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Why is The Law of Attraction Not Working For Me?

A confused girl who doesn't understand why the law of attraction isn't working for her.

Many people give up on the law of attraction after learning about it for months and not practicing it enough. There’s only one reason why the law of attraction is not working for you. You’re clinging to your desires too much. Here’s the truth, the law of attraction is not something you learn, but something you live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

I’ve heard this question so many times! Why isn’t my visualization manifesting into physical reality, does the law of attraction even work, what am I doing wrong? Here’s why. Our mental state functions from gross to subtle levels, and it’s difficult to pinpoint what beliefs and emotions are stopping us from manifesting our desires into reality. But there’s a simple way to stay on track which we’re going to discuss in this post.

You are your best friend, and you’re your worst enemy. Everything in the outside world is working by the law of attraction, so the real question is, what am I doing wrong, and how can I make the law of attraction work FOR me.

Let’s shed some light on what’s causing hinderance in your manifestation process. Once we’ve divided the positive and negative aspects, we can discern them and stick to the positive side. Here’s a list of your enemies/obstacles that stop one from successfully manifesting something:

Your Enemies

#1. Doubtfulness

There’s a difference between “questioning something” and “being doubtful”. Here’s the fact. Being doubtful is only natural when visualizing or affirming what you want because that’s a part of the process. To get rid of doubtfulness, you need to continue practicing, and the very process you’re following is created to free you from your state. Once your belief becomes absolute, the desire will manifest.

#2. Fear

Fear of failure or fear of learning the truth (that the law of attraction may be just some wishy-washy fad) often dread people. Wanting to know the truth is a human quality which we must never ignore. The truth is that the law works, and that we must apply it consciously to make it work FOR US.

#3. Impatience

Many people prolong their manifestation by becoming impatient. Yes, sounds counter-intuitive, but when you’re desperately wanting something, you’re not in the right vibration to receive it. Imagine “wanting something” and “having something” as two different states of being.

I know it can be difficult to let go when you’re in dire need of something. Do this, after you’ve completed your visualization, do an activity that demands your complete focus. When you do this, don’t think about the results of the activity, just keep increasing the intensity of your activity. This is an assured way to drive your mind away from the feeling of desperation.

#4. Wrong Vibration

This one is the father of all enemies for a LOA practitioner. There’s a difference between acting it out and actually living your desired reality. Living a desired reality never involves flaunting or any sort of superiority complex, as many people do what they do to be better than others.

Know why you want something, write it on a paper, burn it in your consciousness, and stick to that purpose. See yourself living with what you want, and really ask yourself “Would I think like this if I already had what I wanted?”.

Your Friends:

Let’s talk about the aspects that’ll help you manifest your desires into reality. If you take care of all of these, you’re set to succeed in your manifestation journey.

#1. Liveliness

Yes! Do you know some people eat themselves to sleep and some think themselves to restlessness. It’s important to keep your diet and mind in a lively state where you’re actively willing to live life. If you’re groggy, you’ll naturally tend to lazy thoughts and stop yourself from taking inspired action.

  1. Eat moderately.
  2. When you eat moderately, your mind and body will naturally come to ease.
#2. High Vibration (Positive mental state)

Humans are naturally happy beings. It’s when they associate themselves with the external world wrongly, they create suffering for themselves. Our company, peers, and influencers direct our energies, and our actions and behavior direct energies of people around us. It’s crucial to distance yourself and not engage with the negativity of the world.

Do what makes you happy. Don’t do anything that brings regrets later on. It’s important to look into your emotional guidance system.

#3. Positive Action

It’s important to note that positive action implies taking action that moves you toward your goals. So, if you can take action, take it. If you can’t act on your goals due to your current situation, then practice affirmations, visualize yourself taking action and see yourself achieving results. Every second spent visualizing your goals is bringing results closer to fruition.

To learn more about what you can do, refer this: Complete Tool Kit to Get Started With The Law of Attraction

Ultimately, It’s Simple & Easy

If you do these things right, you will succeed with the law of attraction. No matter where or who you are, if you stick with the 3 friends (liveliness, high vibration, positive action), and are mindful of your enemies (doubtfulness, fear, impatience, negative emotions), you will succeed with your manifestation.

So, if the law of attraction is not working for you, keep these 7 aspects in mind and see throughout the day how much of your attention is being spent in these 7 aspects. Take action that gets you closer to the positive side. That sums everything up. Thanks for reading!

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