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Fastest and Most Powerful Manifestation Techniques:

Why you should stop following different fastest manifestation techniques and do this instead...

Do you have the 777, 444, or 1000 Gbps fastest manifestation techniques in your arsenal?

Do you know what works and what doesn’t? When you practice those techniques and you manifest something into reality, you think to yourself “It works! The technique works!” But is that really true?

You and I know that these techniques only put a metric on how many times you should do your practice. They give you a definite action planner which you can follow to create your world, but what if I say that you don’t even need that. The technique didn’t work, you did!

But what if we skip all the unnecessary parts and hit the bull’s eye directly?

You and I know that these techniques are not fundamental to creation. Putting something set in stone that works for some people and doesn’t work for some, isn’t the right thing to do. So, let’s scrutinize the foundation of manifestation that saints like Swami Vivekananda, and Osho, had in their knowledge — And also, how you can use them DIRECTLY to create the world you want.

And this technique will certainly work for everyone who follows it.

How Manifestation Works?

How does manifestation work?

The basis for any reality is consciousness. Consciousness gives our reality shape, size, and volume. But this is not the consciousness we talk about in general casual talks. Consciousness is something that cannot be defined or even understood by the mind (not the brain) because it experientially comes before it.

A piece of cake cannot understand cake… A drop of water cannot engulf the ocean…


Since childhood, we have nurtured different perspectives about different things. These things collectively form a point in reality, which is popularly known as a “frequency”, or which can also be called your “concentration point”. These concentration points are gathered together up close — so close that they appear like they are one single circle.

Something like this…

Of course, not literally. This is an abstract way to portray how our attention creates our reality.

You keep your attention on this cluster indefinitely and believe that it is you and your current situation in the world. You go as far as believing that nothing outside this exists.

The Fastest Manifestation Techniques

manifest something quickly
Fastest manifestation technique.

So how do we change or transform these concentration points?

These concentration points (or beliefs) can be changed by external influence and internal persistent effort. Or you can change them instantly by knowing that they exist. For instance, I’ll tell you my story, I’ll tell you how I changed my concentration points (frequency).

Have you ever tried to find something you already held in your hand (like car keys, toys, or anything)?

Our attention gets so accustomed to holding the thing in our hand that we forget that we were holding it from the get-go. Similarly, I realized that I had a habit of talking to people in my head. So much so that I didn’t realize I was wasting 90% of my day!!! Thinking about how I’d talk to them… After realizing this, I had to become very aware of my own thoughts, so I don’t do it again. Whenever I realized that I got lost in my mental talk again, I’d bring myself back to knowing that I shouldn’t. (This is the nature of “concentration points”/Frequencies “YOU BECOME THEM WHEN YOU LOOK AT THEM!“)

Aware Breathing Technique:

The easiest way to withdraw your attention from all the concentration points is through aware breathing. Watch your breath 24/7 and slowly, you’ll realize “If you want to change or transform something, you have to just stop paying attention to it”.

You can practice controlled awareness (attention) and slowly withdraw your attention from all of the concentration points. You can also call it “emptying your cup“. It must be emptied before it is filled again. Once you get used to watching the empty cup, you’ll be able to shift your life instantaneously.

This can be used not just to manifest small little insignificant things, but also life-changing things because this is derived directly from truth.

Technique Mentioned By Swami Vivekananda:

This technique was mentioned through an anecdote, Swami Vivekananda himself told. I don’t remember exactly what he said. The technique is “Any thought that is seen before tapping into a state of deep concentration manifests into reality“.

The concentration Swami Vivekananda is talking about is not “being focused”. It is absolute concentration. Unfortunately, there are no right words for “Dhyana” and “Dharana” in English. When we talk about concentrating or staying focused on something, we’re usually depicting a state of Dharana.

Dhyana is a step ahead of Dharana. It comes when you’re so dissolved in the static picture of your mind that you go into an absolute halt in the present moment. To better explain this, you’re basically time traveling to the future.

I’ve mentioned more meditation techniques here. You can use them to tap into a state of deep concentration or dhyana. At the end of the day, all that matters is what works for you. So, choose and stick with one technique and master it.

Micromanaging Manifestation For Greater Efficiency

The universe is unbiased towards physical action when it comes to manifestation. Unbiased in the sense that it doesn’t care whether you move towards your goal through physical action or mental action.

Universe: If you really want it, go get it! It’s right there.

If you neglect to move because you want to manifest it, it won’t work. Remember, attraction cannot be without the word “Action”. The internet teaches you all the wrong things about manifestation. Some individuals are persuading others to believe in their spiritual jargon just for likes. A belief in anything is superstition. You’ve got to know it.

When you’re trying to manifest a cup of coffee, if you just sit in the corner and meditate upon coffee, God won’t come down and make it for you. When you KNOW you can get a cup of coffee, do you think about manifesting it? Sounds dumb, right? You just get up, boil some water, add some coffee powder to it, and voila!

That’s how manifestation works too. You get up and move towards what you want. And in the process of getting there, instead of visualizing it, you just know how you’re going to do it. Knowing is enough!


If you want to become famous, start uploading videos to youtube, make your own website or start posting videos on TikTok. Sitting and manifesting for years won’t do any good.

Author of “The Secret” Rhonda Byrne on Lewis Howes Podcast.
3 Advanced Manifestation Principles

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An important part of manifesting what you want is by being happy in the present moment. When you are happy, everything falls into place and you manifest things effortlessly.

Conclusion: The Fastest Manifestation Techniques

Everything depends on how you approach it. Scripting works, 777 technique works (because it uses the power of autosuggestion), everything works! But these manifestation techniques don’t work without you working. They are not fundamental to the law of attraction. In conclusion, a better approach to manifest what you want is through concentration. Become what you want to manifest.

There you have it! The fastest manifestation techniques that’ll change you life forever! Subscribe to the feel-good newsletter to attract things even faster!

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