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Vision Board: What are They & How to Use Them (With Template)

vision board template

A vision board is a collage of images, phrases, and objects that you feel are important for the future you’re create for yourself. Before you create your dream lifestyle, you must know what exactly it is. By creating a clear and definite picture of the life you want, the vision board helps you stay focused on things you’re trying to manifest. It keeps reminding of of your goals when your sight pass it by. This article unveils the science of vision boards, how you can use them to change your life, and you’ll also get a vision board template for immediate use.

How a Vision Board Can Change Your Life

Here are some reasons why you should use a vision board to manifest your dream lifestyle.

  • It builds positive associations with the things you want. (more on that in a jiffy)
  • It works as a visual affirmation enabling you to picture your future.
  • It keeps you focused by continuously reminding you of what want.
  • It puts all of your desires in one place and helps manifest them all at once.

Moreover, you can use a vision board to associate positive emotions with specific goals. For example, if you have somewhat a negative or limiting belief around fitness/exercise, you can stick two pictures, one, that motivates you to lift heavy weights, and the other, of a fit person smiling and enjoying life with their friends/family etc. This kind of association creates symbolism in your mind whenever you look at the board.

An example of a vision board idea. The image of a person deadlifting stitched with the person happily sipping coffee and having positive social interactions.

This stitching together of different images can give you a whole new perspective on things. Of course, you can get creative and associate images in a way that help you manifest your dream lifestyle. Here’s another example: If you believe your work conditions are not exactly how you want them, stick an image that symbolises money coming to you, and beside it, stick another that shows a person working from home on a sofa with a cup of coffee on the table.

What to Include on a Vision Board

Start by including images and phrases that put you in a positive and desired mental state. This could include a picture of your dream car, fat bank account balance, testimonials, anything! Here’s how you should approach vision-board-building step by step:

  1. Describe the feeling you want to depict in the vision board, and create a rough sketch of the vision board.
  2. To do this, jot down the future you want to create and think how you’d feel when you’re living your dream.
  3. Use this feeling as an inspiration, and find/make pictures (using AI) that describe the feeling.
  4. If any image strikes a negative emotion or a limiting belief (low vibration) in you, add another picture beside it that shows the negatives in a positive light.

You should only put important stuff on the vision board especially things that help you feel good, and also make sure there’s no negative symbolism (anything that lowers your vibration) on the vision board.

You can attach quotes and phrases that strike that feel-good emotion in you. Here are some ideas how you can make this creative:

  • Use handwritten phrases
  • Beautify using digital font printouts.
  • Play with colors to control the contrast of different phrases.
  • Use cut out cloths and glitters to decorate the letters.
  • Try shiny paints and markers.
  • Use LED lights.

Pro tip: You don’t have to do much after creating a vision board. Just put it in a place where you can see it often, and the rest will happen by itself. Many people put effort into creating the board, as it symbolizes that they deeply care for the things they want, and therefore, make the vision board more effective.

How do Vision Boards Work?

A vision board is a well-defined depiction of your ideal future. When you put your attention on it, think about it, decorate it, clean it, maintain it, you only strengthen the purpose of the vision board in your subconscious mind.

It is now proven that we become what we think repetitively. As our thoughts become a habitual patterns (beliefs) in our minds, we identify ourselves with them. And this, in turn, determines what decisions and actions we take in the future.

However, consciously navigating our thoughts throughout the day isn’t easy, and there are so many outside forces influencing us. For instance, when someone talks about their amazing car, you want it too, and so, you keep thinking about it. You see someone, and a certain image of the person’s personality appears in your mind. All of these external influences deviate our energies from our vision. A vision board that always stays in sight, helps us stay focused, regardless of our environment.

Pro tip: We spend energy, not just through physical means, but even through our 5 senses (sight having the highest energy expenditure). So, if you want to increase the energy of your desire, you must raise it using Pranayama and stop it from receding by withdrawing from speaking, seeing and thinking too much. This practice is called pratyahara.

I’ve elaborated on this deeply in my book “Samyukti (free),” and I’ve also included the practices necessary to develop it in your mind. Take a look if you want to learn more.

How to Create a Vision Board for Manifestation?

Vision board creation can be an inspirational and engaging activity for everyone. But before you start, create the vision board for yourself and yourself alone. Don’t think about how others would perceive it. It’s absolutely okay to be silly!

Unless you’re uncomfortable hanging out pictures of phrases for everyone to see, make a physical vision board, not a digital one because digital vision boards often get lost in all the files and folders that you never open.

  1. If needed, take twice as much time planning your vision board as you would take making it.
  2. Make a list of the materials you need for the project.
  3. Start gathering images and phrases that resonate with your ideal future.
  4. Sort the materials and stick them to the board.
  5. Place the vision board somewhere where you’ll see it often.

Vision Board Templates

You can also use vision boards to energize your manifestation, as it helps focus your energies in one direction. Here are some vision boards you can use to tackle different areas of life.

Fill the vision board with words, phrases, picture that you want in your life. And if you’re going to write about something you want, write as though you already have it.

vision board template 1
vision board 1: Use it to tackle all areas of your life

If you have something specific you want to manifest, here are some vision boards that tackle unique areas of life.

yearly success vision board template 2
Yearly success planner vision board template (use it for general purposes, including money and health)

If your sole focus is on wellbeing, use the following vision board templates! it will create positive associations of health, food, exercise and wellbeing. If you want to shift your energies toward manifesting great health, use it!

Vision board template 3
Healthy and happy lifestyle

How to use these vision board templates?

When prepping the vision board for the first time, try to keep affirmations short (morning affirmations) and pictures simple to understand. So, avoid photos with too much detail and clutter. Try to be as minimal as possible.

Keep the vision board where you can see it often. For example, if you work at a 9 – 5 job, put the vision board in your office, or if you’re a house wife, stick it somewhere you spend most of your time. Learn how to self-hypnosis works to understand the science behind vision boards.

The actions you take now will determine the level and intensity of your manifestation. So, start putting up your vision board immediately to get maximum and quickest results. Don’t procrastinate!

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