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Why You Manifest Better On Full Moon Days?

Manifest with the moon

The moon has played a role in manifesting life the way it is. Earth’s position from the sun and moon effects the way we’ve evolved as living creatures. So, why and how is our power to manifest directly associated with the moon? This article will answer that, and also give you a way to supercharge your manifestations.

Influence of Moon On The planet & Living Beings

Moon creates high tides in the ocean and an upsurge of energy in the human body. Each day, from no moon to full moon, your energies rise little by little and reach its peak on Poornima. In fact, many Bramhacharis notice headaches on full moon days.

On full moon day, your habits, mental patterns and emotions become the most intense. So, if you have depression, you’ll become more depressed — If you’re blissful, you’ll become more blissful — If you desire something, you’ll desire it even more.

How to Manifest With The Moon?

You can leverage the natural upsurge of energy and channel it toward manifesting what you want. Prefer to manifest when the phases are transitioning from no moon to full moon.

Follow the steps below:

#1. Decide What You Want to Manifest

You must stick to your decision till full moon. So, pick something that you’ve wanted to manifest for a long time.

#2. Jot it Down on a Piece of Paper

Once you written it down, you’ve signed the contract that says you’re going to stick to it! In addition, writing down your desires crystallizes the thought and helps the mind realize what and why it wants.

#3. On The Full Moon Night, Visualize the End Result

Make sure you keep the distractions and other desires AWAY, as on this day attraction will be the strongest! Only visualize the end result of the wish you wrote on the contract, as you go to sleep.

You could also prepare a script with a voiceover that you could listen to as you drift off.

How to Deal With Distractions and Other Desires?

Most people can’t even concentrate on one thing for 7 seconds, so to keep your energies free, try eating less and staying active throughout the day.

Our mental paradigms and compulsions are closely related to our current reality. You can only break the ingrained habits and become a manifestation master by eating high-vibration foods and practicing yoga!

I’ve written the ultimate law of attraction guide to mastery (Samyukti), where I’ve covered exact yogic exercises, high-vibration foods and various other aspects of the law of attraction that no one has ever taught you. The book also explains the mechanics of LOA, and not only how, but WHY it works.

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