Home 🡆 The Secret Path to Supernatural
    A step towards the unknown.
  4. Cleansing The Body Off Of The Old Manifestations.
    Developing a deep understanding of energies. The 7 sacred ponds.
  5. 3 Depths Of Manifestation
    3 levels of consciousness and how they manifest your world
  6. How Manifestation Works?
    Understanding the mechanics of creation and its laws.
  7. Turning And Tuning Yourself Into A Manifesting Beast.
    Consciousness and concentration. An even deeper understanding of the law.
  8. Visualization
    Developing the world of wisdom. How to shoot the laser beam of thought into the cosmos.
  9. The Planes of Existence
    A model of reality. Seeking infinity.
  10. Meditations
    Energize your manifestation with harmony and focus
  11. The illusion of control
    (Ending chapter) Do we truly have control over our destiny? What does destiny even mean? Going rock bottom.

Author’s Preface

You find yourself on a dim, solitary path, surrounded by darkness, uncertain of your direction or origin—perhaps a forest or a cave. Lost in life’s maze, entangled in unseen cycles of habits, wandering in perpetual circles. The pain of not knowing accompanies us from birth, leading to the adoption of false knowledge, and the sting of derogatory labels hurts deeply.

This is not a spiritual guide promising miracles. Instead, it’s a journey to self-discovery, a valuable path beyond spiritual powers. The book is an exploration of creation, delving into its principles and applications. The beauty of our existence—the intricate work of consciousness visible in trees, flowers, and surroundings, yet, we often place ourselves at the center, driving lies.

The solar system’s perfection, galaxies, and the ever-expanding universe, our ability to measure this vastness is limited. True perfection is beyond what we believe for our personal convenience.

The basis of human perception is hidden and made challenging to discover. Once a person awakens this perception a whole another dimension of perception opens up for you. It’s like opening your eyes for the first time in your life. This eye is perception itself.

The universe claims it has given us the power to do anything, but it also claims that consequences of our actions always follow. Taking things for granted is a human tendency, and without consequences to every action, we’d desensitize ourselves from the gift that life is.

The book will unveil the powers of the law of attraction, explaining why it works and offering guidance on mastering it. My passion for sharing this knowledge will ensure that the book is comprehensive. My aim is to help you see and master every aspect of reality.

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