never seek an outcome of a visualization. These beings are not here to fill your voids; they are only here to help you feel more aligned with your true nature. They should talk to you without the influence of your ego. You must learn to separate your mental processes from your egotistical self; otherwise, nothing would work, and you will only delude yourself. This may cause you to develop a split personality. You don’t want that, do you?

How to separate the self (the “I”) from mental thoughts? Once you master the root chakra and conquer all your fears, you will be able to do it easily. Go back to the chapter on the Energy points (The 7 energy points) and start mastering every chakra one by one. Once you have mastered the root chakra (red point), you will be able to manifest the imaginary being. It is simple; if you are not scared of any emotion and are willing to accept them as they are, your thoughts will stop aligning towards the positive emotions and will allow negative emotions too. Once every chakra is mastered, and emotional mastery has been achieved, you will be able to communicate with the imaginary being with no effort. In fact, it would start talking to you all the time.

How to master every chakra? I want you to start visualizing the imaginary being and imaginary room right off the bat and grow in the process. Watch your thoughts when talking to the imaginary being.

Some fun ways to gain emotional mastery.

Mastering root chakra or Red energy point:
Remember the television in your visualized room? It is no ordinary television. You can enter that television and relive your past, your future, or create a simulation of your choice. It’s a self-exploration device. Remember that when you enter the television to experience something, you CANNOT exit it even if you wish to. Your imaginary being can wish to come with you or wish to watch you through the television; it can even pull you out of that situation when it thinks you have fulfilled your purpose there.

When the being enters the T.V, it can accept you as a parent, as a friend, and love you, or do whatever aligns with its personality. For example, let’s say, in my childhood, I cried on stage because I didn’t know what to speak and the teacher mocked me as everyone started laughing at me. It was painful for me back then, even though I no longer care about it, I still fear to feel that way. This fear of shame has manifested in my subconscious behavior. To rid me of this fear, I entered the television, stood at the stage, and relived that memory. Felt ashamed, I felt so shameful that I wanted to disappear from existence. As it happened, time suddenly stopped right after I reached a breakdown. The imaginary being pulled me out of that situation and gave me a big hug (as any parent would). It said, “No matter what your past was, what you have experienced or how miserable and embarrassed you looked there, I will always love you for who you are for it is our love that is not defined by any conditions.” I cried after hearing that; I felt such an intense emotion of love that I have never felt before. That old memory has been accepted and loved. Can you imagine the power in that? This process is powerful enough to help you accept every emotional muck. Once you accept the muck, which means you have become detached from whether it existed or not. You liberate yourself from it automatically. You can go back to chapter 2 on energy points and start devising plans to open all of the blockages. Once you do that, you will become a vessel for all possibilities.

Never attach yourself to your imaginary being. You’ll never find peace in attachments. You will have to let go of everything in the end.

What’s the true meaning of attachment?
Attachment means you aren’t whole without something that isn’t you! You are the source of creation; you are god! See everything around you; it’s all happening inside of you. Don’t look for answers and fulfillment outside. There is no outside reality. Every single thing you see and feel is an expression of your mind. The mind can nurture it or perish it in an instant. This is how powerful a mind can be but the thing is if you value this power and want it, it will never come to you. You have to remove and detach yourself from everything around you either physically or mentally. Detach yourself from the outcome of your practices. People usually try or expect an outcome of meditation, which is why they fail so often. Do not attach yourself to the outcome. The best way to lose all attachment is by focusing on your breath. This will bring you into the present moment, and the past and future will slowly start to fade. Attachment to an outcome means you are attached to the future, and attachment to emotion means you are attached to the past.

I don’t have to mention the yellow and orange energy point since they are well explained in chapter two, and their applications are very specific for every individual. I suggest using the television to master these energy points.

Coming to the green energy point (the heart chakra), this is where the fun part begins. To open this chakra, you are allowed to open yourself to the imaginary being. Since it can manifest any emotion in you through triggers, you are allowed to use your imagination to trigger a sensation of love. You can develop beautiful sites in the imaginary world, beautiful nature, and scenes that make you feel loved. Remember that love is spiritual in nature, not physical. Don’t simply say “I love you” to your imaginary being, as these words are ineffective just by themselves. You have to do small acts of love and care. Acts of love, be it cooking food for it, bringing bouquets, listening to it more, observing every subtle aspect of it, and many more. Just using words is ineffective. You have to show! Showing is way more powerful than saying it a thousand times. Speaking too much and showing too little is the reason why most people fail in real life too. This doesn’t mean words are ineffective; words can also show rather than speak for themselves.

