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How to Reality Shift to Hogwarts?

Many shifters have set up their sleep routines in such a way, they’re able to shift to any reality they desire. This has led many others to speculate whether they could shift to Hogwarts, too. Yes! You can consciously reality shift to Hogwarts, and it’s easy to do.

Hogwarts is a fictional school of witchcraft and wizardry from the popular Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Many reality shifters love that place because it offers adventure, beautiful sights, and, of course, MAGIC!

Now, you might be wondering how one can shift to such a place? Apparently, one is able to shift to Hogwarts not directly through the physical reality, but astral, which is also the dream reality.

This article will share 5 shifting methods, namely the Alice in wonderland method, elevator method, the pillow technique, the Raven technique, and the mirror method, that’ll shift your consciousness to Hogwarts. Most people have found success with the mirror method, but different methods work for different people so it’s best to try out all 3 and see which one works the best for you.

How to Prepare a Hogwarts Shifting Script?

A script will help set the energies right and allow you to crystallize pre-planned actions or activities you’ll do there. Regardless of the method you choose, it is imperative to use a script. A good script will also help you visualize/meditate/dream more vividly, as through a script you can give the world and scenes as much detail as they deserve.

Scripting works best when done before sleep. These points will help you prepare a perfect script:

  • Start by describing your spawn points. A spawn point is a place that’ll be a teleportation booth through which you can move from this world to Hogwarts.
  • When describing the spawn point, give it as much detail as possible. Describe what you see, the temperature you feel, the texture of the walls you touch, and what do you smell.
  • The spawn point is the most important part of reality shifting, as it’ll determine how strong a connection you have with that world, Hogwarts.
  • Prepare a goals list using bullet points and jot down what you’re going to do there. If you’re new to reality shifting, try keeping your goal list to not more than 3 points long. And write something that you can remember.
  • Keep the goal points concise and definite. You can decide the outcome of the goals you want to accomplish at Hogwarts.
  • At the end, write you return to the spawn point so you can come back to this reality. Here, you can describe your travel path, the people you see around, how you choose to get to the spawn point, etc.

It completely normal to have a weak connection at first, but remember that the more times you use the teleportation point (spawn), the stronger your connection with that reality gets. By the 5th time, the connection will be strong enough that you would feel Hogwarts as real as this reality. The mirror method leverages this method.

The Mirror Reality Shifting Technique

This technique has a predefined spawn point so you don’t need to get creative with it. Here, you imagine yourself sitting or standing in front of a mirror. When you look around, you notice a source of light above you which is enlightening the mirror and you. The mirror has an elegant wooden frame.

In the first step, don’t focus much on creating the surrounding. Just know that you’re in an enclosed cozy closet and a mirror in front. Look at yourself in the mirror and notice your defining features. In 10 – 15 minutes, you’ll find yourself totally engrossed in the alternate reality, and you’d be ready to explore your spawn point.

Once you’re fully engrossed, look around yourself and examine the closet. For best results, use all five senses one by one. Move out of the closet and you’ll find yourself at the place in Hogwarts where you’d have to accomplish your first goal. Always remember to go back to the closet (spawn point) when leaving Hogwarts!

The Pillow Method For Reality Shifting

To learn how to use “The Pillow Method” and how it works use this link: Pillow Method For Manifestation (Full Guide). This technique is convenient, as you don’t have to go through several steps. You just need an artifact that reminds you of Hogwarts, keep it under your pillow, and go to sleep. The artifact can be a magic wand you bought, Harry potter novel, or anything, as long as it has something to do with Hogwarts or Harry potter.

Remember, as you drift off, you must be somehow touching the artifact. This will help you subconscious mind link your dream with Hogwarts. Repeat this process every time to go to sleep or take a nap, as it’ll strengthen your connection with the alternate reality.

Of course, you can use this technique along with others to increase your success rate. You can keep an artifact under your pillow and follow the mirror technique to reality shift to Hogwarts.

The Raven Method of Hogwarts Shifting

To learn the science and history of this technique, follow this link: What’s the Raven Method? In short, in this technique you lie down in a starfish position, fully relaxed and undisturbed. Slowly, move your awareness from bottom to top, contracting every muscle of your body starting from the feet. This will further relax your body and move you into a trans state.

Again, you can use this technique along with the mirror and pillow technique, but this one will put you to sleep fast. The moment you’ll move into the REM (rapid eye movement – dream) state, you’ll be transported to Hogwarts. To follow this technique, scripting is a must!

