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Think and Grow Rich Review – A LOA Perspective

The law of attraction in itself is an abstract science, and the book “Think and Grow Rich” has made it practical. People who know about it aren’t more well-equipped for success than those who do not because they have several layers of conditioning which needs to be dealt with uniquely. We’ve come to know of this fact the hard way. Check forums, communities and groups, people who’ve learned LOA aren’t quite satisfied with their current situations. This book removes the vagueness of the law and makes it applicable.

This think and grow rich book review will illuminate the essence of the law of attraction, and its significance in your daily life.

Disclaimer: “Think and grow rich” and “the secret” aren’t the same. They explore similar ideas (of the universe), but “Think and grow rich” is much more relevant when it comes to manifesting money.

A Very Short Summary of Think and grow rich (review)

In short, here are some points that sum up the book:

  1. It brings clarity of desire and helps you define exactly what you want.
  2. Gives you the tools to make definite decisions and stick to them.
  3. Develop confidence in yourself and your skills.
  4. Gives you a tool named autosuggest using which you can make-believe anything.
  5. Gives out law of attraction techniques and practices to manifest whatever you want.
  6. Incorporates all necessary insights one may need to manifest a successful life.

While the steps are short and simple, you’ll need phenomenal attention to incorporate all of them into your life. Because Napoleon Hill has not streamlined each step and hasn’t made clear how one would know a step has been completed, many people find difficulty sticking to his advice.

Some Pitfalls to Avoid

People try to manifest little things here and there, I’ve seen that most people fall for the same traps. As you know, all humans have the same set of emotions, but they don’t realize it because of the uniqueness of their individual experience.

Think and grow rich has a procedural approach to dispel unnecessary beliefs around money and the universe. The conditioning you’ve received through society about your looks, how you should be, deciding your status based on your income, power, and attractiveness; all of these impositions need to be thrown in the dumpster, and the book helps you do that. In other words, it guides to toward the truth, at a level.

Just Reading The Book Will Not Solve Your Problems.

Know that “Think and grow rich” isn’t a quick way to riches. In fact, creating success is far more laborious and energy consuming than you’d imagine before reading the book. Even Bob Proctor (who is no longer with us anymore) said, a man would die but think. To take this thought forward, we can say, doing anything consciously is the most arduous activity one can do.

You have to think yourself into future and that’s the only work you need to do, all the other things will happen through you automatically. This has been my personal experience. You don’t deliberately have to “not do something” because you can manifest anything without action, you have to do something.

While using the best technique is not the key, doing anything consistently enough and giving it your complete attention is.

It Probably Won’t Happen Overnight But It Can Start Happening Right Now

Most people have the similar tendencies. Once you’ve learnt about the truth, you emphasize your own existence over it and corrupt it. This is the biggest trap the law of attraction community falls into.

To be more precise, many people who have read “Think and grow rich,” sooner or later, come to know of “the secret,” and then dismiss everything they’ve read in the former. This leads to dissonant ideas, which further leads to wishful thinking.

Maybe you’re thinking, “But isn’t wishful thinking the main idea of the law of attraction.” Actually, it is! But wishful thinking is not practical because you don’t have the guts to put all your money on the table for it.

The people of our times have frail faith. They need encouragement to even function properly in society. They’ve built an imaginary framework that supports the functioning of society, but that’s not how reality works. Yes, the framework is important, otherwise the society will collapse, but it’s not the ultimate truth.

Society is an idea built to support systems and bring order. And the same goes for other things like money, relationships, work, ethics, morality, language, law… So, if everything is a mental construct (either individual or collective), what does it mean to “manifest something”? Are you manifesting an existential situation or an idea?

Fundamentally, you’re trying to manifest a unique experience as a lifeform.

Think and Grow Rich Encourages You To Define Your Wants

So, the idea here is, you cannot create something without, first, creating it in your mind. Or in short, you need a vision. The book encourages you to introspect and define what you want so you can crystallize it in your mind.

In the yogic sciences, once something tangible is created either physically (in the form of yantra), or mentally (in the form of thought, emotion, or sound), it becomes a physical manifestation. Moreover, your attention and commitment is an act of imbuing that physical manifestation with energy.

For instance, if I’m visualizing an apple, I’ve given that apple a form inside my mind, and if I keep my attention on it for some time, I’ll memorize it’s features. Now, the memory of that apple will act as a physical manifestation too, but it won’t have the energy to manifest. To imbue the imaginary apple with energy, you have to give it juice or fuel, which is emotion.

If I visualize the pleasantness of the apple’s sweetness and simultaneously bring the memorized apple into my awareness, I’m imbuing it with my energy. However, this energy is not substantial enough to manifest apple out of thin air.

Each emotion have different level and quality of energy. You’d have already known that bliss is high-vibrational and sadness is low-vibrational. So, this is what experts mean, when they tell you to “feel good”.

Emotion or thought is an element, which gives shape to our universe. On the other hand, a vibration is not an element, it is a quality of element — because thought/emotion cause vibration. This truth is not mentioned in any book because it’s of no value. It’s just intellectual poetry. You must apply what you learn to reap the benefits.

The Book Gives You Ways to Embody These Ideas

Well! Where do we begin. Many people believe they can focus their minds on one thing for a long time. This is the biggest lie and deception most people face. If you could focus your attention on one thing for even 5 minutes, self-realization, divine sight and endless possibilities would be effortless for you. Let’s say, over 99% of people cannot do it (and here too we’re being very generous with the percentage).

Napoleon Hill knew this fact and gave us the recipe to put enough effort into building awareness toward one thing via his 6-step way to success.

So, Can Think and Grow Rich Yield Riches For You?

It very much can, but you’ll have to follow every advice Napoleon Hill gave in the book.

So, are there better ways to manifest things into your life?

Honestly, that’s not the right question! Actually, we’ve come up with different techniques and approaches to do the same things. Fundamentally, we’re just focusing our attention on the things we want until they manifest. So, the level of attention determines the power of your manifestation.

So, if you’re following every step as Napoleon Hill says, you’re committing to paying attention to your goals everyday and forming a routine. Another way to follow manifest is by sitting still, closing your eyes and visualizing the end result of your goal every day!

I know think and grow rich can help you manifest anything you want. So, ideally, if you want to commit to Napoleon Hill’s method, you must use it all the way through, and not switch back and forth between my approach, “the secret’s” method, and Napoleon Hill’s method. Stick to one thing! If not, you’d stay stuck for quite some time until you reach the truth through constant observation.

That’s it for this one! Hope you like my think and grow rich review. You can download the book PDF from this link. Subscribe to gain more insights into the law of attraction and manifest money, love and happiness 5 times faster.

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