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Twin Flame vs Soul Mate: What’s the Difference & Who’s Better?

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Have you ever met a person you instantly connected with? It means that both of you are soulmates. People often confuse twin flame with their soulmate. They have distinct qualities that sets them apart. So, what are the key differences between a twin flame vs soulmate?

What is a Twin flame?

A twin flame is the other half of your soul. You might hate them or love them, depending on how you feel about yourself. To find whether someone is your twin flame, check their emotional patterns. You’ll find that their highs and lows happen at the same time as yours. And when they’re not feeling well, you’ll feel it too. This resonance is the key characteristic of a twin flame relationship.

What is a Soulmate?

However, a soulmate is exactly what it says, your soul’s mate. So, you can have more than one, unlike twin flame. Your soulmates are with you for many previous lifetimes. Your parents and friends belong to a soul group.

Signs You’ve Met Your soulmate

And within that soul group, the one who is closest to you can be your soulmate. Remember! A soulmate doesn’t necessarily have to be in love with you. It could be your buddy or someone who is open to all aspects of who you are. Think of them like a war buddy. So your long time best friend could be your soulmate.

Which is Better: Twin Flame VS Soulmate

While everyone can have their personal priorities, twin flame connections are not superior to soulmate connections as one may think. Both of these can play a major role in your life and they often do. Your twin flame can have a closer connection with you, but a soulmate can offer more because they complement your personality, unlike twin flames.

Signs You’ve Met Your Twin flame

Communicating with a twin flame is effortless. You can easily read them and they can read you without verbal communication. There’s a deep understanding of the soul between you two.

Key Differences Between Twin Flame & Soulmate

There is always a love-hate relationship between twin flames, but never between soulmates. Minor incidences may happen but they never last for soulmates.

Soulmates complement your personality because they know you deep down. On the other hand, a twin flame complements who you are. Twin flames are literally your other half, while soulmates can be your figurative other half.

You cannot leave your twin flame to themselves ever! Both of you are glued together, which means a twin flames are always a couple.

Twin FlamesSoulmates
Cannot live without each other (Co-dependent)Can live without one another (independent)
Have a Love-hate relationshipCan have minor love-hate relationship but mostly never
Self-contained if they’re a coupleCan be self-contained without your support
Have higher possibility for spiritual growthSlightly lower possibility for spiritual growth
Key differences between twin flames and soulmates. Twin flames vs Soulmates.

Does Everyone Have a Twin flame or Soulmate

Not everyone. People that are spiritually awakened may not have any soul mate or soul group. Because they are so spiritually awakened, they stay in a higher celestial plane than ordinary people.

Is There Such a Thing as Evil Twin

Yes, you can have an evil twin, but that’s quite rare. For a soul to divide itself into positive and negative attributes, it is completely possible, but unlikely because the soul division happens out of compulsion that comes from a deep desire to not be lonely. And you wouldn’t want an evil company.

Can a Twin Flame be Your Soulmate?

Yes! A twin flame who is also your soulmate is called a “twin soul”. This happens when you’re glued to your twin flame, but there’s no friction and ups and downs in your relationship. This happens when the soul is matured and has come to terms with what it is.

You can learn more about the types of twin flames here.

Conclusion: In the End Both Twins Flames and Soulmates Make You Feel Loved

Regardless of what anyone says, twin flames and soulmates were made for a reason beyond our primitive understanding. There is no battle between who is superior and twin flame vs soulmate is obsolete when you can have both.

That’s it for this post. Comment on what you think below, and share your experience with us. Thank you for reading through, and have a great day.

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