The Alice in wonderland Method

This technique is quite popular and follows a simple trope. First, you meditate and then lie down on your back. Then you imagine yourself sitting under the tree until someone from your desired reality walks past you. When you see them, you must follow them until you fall down the rabbit hole.

This technique is quite effective for people who know the story of Alice.

The Elevator Method for Hogwarts Shifting

In this technique, the spawn point is mobile. You’re inside an elevator which is going up and up, raising your energies. The moment your energy is high enough for shifting, the doors open and you’re transported to Hogwarts.

This technique is highly effective for people who feel drowsy in boring environments. Remember, the 1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep, technique popularly used for sleeping? It’s just like that. For this technique to work, you need to write a script and describe the elevator as your spawn point.

Scripting Idea (example)

You can use this as your script. It’s highly visual, but you don’t have to describe the environment is this much detail.

The elevator's walls are adorned with sleek, brushed-metal panels, giving it a contemporary and sophisticated appearance. On one side, a series of buttons is neatly arranged in a vertical column, each floor number marked in crisp, illuminated digits. The buttons glow softly, inviting you to make your selection.

To the left of the buttons, there's a slender, brushed-metal handrail that spans the height of the elevator, offering stability and support during the ride. The handrail's surface is cool to the touch, its smooth texture providing a reassuring grip.

The floor beneath your feet is covered in a plush, dark-colored carpet, with a subtle pattern that complements the overall modern aesthetic. As you step on it, you feel the comforting cushioning beneath your shoes, reducing the sensation of movement during the elevator's ascent or descent.

The gentle hum of the elevator's machinery fills the air, accompanied by a soft, almost melodic chime that signals each floor's arrival. The motion is smooth, and you hardly notice any jolts or jerks, making the ride feel effortless and pleasant.

As you look up, you see a sleek, backlit display panel above the doors, indicating the current floor and any announcements or messages. The display blends seamlessly with the overall design, its soft glow serving as a subtle reminder of the elevator's technological sophistication.

The elevator's environment exudes a sense of modernity and elegance, designed with attention to detail and comfort in mind.

Frequently Asked Question About Hogwarts Shifting

Q. Can I be a Part of the Academy, Practice Magic, & Meet Characters?

Everything boils down to how detailed your script is. If you’ve clearly defined your goals, those goals will manifest in the alternate reality. If not, then the course of events and situations can become random. You can regurgitate same scenarios, but add a little more detail to your script after every session. Or you can even follow up with where you left, like watching a TV series.

In short, yes you can become a part of the academy, practice magic and meet your favorite characters in Hogwarts. Just make sure that you’ve added that to the script.

Q. Can I have a Negative Experience in Hogwarts?

You can, if you’ve not scripted correctly. Ideally, try to be optimistic when preparing your script, and enjoy the process of script creation. this way, you’ll convey your subconscious mind that the reality shift is a positive one. If you have written your script with a positive mindset, you’ll have positive experiences at Hogwarts even if you’ve been ambiguous with your script.

Q. Can I Get Trapped in Hogwarts?

Some shifters have an odd fear that they might never return to their original body once their shifting trip is over. This question is quite common as many experience alternate realities more real than real. The colors and brightness can sometimes be overwhelming in alternate realities because you don’t use your physical eyes to see there. There’s nothing to fear, the light and realism causes no harm to you.

In short, no, you can’t get trapped in Hogwarts. Even if you try to escape from the current reality, your soul is anyway bound to this body and physical reality. Your body will naturally wake up with new memories. You can safely reality shift to Hogwarts!

Q. Are There Any Risks to Shifting?

Obviously, there are no physical risks involved. However, a mild sense of disenchantment from the physical world can linger for a week. Alternate realities can be too beautiful and engrossing, which may cause one to zone out in the physical reality. This may indirectly have social and work-related consequences.

If you ever get too attached to an alternate reality, especially Hogwarts, just know that it’s quite a common phenomenon. You can always get back to the alternate reality the next night. Make sure that you don’t let both realities affect each other.

Q. Can I Visit Hogwarts with a Friends?

Yes, it’s possible! You must have a strong emotional connection with your friend if you’re planning to go to Hogwarts together. Make sure that both (or all) of you have written scripts that don’t clash with each other. In other words, a script must not contradict another. If you’re planning to reality shift to Hogwarts together, plan and write a script together, and describe what roles every individual in your group would play.

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