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Front cover manifest
Most Common First Choice!
Back cover manifest

[30 Minutes]
Learn the basics of the law of attraction & start manifesting.

front cover samyukti
Back cover samyukti

[2.5 Hours]
Explore the secret connecting link between Yoga & the law of attraction.

Front cover sptsn
Back cover sptsn

[3+ Hours]
Manifest anything as you read by exploring your subtle body.

Front cover tev
Back cover tev

[1.5+ Hour]
A way to realize your divine nature and be the beacon of divine light for others.


How do I learn more about what the book offers?

Hover your mouse over the books or tap on it if you’re using mobile/tablet.

How will I receive the eBook?

Your claimed eBook will appear in “your library” section immediately after you’ve claimed or purchased them here. To read offline, download the webpages using your browser.

Do you offer freebies?

Yes! The first two books “Manifest” & “Samyukti” are free, and the other two are super cheap because education should be accessible to everyone. Make the most of them.

Do I have to buy an audio version of the book separately?

No. The audiobook version comes along with the eBook. You’ll find the audio version of the book directly in the library section.

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