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How to manifest someone to text you in 7 minutes?

manifest someone to text you.

Manifest someone to text you

Whether you are shying out to text someone first, or just curious and want to test the law of attraction, I’ve got you! In this post, you’ll discover a technique to manifest someone to text you in 7 minutes.

I’ve personally used this technique to play around with the law of attraction and manifest people to text me for no reason. Because I didn’t care, I manifested texts within 5 to 10 minutes. In fact, I’ve even manifested texts from people whom I don’t talk with often.

You can manifest a text from anyone, given you are coming from an abundance mindset and you are well established within yourself.

All manifestations happen effortlessly, when you see it as a game! Also, you can even use this technique to talk with someone telepathically! Sounds crazy right? Here’s the technique!

Step 1: Visualize them Sitting next to you.

I’ve written a post earlier on: How to Visualize Like Albert Einstein: Follow Along, where I outlined that you must engage all your senses when visualizing.

You can see, feel, hear and smell their presence. Sounds creepy right? All you have to do is, close your eyes and see them so clearly that you feel as though they are actually right next to you.

Additionally, you can give them as much detail as possible. Ask yourself questions like, what they wearing, the color, texture, fabric of their clothing, and so on.

Step 2: Move your attention between their eyebrows.

In the yogic sciences, there is something called Chitta. It can also be termed your Ajna chakra (click to learn more about it).

When you look at someone’s forehead, you directly connect with their Chitta. In fact, it is the place that connects all of us as a collective consciousness. You may even try this out with someone. Try and look at a stranger’s Chitta and concentrate there, and they’ll turn and look back at you within a few seconds.

The only times when they might not look is when they’re actively trying to avoid eye contact.

Step 3: Ask them to text you.

The moment you’re able to see them clearly and feel as though they are actually sitting next to you. Give suggestions to their Chitta and ask them to text you. Do this repetitively and feel as though you are actually telling them to text you. If possible, try and feel as though you are speaking to their very being.

Step 4: Forget about it.

This is where your intentions matter a lot. If you are desperate to talk to someone, it might not happen. In fact, if you notice doubts erupt when visualizing, it means your intention is not clear. Clear, not in the sense that it is morally right or wrong — You just don’t know whether you really want it or not.

The Bottom Line…

Before manifesting someone to text you, first introspects and find your why.

Ask yourself, Why do I want it, what if I get what I want and what if I don’t get it? Once made clear, you’ll be able to choose one thing and release any lingering doubts.

When manifesting, also focus on staying in a positive mood. It’ll naturally bring higher vibrations toward you.

Well, that’s it for this post. Hope you like the information presented here. If you did, share and subscribe to the newsletter. Thank you for reading the post on how to manifest someone to text you.

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