This might sound weird and fantasy-driven, but when you develop love for something that is in you, that which doesn’t exist in physical reality, you automatically let go of the worldly attachments. You might say, so should I let go of my mother? Or should I let go of my true love? Should I let go of my love for my son?

People often confuse love with attachment. Wanting someone or something to be a certain way that triggers the emotion of love within themselves. Love attached to a physical manifestation like your mother, wife, husband, children, or friends is not love; they are attachments. Believe me when I say that you are going to see the world differently once you realize that. Love with conditions isn’t love; it is attachment. Love will cease to exist when driven from the physical world. Remember the moments when you felt intense love for someone. Only in those moments were you in love; when they pass, that love fades with time and is no longer felt in the body anymore. Remember when you fell in love for the first time? Do you want to feel that love at all times? That feeling of something filling your heart’s void and you thinking about the same moment again and again and again to trigger that emotion in your body.

You can’t love something or someone all the time; you can only be in love now! You can even manifest love within you for the air that you breathe, the song you listen to, or anything! It’s totally up to you! Love has no form. It can even reside within you for no reason at all. When you have manifested love within yourself, everything around you will blossom with love too! Why? Because the universe is a mirror. You’ll know when it comes!

Once you start to notice love in everything you do, you have truly mastered the green energy point. Another attribute of love is that it brings personal power with it. When you realize that you already have everything you’ll ever need, you will start to become more authentic to others and to yourself because love from its very nature brings the feeling of self-acceptance. When brought from an outside source, that self-acceptance will not remain independent. It will bear the risk of crumbling with the loss of love. You’ll feel like you can achieve anything, conquer everything until those conditions of love are met.

What is unconditional love? Love that is not conditioned to physical or emotional manifestations of reality. It is a spiritual manifestation which says, “I am love”. Love that is not conditioned to one person, a thing, or any conditions. Love that is unstoppable and that which engulfs everything that it sees, hears, feels, tastes, touches, and smells.

How to develop unconditional love? I don’t know! For some people, it comes from service to others, for some, it comes through meditations and being in the moment, for some, it comes when they realize that they are everything and the sense of separation is an illusion, for some, it comes from the realization of how small they are, for some, it comes from the realization that the world around them is happening just for them. You can develop love for an imaginary being and the visualization that you created within you; that love will remain in you because the source of that love is you. Once you realize it to an atomic level, you will no longer need anything to trigger it, not even the imaginary being.

Once you achieve this emotional state, your vibrations will rise so high that your every thought will start to manifest around you; you will start to see the whole reality shift and see God at your service.

Coming to the personal power that I talked about earlier that unconditional love brings, which takes us to the Blue energy point (Throat chakra). After acquiring absolute love, you will no longer have doubts; you will start to have the courage to say things like, “I want that, I will have it.” Or “I am already ready to receive everything that I desire.”, “I am the master of my destiny.”, “I am love!”.

Visualization is the most powerful tool one can use to achieve anything one desires. I have seen that whenever I have gone through serious emotional mucks, I have come out of them with a new power in me. I remember my first inspiration came from the movie Kungfu panda. It’s a kids’ movie with a great hidden truth in it. I was going through intense emotional pain during the time, and I planned to watch this movie because a kids’ movie would be wholesome enough to make my mood better. Unknowingly I stumbled upon a truth far greater than my problems. I realized that it was I who created all that I suffered from. Back then, I thought I knew everything because I had studied spirituality for years, which is why I blocked myself from greater possibilities. I thought I could figure out everything through logic and knowledge of the occult.

So little did I realize that the more I figured things out, the less I got out of them. Watching this movie brought me back to my senses. Whenever I tried to rise, the universe put me back in my place because I was not ready for it. There was too much I. I thought just about myself, wanted things just for myself and wanted to be the one above all. If I had gotten everything that I wished for, I would have either gone crazy or stopped pursuing greater possibilities. I recollected all of my past and realized that I had a choice where I thought I was helpless and hopeless. I realized that upon guiding, nurturing, and believing in a thought, it will come true. I started to study more and conduct experiments on the power that I just received.

