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15 Signs Someone is Manifesting You Relentlessly

Signs a person is manifesting you.

Have you ever had an odd deja vu feeling out of the blue? Our minds and souls are intertwined at a celestial level, and we’re all communicating with one another at various planes of consciousness. So, is it possible to know if someone is manifesting you relentlessly?

From Vedic perspective, you can not only know whether someone is manifesting you, you can even learn who they are, what they want, their past, present, and future. However, for the scope of this article, we’ll only share 15 signs someone is manifesting you relentlessly!

#1. You See Them in Your Dreams

Dreams happen at the astral plane where subtle thoughts and emotions reside. If someone is manifesting you, you’ll often see them in your dreams, and it will often happen when you least expect them.

Subtle intentions float around us in the form on energy (also known as ghosts). If you’ve practiced yoga and increased your sensitivity to these subtle manifestations, you can feel them.

I made an informational video on astral travel a long time ago. Listen to it if you’re curious! (The text-to-speech is old though.)

Ultimate Guide to Astral Projection

#2. They Feel Super Familiar

Another sign for when someone is manifesting you is, the person will appear super familiar to you. If you talk to them, you’ll notice that both of you chat in a nonchalant way. Because manifestation happens when you’re less obsessed and needy, they’ll appear a tad distant. And this may make them look more attractive to you.

#3. You Stumble Upon One Another Unsettlingly Often

You may or may not notice, but you’ll pass by each other often. Many of us have not perfected our manifestation practice, so we’re often unaware of opportunities that slide past our eyes. If you become hyper aware of your surrounding, you’ll start to see patterns associated with them.

#4. You Love to See Them Around

If you’re being manifested from a higher frequency, you feel excitement, joy and enthusiasm! The surge of emotion would be similar to that of love, and you’ll know it.

In contrast, if someone is coming from a needy, low vibration. You’ll definitely feel exhilarated but the emotion will soon be followed by a sense of bondage, dullness and negative emotions. If you feel this, you’re an empath, and you must step away from bonding with such person, otherwise you’ll sabotage you energy and create codependency.

#5. You Resonate With Them

If you notice that you’re manifesting a person (naturally), you feel positive and excited, and the LOA associated fear and anxiety are not bothering you, then 100% they are manifesting you!

When someone visualizes you, they are actually building a connection with your universal image (in the collective consciousness). So, often, you’ll notice them appear in your imagination randomly — in flashes. These flashes or glimpses are a sign of land and must be used constructively.

#6. You Notice an Abrupt Change in Your Daily Habits

Since the universe is aligning you for them and them for you, you may notice subtle changes in your behavior. It is beneficial to associate yourself with positive company, always. Our social circle determine who and how we are, so always choose friends wisely.

#7. You’ll Notice Lack of Appetite

Yes! A loss of appetite is one of the signs that someone is manifesting you. In fact, whenever someone has their attention on you, you don’t feel hungry.

Our eating habits and awareness are intertwined with many other aspects of life. Even in yoga, certain foods are avoided because they confine our awareness. When your awareness has found fuller expression (higher vibration), you naturally withdraw yourself from things that create lethargy in your body.

There is a vast and elaborate science on how foods affect our subtle body (aka, the mind), which has been mentioned in the rig veda.

#8. They’re Always on Your Mind

If your mind is restlessly obsessed with thinking about a specific person, it is likely that the opposite is true as well. This synchronicity commonly happens between lovebirds

Do you know many people quit being in a relationship out of the same tiredness? When someone is so obsessed with the other that they’re not able to even perform simple mental activities, they feel stuck and, sometimes, subconsciously try to create conflicts.

#9. You Notice Weird Synchronicities Around Them

You’re thinking about the chapter of your favorite manga, and the next thing you notice is that the specific person is talking to his/her friends about the same manga. These thought synchronicities are magical devices, made for bringing two close to each other.

#10. You Feel Good Around Them

It feels better to be around a person who appreciates your presence, even subconsciously. There’s a scent of energy you catch off subconsciously when people want you to be around. While many ignore this feeling, it’s something innate to human qualities. While this could be one of the signs someone is manifesting you, it could also mean that your energies are invited in the space by others.

#11. You See Repeating Numbers

When you see repeating numbers, it’s a positive confirmation from your subconscious that your feelings hold more substance than you believe they do. Many claim that the repeating numbers are shown to you by angels, which isn’t exactly the case, but it doesn’t matter! The message is more important than the one who communicated the message, and repeating numbers is one of the signs that someone might be manifesting you. However, this isn’t always the case with repeating numbers.

#12. They Strike Conversations Out of Blue

When a person reaches out to you in creative ways, it’s likely that they’re trying to manifest you. It’s a clear sign from the universe for you to look into the situation more deeply because they’re manifesting you.

#13. You Hear Their Name Often

You’re walk in to places and you notice people taking their names, talking about them, or saying anything that’s related to them. This is likely because of a mutual synchronicity, and is likely that they’re experiencing the same things about you. This is one of the signs that they’re manifesting you.

#14. You Already Know When They’ll Reach Out

You get the feeling even before they physically see you. The connection between two people with mutual emotional states toward one another often happen to notice this. This can even happen between close friends but not very often.

#15. They Glow Up When You’re Around

It is natural that their frequency shoots up when you’re around, but many people find difficulty noticing this because they themselves are in a low vibrational state. If a person appears more active and jolly when they know you are around, it’s a clear sign they are manifesting you.

Remember that staying in high vibration is key to manifesting anything and anyone effortlessly. You have to feel as if miracles happen around you all day! You can learn everything about raising your vibrations to the maximum in this ebook: The Effortless Vibration

Can You Stop Someone From Manifesting You?

Definitely! If you don’t want to manifest a specific person into your life, it will naturally not happen, and they’ll manifest someone else. So, you don’t really have to do anything about it. One thing to keep in mind is, they are not trying to manipulate you, and that you are 100% in control of your life.

That’s it for this post! So, these were 15 signs someone is manifesting you. Comment below if you’ve noticed a sign that has not been mentioned here. Hope you have a great day! Here are some more posts that you’ll enjoy reading!

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