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5 Steps To Manifest Someone to Be Obsessed With You?

how to manifest someone to be obsessed with you?
How to manifest someone to be obsessed with you? Anyone…

The Secret to Making People Obsessed With You

Have you ever wanted to manifest someone (a specific person or SP) into your life? How to tell whether they belong to you or not? Lower vibrations will stop you from manifesting that person. So, first and foremost, you must stay positive and detached from them. Let go of the scarcity mindset and don’t think the whole world is taken. This section discusses different ways to manifest someone to be obsessed with you.

You can use the law of attraction to manifest any type of relationship with someone. To do this, you have to clearly define what kind of relationship you want to have with your SP (specific person).

How would I know I’m ready to approach (or talk) to my SP?

You don’t have to worry or think about that. What’s more important is, you must feel comfortable, confident, expressive, and GOOD around them — because that’s how you’ll feel when they’re obsessed (in love) with you. So, your visualization or manifestation practice should be directed toward having that emotional state.

But first, How do you know if they’re the right person for YOU?

Your desire is a confirmation, and even if things may not seem so, it is because you’re creating resistance around your manifestation by not letting it go.

However, sometimes we tend to disregard certain traits, qualities and behavior in our SPs that become problematic later in the relationship. For instance, the person you’re trying to attract might be allergic to cats, or they’re pessimistic or a narcissist. It could be anything!

So, just keep that in mind. The person you want so badly today might mean nothing to you tomorrow. Maybe, maybe not! You be the better judge.

Why People Fail to Manifest Someone Being Obsessed With Them?

Do you agree that the universe is always on your side? I know that many people cannot. They become desperate and co-dependent. “I can’t live without them. I want to die.” No! You cannot live without oxygen, but you can live without a person. And because you don’t have scarcity thoughts around oxygen, you have it in abundance.

A scarcity mindset is the mother of all blockages. It makes your resistance stronger than the desire. And when you’re coming from this mindset, you’re basically saying: I want to feel more depressed, more lonely, and more in lack.

In simple words, to manifest someone’s obsession, you must have a desire to have them obsessed with you, and not a desire of wanting to manifest them (Which is what you’re currently doing? – Most likely??). Do you see the difference?

Did you Know?

If you don’t know the real personality of the person, the universe will fill the gap by bringing up people who have similar personality to what you visualized. And surprisingly, they’ll look quite similar to the person you’re actually after.

5 Simple Steps to Manifest Someone to be obsessed with you!

You’ve got to know who or how the person is. You must know either of the following traits to manifest them into your life:

  1. A vivid memory of how they look physically.
  2. Their personality and body language.

And if you know occult, – It’s funny, don’t judge me for this – you need something that belongs to them, like a hair strand. If you feel like you have to go that far, here’s a link – The right approach to releasing codependency and becoming whole.

Step 1: Know Who They Are

Observe their personality, friend circle, and other subtle things, and be genuinely interested. Don’t come off as a creep, though. The details will aid you, so it’ll be great if you friend them first, although, it’s not necessary. In fact, why do you think LOA experts say, “Book a test drive, live in the sample flat, feel as though it’s yours”? Activity (Karma) aligns your energies. So, imagine what kind of life you’re going to have when they’re in your life. Take that as a target to calibrate your effort.

With the intention in your mind focus on yourself (your mind and thoughts), and you’ll notice the change. People will be drawn toward you naturally.

Here are some steps you can take to align your energies:

  1. Become less of who you are through concentration.
  2. Then visualize them sitting in front of you.
  3. Visualize and engage your senses until you believe that they are actually present.
  4. Concentrate on them.

A clear mental image help the universe recognize what to manifest.

Step 2: Know why you want them (Be clear and definitive)

When you’ve decided what you want – When you have no way to retreat, it will happen because you or the universe has no other way to go. However, defining your ‘why’ is important to make this decision.

Okay! For instance, we don’t buy a smartphone because it has 100 features. We only buy one because we see what those 100 features can do for us. And then, we manifest it!

You might be saying, “Ah! Manifesting a phone with money is a different matter.” – But actually, it’s not! It’s working on the same principle: The law of attraction! Don’t you think it’s funny when we put different standards for different desires? Something can be manifested; something can be bought. NO! Anything can be manifested; with or without money.

Everything is functioning through the law of attraction. Only the expression of things change.

Step 3: Visualize, write and feel as though they are already obsessed with you (In mind)

Now, see them already as yours! Watch how their personality will interact with yours when they are obsessed with you. Choreograph your own mental scenarios. Do everything in your power to feel their presence in your mind. Now’s the time to match the frequency you want to manifest.

You can start by creating an entire schedule of the day with them. It is easy to do. Just write it down! Jotting down is a great way to engage the mind into storytelling. It will naturally put you under deep concentration.

Step 4: Embrace your limiting beliefs and Have Faith

Surrendering is an art of a devotee. You can be an admirer of a God, Deity, person, or even an imaginary being. Everything you imagine is a reflection of the universe. When you believe in something, you let go of things effortlessly. I’ve explained it in my book “The Secret Path To Supernatural“.

