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What’s the Raven Method?

Having recently gained popularity on TikTok, the raven method is a shifting technique inspired from the ancient shamans, who used to shape shift, or transfer their consciousness, into ravens. They probably used this technique to examine weather conditions, avoid potential calamities, surveil areas, etc. However, I’m not 100% certain if that’s exactly why used it.

In India, it is believed that many tantrics (people similar to shamans) still perform rituals to move their souls into different bodies, including even the human corpses. Some may do this to avoid dying from old age, as it makes them go through the whole process of being born again, growing up, and gaining back their lost knowledge. While this might seem like a desperate measure to avoid death from our viewpoint, it is a reality for them, and they’re living it.

The Raven Method Specifics

The raven method is a reality shifting technique, which is used to transcend the physical constriction and travel to different realities during sleep. While many believe them to be purely made-up dreams, the shifting community accepts that every dream is an alternate reality, and also that conscious reality shifting is possible once mastered.

This technique involves lying flat on your back with your arms and legs stretched out. When your entire body is relaxed and not being touched, it becomes easier to lose awareness of your physical body. This allows you to gently sift through your body and transition into the astral realm, where you can travel to any destination you desire.

5 Steps to Activate the Raven Technique

#1. Create a Minimal Space

Ideally, you must have a room with as little point of interest as possible, so when you visualize your attention is solely concentrated on your visualization than outside. Either way, you’ll need to close your eyes to visualize, but having your environment set up and clean will help clean the clutter of your mind.

Whatever you do outside, also happens inside!

#2. Write Down Your Shifting Script

Jot down where you want to go and clearly define what you want to do there. Writing something down crystallizes it. When writing, try to add as much detail as possible. So, you can include describing the spawn point (how it looks and feels through all five senses), what you want to do in the alternate reality, where you want it to end, etc.

#3. Meditate & Concentrate on Your Intention to Go There

Close your eyes, visualize your notes, and keep the basic picture in your imagination. This exercise will focus your energies and create a tunnel for you. You can meditate for 5 to 10 minutes and then move to the next exercise.

#4. Lie Down in a Starfish Position

Lie down with your arms and legs spread wide, but not too wide. Ensure that you’re relaxed and you wouldn’t feel tension in the body after some time. While laying down for 5+ minutes, your body will slowly start to feel numb. At this point, you’ll begin moving toward the astral realm, where you can manifest any other world just by thinking about it.

#5. Visualize the Spawn Point & Area Around You

So, in the beginning it’ll feel like you’re deliberately thinking about the different reality, but trust the process. Slowly as you begin to drift off, your connection with the alternate reality will begin to strengthen. As it does, make sure that you’re engaging all 5 senses into the world. Try to smell the flowers, feel the texture of the walls by touching them, taste the red juicy apples, and so on.

Reality Shift, Successful!

At this point, you’d have shifted to your desired reality using the Raven method. Once you’ve done that, you can do whatever you want but in the beginning you’ll find difficulty staying there for too long, as initial connections aren’t complete.

Reality shifting is amazing from a recreational standpoint, but don’t get too emotionally involved with the alternate reality. Find forums and communities where you can share your experiences and stay in touch with people of this reality. Sharing your experience with others will help you understand even deeper levels of realities and how to access them. You can join our facebook group to discuss your experiences with us! Manifestation Masters – Shukun!

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