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Everything you need to know about the 3 6 9 Method?

Why use 3 6 9 method?

I’ve applied the 3 6 9 method to attract more clients, book sales, and favorable situations. Sometimes, however, I, like every other human being, doubt about situations and events that sabotage my manifestation, which is why I rely on this method.

How does it work? In short, it basically gives you clear steps to change your beliefs in a day. So yes, it’s quite powerful. But, before we dive into this powerful technique, I’ll discuss a few points that’ll set you up for success with this technique.

Inspired action

Realize that we consume too much information – So much so that there is no room for inspired action, which is also the reason why so many people fail with this technique. 3 6 9 method is all about action and following through!

I was recently watching a year-old Lewis Howes podcast interviewing Rhonda Byrne, the author of the secret, where Lewis mentioned that by the year 2019, the secret has sold over 30 million copies!

This means 30 million people are aware of LOA yet only a few are actual millionaires. Why?

Because Inspired action is crucial for success.

It’s true that the more we know, the weaker our power to manifest gets – Because even a desire to know more comes from the scarcity mindset of not knowing enough.

Furthermore, there’s even a 10:90 rule that says “Give 10% of your attention to learning and 90% to applying. “.

“Inspired action” is the king. Getting to know about LOA and working through it sounds exciting. But applying it is a different ball game. You need to have a clear intention. In other words, you have to define what you want clearly.

Once you do this, you’ll naturally be compelled to take some kind of action. For the lazy ones, what I mean by this is, you won’t question whether it can be manifested without taking action. You’d choose action over laziness.

Put your intention on creation.

My second point is to keep your intention on creation, not on the law that governs creation. We have a tendency to dwell in excitement and do nothing. Yes, you can be excited about the law for months. However, over time, you’ll notice that your power of manifestation becomes weaker and weaker because you’ve made it the new low.

Ah, frick manifestation – Where’s my coffee”, sort of thing.

And one more, last but not least, don’t overcomplicate things. Manifestation becomes weaker as you dwell in thoughts of manifestation.

We often trap ourselves in the clutter with questions like,

  1. Did I manifest it right?
  2. Oh, but I didn’t feel my visualization.
  3. Should I visualize more or leave it be?
  4. Was my visualization good enough? If not, should I visualize it more? But the LOA guru said you should place the order once and let the universe deliver. Aw man! What if I visualize it now and cancel the delivery?

This is the monkey mind.

Usually, we find ourselves lost watching, scrolling, and skimming through all the available material thinking, “How to make it work?”, “Will it work for this”, “Will it work for that”, and so on. I bet the material over the internet can get you going for years! The bottom line is – you don’t have to know much to apply LOA. And this is what the 3 6 9 method is all about. It gives you definitive steps to shape your life.

Some Pitfalls to Avoid: My story…

Initially, I’ve had doubts like, “Is it really true?”, “Can I manifest anything I want?”, “Am I just wasting my time listening to a pseudo-scientific theory?”.

As time went by, however, I started to believe and manifest little things here and there to realize that it works, and in all honesty, it blew my mind. Unfortunately, this excitement trapped me into manifesting excitement for months. And now you see what I got myself into.

In the grand scheme of things, know that “Doubting” has saved our ancestors from scammers, and other life-threatening situations. Imagine making a robber comply with your demands through simply believing. Yes, there are some past incidents where it actually happened with a guy – I don’t remember his name – but you just can’t ignore a lingering doubt with a gun held to your head.

So first, accept that doubtfulness is natural and useful. Secondly – once you’ve done that – give yourself evidence from the past how doubts have manifested more things to doubt about. And if you follow this, your mind will begin to doubt its own doubtfulness which will, in turn, conceive faith.

In truth, faith is just an evolved version of doubtfulness. However, believing or “blind faith” is ignorance and can be destructive because it can only come from a preconceived doubt.

Only an idiot would want to manifest coffee powder if he already knew it was in the kitchen, right?

Having faith means KNOWING!

Why Choose the 3 6 9 Method?

