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How to Manifest Friends into Your Life

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There’s no doubt that your company is more than just a social circle. It’s now a proven fact that people that are alike stick together and have similar social and financial status. If you’re feeling a certain way, it’s because of your company, which also includes your family, teachers, colleagues, everyone! This brings the need to manifest friends and great company into your life.

Manifesting friends, who align with what you want to become as a person, is an art. First, you have to know what kind of friends you want, and then, develop a mutual understanding with those personalities inside your mind. Here’s an easy step by step approach you can use.

Steps to Manifest Friends

#1. Define Your Circle

You just need a notebook/paper and a pen for this. Jot down the name of every character in your group. If you’re finding difficulty naming your characters, use this online random name generator. Once you’ve written the names of all the friends you’re going to have, define each one of their traits. Ensure that the traits you list are positive only.

#2. Do Some World Building For Each Character

Now, write a short paragraph on each one of your friends. It doesn’t have to be super deep and meaningful! Just write a few sentences about the person’s background, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. If you had a friend in the past, take them for inspiration, and think how you’d describe them if you’re still friends and talking.

Here, the main point is to write something about the person as a friend, and not as the author of a bestselling novel.

#3. Read the Document and Let it Go

Once you’ve read everything you’ve written, put it somewhere where you don’t usually look. Forget about it, and move on with your daily chores. Next day, you’ll start to randomly encounter people with similar traits you described on paper. If you do encounter someone with any one of the traits you wrote, take it as a sign that they’re going to be your friend.

Why You Should Only Manifest Good Friends?

The communication between a social circle doesn’t just happen through speech and body language. There’s a transaction between the very mental states and beliefs of the group. So, you don’t want to stick around a circle that doesn’t align with your goals, be it in career, mental state, or habitual patterns.

As I said before, manifesting good friends and building meaningful connections is an art. Your social circle molds your very personality. So, it’s best to choose what you want to become, by choosing who you surround yourself with.

How to Recognize Bad Influence?

Your emotions are your guidance mechanism. No matter how smart, cool, intelligent, wise, or open-minded a person may look, if you don’t feel good around them or you don’t feel good about yourself when they’re not around, it’s time to cut the ties or at least lower the communication for a while.

You can also get influenced by social media, browsing through random conversations, opinions, and videos. Look back and see what information from the world is causing you trouble, anxiety, and negativity, and remove them from your life.

Feel Good to Manifest High-Vibrational Friends.

Satsang, which means companionship of the truthful, for the truth’s sake, is the solution for all negativity in the world. All negative emotions and psychological patterns come from the outside world, and that which is the ultimate truth is devoid of all suffering and joy. However, people tend to feel lighter and happier when they lose all their worry and negative self talk.

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