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Can Human Beings Manifest Instantly?

Yes! It’s possible to manifest instantly, and on the magnitude you can’t imagine right now! We’ve heard of people who have done it or had the power to do it on an incredible scale. This article covers some of the popular eastern stories that’ll engage you and reinforce your faith in the law of attraction.

If they can show such feats just with the power of their minds, you can 100% manifest little things like winning lotteries, SP, and a perfect body.

Milarepa’s Miraculous Manifestation Powers

From the ancient Bharat of the 1050s, this is a story of an infamous killer from Tibet named Milarepa. He went to what’s currently known as India, to seek the ultimate truth.

In the early phase of his resentful life, Milarepa sought revenge on his uncle who forcefully took over his family heritage after his father, and turned him, his sister and mother into slaves, and later tortured his mother and sister to death.

Milarepa was the kind of person who went as far as learning sorcery (or occult), which takes years of heartbreaking practice to master, just to fulfil his revenge against his uncle. He later used occult he learnt to manifest a hail storm on the wedding day of his cousin (uncle’s son), killing 80 to 85 people including his uncle and aunt.

After avenging his dead family and not finding solace from it, he grew resentful and tended toward ultimate self-realization and liberation.

Many yogis and gurus say, Milarepa was one guy who could turn a whole mountain into gold. That was the power of his Sankalpa (or chitt-shakti). From a yogic science perspective, his siddhi came from a dakini, who’s one of the seven types of tantric astral entities. They are powerful enough to create physical changes and manifestations in the real world.

How Does This Work?

In my book, the secret path to supernatural, I’ve talked about how you can create your own deity or astral entity (disguised by the name “imaginary beings”) with the exact shape, appearance and qualities you want. It’s valuable because the moment you establish your imaginary being in the astral realm or manifest it, you can use its supernatural qualities for your benefits. And if you’re able to enlighten that being, its qualities become the quality of the reality we live in. Yes. It sounds absurd, but if you look at the universe from the law of attraction perspective, you can see why it’s true. You can find enough evidence if you learn more about Indian deities and find the lost tantric history behind their creation.

Ramkrishna Paramhamsa & The Physical Manifestation of Goddess Kali

This is a story of another realized being named Ramkrishna Paramhamsa, born in Kamarpukur – West Bengal, India, in the 1830s. He manifested goddess Kali, so we can likely say that he attained to one of the 10 Maha-Vidhyas (great teachings), as Kali is the first one to be approached.

He used to manifest goddess Kali in physical form, put flower garland on her, and feed her. The astonishing part is, goddess Kali used to actually come to him. Whenever she came, Ramkrishna went into extreme levels of ecstasy.

The difference here is, goddess Kali is an already manifested form. So, Ramkrishna didn’t have to manifest her. He only had to attain her blessings.

Can Humans of This Era Manifest Just as Powerfully & Instantly?

We don’t see humans of this time manifest things into existence instantly or bring something into existence out of thin air. In our opinion, we no longer possess the vitality and life force of the ancient human beings. There may be several reasons why this is so. One reason could be an explosion in population, another can be the degradation of soil, and therefore, food too. There are many other small factor that can affect the karmic existence on earth, leading to weakening of mental, spiritual and physical powers of human beings.

Our lifestyle is not like that of the ancient humans. As for us, survival and danger are no longer the issue, and so, we’re not continuously spending and growing our energies in any way. Only a few of us go under intense sadhana to attain to some level. Rest of us have kept our energies dormant because we don’t need them anymore β€” not to survive and become more. The federal law and technology takes care of everything for us.

Everything is Changing β€” Besides That One Thing

In the Hindu and almost every other religious pantheons, you must have heard of rakshasas/demons and asuras (a stronger variant of demons) that took birth on earth. Humans of those times could become even more competent than deities and devas through sadhana β€” Like Ravana or the Sapta-Rishis. Today, those souls (including demons) cannot take birth on earth, as the human bodies produced on earth can no longer hold that level of consciousness.

Fundamentally, there’s a reason why this is happening and must happen. The nature of space (shiva) is changing, but very slowly. The physical aspects of creation, like gravity and the fundamental forces, can take a billion-billion years for us to even notice change. However, the metaphysical quality (Astral plane) of space or akasha appears to change much more rapidly than its physical counterpart β€” because it is subtler, and therefore, much more sensitive or maleable. Here’s a great analogy. If the astral realm is the second hand on a clock, the physical reality would be the hour hand.

The astral realm determines everything happening on the mental level, and so leading to different yugas as mentioned in the Rigveda.

The ability to manifest things hasn’t gone down, but the commitment and decision-making power has, certainly. It’s more like, you can very much become as powerful as a deity, but you will not because there’s no such strong tendency to move in that direction in humans anymore.

That’s it for this one! Hope you enjoy reading what I put out! Thank you for supporting my work. Here’s some more articles you can read.

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