Unlike other techniques, the 3 6 9 method gives you a call to action without the fluff, which means this is the last time you’ll hear an LOA expert’s sugar-coated Bullshit.

Take the “visualization and feel-good technique” for example. All things considered; it is precise but lacks clarity.

If I want to manifest money, I’d imagine 1 million USD in my hands. But then, what does it mean for me? If I did this, I’d most likely manifest it from the latest Monopoly board game — The fake cash… Because I don’t know why I want it.

The 3 6 9 Method

So, how exactly does the 3 6 9 manifestation method work? Does it have something to do with astrology? No. When we’re talking about astrology, we are involving the universe. But here, it’s not the universe, it is you. You are the pure soul that fills the cup to the brim, no matter how big or what shape the cup has. It is your power.

So, here are the steps to unleash the power of your soul and manifest what you want.

However, I’d like to give one more suggestion…

Can you spill the beans already?”.

Sorry, just one more. It is to never give your attention to negative thoughts because they’re not you. You are bliss.

A confirmation sign from the future who's reality has already shifted. 369
Create your future with the 3 6 9 manifestation technique

Step 1: Decide What You Want.

A guy who wants to manifest everything at once never manifests anything. And the one who is excited about manifesting things manifests more exciting thoughts. So, just focus your energies on a single thing at a time. And focus on applying LOA.

An interesting fact: Focusing on an affirmation for 17-seconds taps you into the flow state and makes you think progressive thoughts around that affirmation. This 17-second rule is stated by the LOA expert Abraham Hicks. Make your affirmation sentence 17-seconds long. Or make multiple affirmations that add up to reach the 17-seconds mark.

Take note of your desires and list out the limiting beliefs around that desire (on a different page). For instance, to manifest money, you ask: Do I really believe I can manifest it? Am I worthy? What am I going to lose if I manifest it? and so on.

You are writing them just so you can scrutinize and align your actions accordingly. Another thing to remember: To manifest something you want, you must align your thoughts, emotions, and action in a way that shows that you already have it.

Step 2: Affirm three times in the morning.

In the morning, right before you get off your bed, write down the affirmations 3 times, and saturate your mind with similar thoughts. Visualize that you’ve already gotten it. Express your gratitude to the universe or God.

For example, if you want to manifest $500 today, close your eyes and watch 5 notes of 100 dollars in your mind. Then imagine that they are yours. Align your thoughts like you already got them.

After you’ve written it 3 times, forget about it. Let go and let God. Don’t worry, you’ll get to practice again later in the afternoon.

Step 3: Affirm six times in the afternoon.

Keep your afternoon lunch as a cue for the 3 6 9 method. Pull out your journal/notepad and write down the same affirmations 6 times. Visualize and feel the money coming towards you. Follow the steps as mentioned previously.

I’d recommend doing this practice after your afternoon coffee or tea break. It’ll uplift you making the manifestation more powerful. After you finish writing, don’t forget to forget about it.

Step 4: Affirm nine times in the night.

Before going to bed, write down the affirmations 9 times and visualize as mentioned in the previous steps. You must go to sleep immediately after finishing, so plan accordingly. Don’t pull out your phone, turn on the TV for a late-night binge after the technique. Just write it down 9 times before you go to sleep, lie down and visualize it as you drift off.

Bottom line

369 Manifestation possible for anything?
Are there limits to what you can create? — Short Answer. No!

Manifesting a 6-figure business with this technique would probably take more than a day, since, for anything worthwhile, it takes time. And also, don’t think about it after completing all the steps.

Don’t make the manifestation greater than you. Do it like a game! It will naturally make the process effortless. Remember, the universe is effortless. Make sure that you affirm, visualize and feel as though you’ve got it. Don’t focus on shifting your frequencies throughout the day. “Effort” commands the universe to manifest more effort.

And now that you have all the steps, what are you going to do??? Apply it!

Make use of this technique to manifest what you want. Hope you liked this post on manifesting using the 3 6 9 method. You’ll also like other powerful techniques listed below. Have success in all manifestations! And don’t forget to feel good.

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