When you learn to have faith in something, your powers to manifest skyrockets, and everything comes to you quickly. Even spiritual growth.

And if you feel that you aren’t able to develop faith, take some action. Invest in yourself! Action is another form of karma that takes you toward manifesting your desire. Yes, thoughts manifest, but faith is developed through action — because when you act, you empower you faith to achieve what you want (otherwise, you wouldn’t take any action).

Moreover, you can also use scientifically proven methods like autosuggestion or self-hypnosis.

Step 5: Let go!

Now that you’ve already manifested them, you don’t need to do anything about it. It has already happened so forget it.

Do you know, the only thing that stops manifestation from happening is our clinginess toward it? At least, that’s the case among the people I’ve met. Clinginess is natural when there is fear, anxiety, and a lack of belief. You can create anything if your thought process is simple. If you feel scared of it ‘not happening’, be okay with not being able to manifest them.

When you’re getting up to make yourself some hot brew, do you think whether it’ll manifest or not? Sounds absurd right? Don’t create a distinction between things that are supposed to be manifested and the things that you can easily get. Notice your behavior when leaving for work.

Did you manifest the bus? YES!

Did you manifest a specific seat? Yes, you did!

5 Tips to Hasten The Manifestation

1. Talk to them as though they’re already yours.

Now this is tricky. It is imperative that you are subtle and that you actually believe in what you preach. If you’re too hasty with this, you’re going to come off as awkward or repulsive. If you cannot be subtle, you can rather regulate your emotions to ‘feeling’ as though they are yours ‘when you talk to them’.

2. Be Distant and Cool

Don’t put desperate efforts into having someone obsessed… And that’s for obvious reasons: You don’t want to be in a needy vibration. Need or desperation portrays lack and low vibration. If you want to establish a high-value image amongst the one you want manifested, then you must stay cool and distant with them.

3. Stay Happy

Being in a higher vibration naturally draws people toward you. If you’re jolly and filled with bright energy of joy and true happiness, you’d notice, not only that people are attracted to you, but also that they want to have real, genuine conversations with you.

4. Be Independent of What ‘they’ Think

Feeling and behaving like a victim may get you sympathy, but nothing more than that. When you don’t care what others think, you do feel independent and it displays in your behavior. When you’re not bound by the shackles that others struggle with, you naturally become attractive and strong.

5. Most important of all: Be Authentic

Among most teenagers, the popular ones copy their favorite idols and stars. Don’t do that unless you want to remain a beta version of someone else. Introspect and find yourself. Develop interest toward knowing yourself and others. And there’s also a saying that goes like this: If you want to be ‘the most interesting person’ in the room, then you’ve got to be ‘the most interested person’ as well.

Additional Techniques You Can Use to Manifest Someone

#1. Use The 3-6-9 Method

The 3-6-9 method is popular because it has worked for most people. It’s simple. You need to affirm religiously 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times in the night.

#2. Create a Vision Board

A vision board is a physical manifestation of your desire. Every time you’ll see it, your desire and energies will align themselves in that direction. Here’s a complete guide and vision board template you can use.

#3. Positive Affirmations

At the end of the day, everything you attract in your life comes to you via affirmations. The only thing is whether you’re letting the external environment create affirmations for you, or you’re deliberately creating your future. You can practice affirmations and learn more about them here: A complete guide to affirmation with examples.

Things to Keep in Mind

You’ll only get what you think about throughout the day. The law is as simple as that. Forget about manifesting and focus on being happy now!

Also, if you want manifest living with someone then consider the following:

  1. Do you leave space beside yourself when you go to bed?
  2. Do you have a single cup or two cups at home?

Make your surroundings cohesive with what you’re manifesting. Keep an extra toothbrush and more food at home. Close your eyes and describe how their presence feels. Engage all of your senses for a boost. Watch how amazing it feels!

Create vacuum!

Remember to keep your mind open and receptive to your beliefs. If you think you manifested the wrong person, don’t stop there. Believe that the “wrong person” will lead you towards the real one. That’s why I say, just forget about it as if it didn’t even happen.


  1. Know who you want.
  2. Make a decision, don’t switch it daily.
  3. Visualize the end result (You can write it down too)
  4. Develop faith through autosuggestion or simply surrender.
  5. Let go and let God (forget about it)

If you follow these as it is, you’ll manifest them undoubtedly. But always remember, when you manifest something from a negative feeling or intention (negative in the sense, from a lower vibration) you’ll just attract lower vibration towards yourself.

This is why before manifesting anything you want, know why you want it and also see how you feel. Ask yourself, what do I really want from this, and be genuine to yourself. If you are coming from a positive mindset and intention, your intention will be 50 times more powerful than those that come from negative emotions and emotions of lack.

That’s it for this post. If you liked it share and comment below and tell me which phrase you liked the most, or which part of the blog you didn’t like. your feedback matters a lot. Thank you for reading the post on “How to manifest someone to be obsessed with you”. Hope you manifest a great fruitful life ahead.

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