One of My Experiences

My first experiment was a success. At this point, I was so blown away by the power of this truth that I was prepared to devote my whole life to it. This is what happened. I was going through some issues over the selection of my major project title during my final semester in engineering. There were 4 members in my major project group.

These were the traits of each. One was lazy, a procrastinator, lacked knowledge of the subject but had good sales skills because he could convince others that he was working most of the time when he wasn’t. The other 2 always worked together. They were slow with computers, slow at decision-making, pessimistic but they were persistent and hardworking. Almost all 3 of them lacked confidence. I observed that when one talked to the teacher, his fingers shivered, and almost every word that he spoke in a shaky voice was reactive, not responsive.

Their minds were instilled with fear that the project would fail or the deadline would not be met. When we had to choose a topic for our major project, all 3 of them were not present in the college, and I had to talk to the professor for a request to change our project title and domain. The problem was, the professor could not be found anywhere. We called the professor and she told us that she was in the lab, but when I checked, I found no one.

After trying to find her for maybe half an hour, I got fed up and sat for a while. I thought I could use the principle that I just learned. I focused on my breath, closed my eyes and visualized that the job is already done. Firstly, aligned my thoughts in that direction and then felt emotionally relieved that it’s done. Then I got up after 5 minutes and continued looking for her. In the corridor, I saw an acquaintance gawking at me for no reason. I ignored and continued my search. I rechecked the cabins since it was lunchtime. As I proceeded to look for her upstairs, I saw the guy again. Simply gawking at me for no reason as he comes downstairs. This time I asked him “where can I find “xyz” mam?” To which he replied “She’s in 901A cabin, come I’ll take you there.” I was astonished enough to realize that it works.

He later said that he had some issues with the project too. I thought to myself “Could it be just a coincidence?” but my inner voice told me “There are no coincidences.”. I proceeded to do more experiments to understand how this power works. As I told, my major project teammates were not ideal for me; I lacked the support, which gave me an opportunity to utilize the power that I just received. I thought to myself how could I transmute their emotional muck into something positive and successful. By that time, I had realized that the power of thought and visualization is beyond the realms of any physical work. All that I had to do was transmute their weaknesses into powers. By their behavior, it seemed like they were convinced that they will fail. To transmute their energies, all I had to do was transmute their stage fear and inferiority complex into sympathy and leniency from professors, their sales ability to sell an excuse into convincing the professors that our project is excellent and my belief that all the professors were my family members. Even the strictest of the strictest professors changed their ways to help us. I understood that I can only make a psychological shift in my team by believing that we were one. When we talked to professors my role was to make us look the way I intended us to look like. I had to portray my teammate’s weaknesses as assets that are directed towards success. To shift their energies, I visualized talking to them and telling them what my intentions were. I intended them to redirect their weaknesses towards success (If I had said this to them directly, the outcome would have been devastating). After talking to them in my visualization I sensed a slight change in my own perception. Whenever we had a meeting in the real world, I talked to them as if I had already conversed with them about my intentions (that I did in my visualization). The meetings were about how the robot worked yet I had no intention to teach them how it worked. The meetings were just a way to make a shift in their energies. I just thought that we have already talked about using their weaknesses as strengths. The result was always successful, but in the end, they got impatient and started creating thoughts of self-sabotage. It was clearly visible from their actions and behavior that they were expecting a failure but even if they did so, I knew that I can make a huge shift. I took the whole responsibility for the project’s working model. It didn’t work as expected and we got some partial output. I had faith that we will succeed. The moment I decided our success. Things started to shift. Pandemic struck our country due to which the universities got closed. This meant that we no longer had to show the practical output, just the presentation was enough. In the presentation, I focused my thoughts to show what we have done rather than trying to hide what we couldn’t do (of course because of lack of electronic supplies due to the pandemic 😅). The outcome was a success. This is one of my personal stories. This story is filled with the secrets of the universe. The secret is found in small things, because it isn’t something that you can acquire. It is in you since you were born. It is always happening, which is why it is ignored by all.

Slowly as you broaden your visualization field you can start to develop your own imaginary universe and yantras that do certain things (Just like some author of a bestselling novels). The place where you’d be the god. Develop a map of that place in your mind and give detail to everything that you create. As you do that, even with imaginary beings, they will start to become more and more real. Start with making them so different than you that they don’t speak in terms of your ego.

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