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What to do When Everything Goes Wrong? (The Truth)

law of attraction when everything goes wrong.

Many people move toward the law of attraction when everything goes wrong in their life. And why wouldn’t they, for it literally offers a simple solution to every problem in the world. Want something? Believe you already have it! Hate someone? Believe that they’re gone!

Well! For now, stop doing everything! Disengage not just from the world, but also yourself because the person and things you’re grieving, don’t deserve to be grieved. Everything you see around and within yourself is no more than moving lumps of soil. The grieving, the desperate, the happy and the sad, are all self-created delusions, made to distance ourselves from that ultimate consciousness, which is infinitely intelligent and capable.

We can’t deny the fact that all of us, at some point, have tried to “just manifest something,” instead of trying to do it the traditional way. And while this might have sounded like a great plan, it ultimately ended up not working — because the law of attraction is not for the desperate and lazy!

Here’s why. Imagine if you wanted some fresh hot coffee, and you started doing coffee visualization. Would the coffee appear in front of you by magic? It wouldn’t. So, what you attract doesn’t solely depends on what you visualized earlier. It is just influenced and energized by it. As your concentration level increases, so does the level of influence you thoughts have on the environment.

The Root Cause of Suffering & Failure Among LOA Practitioners

The law of attraction was discovered and spread by many great visionaries and gurus, but over decades (if not centuries) of rigorous publicity, why is everyone who knows of it, isn’t wealthy, happy and fulfilled? If the secret has reached over 3 million in sales over a decade, why does the entire LOA community seem stagnated, strolling through daily mundane life for years, manifesting lottery tickets and SPs?

We’ve learned to put the cart before the horses! That’s why.

We think that we are different from the crowd, we can do what others cannot, but at the end of the day, we’re all built from the same soil. In truth, the root cause of failure and suffering is inaction. Do you know why? Because the root cause of inaction comes from doubtfulness. You wouldn’t get up to brew coffee if you doubted you could make it, and so, you would instead practice visualization and expect to manifest a plan in your mind.

Doubting something is a virtue. However, doubtfulness as an innate quality is a vice and worth no attention.

So, if you don’t take action today, right now, then you’re going to stay stagnated, in fear, and procrastinate for the rest of your life. If you don’t take action now, then you’ll never see results in the future. But if you take action now, you’ll either see results tomorrow, or day after tomorrow. And with those results, you’ll set goals and plans for much greater results.

One Solution to All Problems

Wake up, find out what you want, and align your energies in that direction until it manifests! That’s all!

  1. Know what you want.
  2. Write it down and visualize the end result.
  3. And don’t change your focus each day!

While you’re taking action and doing what would bring results, don’t think about happiness or sadness, winning or losing, having or not having. Do the task for the sake of doing the task alone. And before you begin, take a vow that you’ll do that task with your whole heart and soul into it, not for anything, but the task’s sake alone.

If we go further back in time and look at the origin of the law of attraction, we see that it has been mentioned in the Rig Veda and Atharva Veda. But, unfortunately, the contemporary concept of LOA has been horrendously simplified, for it doesn’t come from the understanding of soul fulfillment, but plain belief.

We haven’t even transcended our bodies, yet we’re trying to control the mind. It cannot happen this way. First, you must transcend your body, and then, you must transcend the mind. Once you’ve transcended the mind, you can direct it at your will.

Currently, you’re only being directed BY the body and mind.

There is a vast and intricate science behind why attraction works, how it works, and how we can make it work for you. Shuflash is all about exploring and bringing back that authentic science, not of LOA, but of the soul and the ultimate. Law of attraction is just a speck, use it as a quick fix for when everything is going wrong.

If you’re In a Deep Negative Place

You’re a part of the society, not different from others. If you can show compassion and kindness to others, you can be kind to yourself, too. Look at yourself from a third person perspective, and see the naivety of your actions. Show compassion and try to help this person because nobody understands this person more than you. This exercise will release you from your current state, and lead you to a new state.

Now, looking at yourself from a third person perspective, determine what’s absolutely necessary for you in the moment. Once you know the answer, write it on a paper. Drop everything else, and put all your attention on what you want. Forget about the world, it’s only a projection of your mind.

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Be Prepared to Give It Your all

If you think law of attraction is an easy way to attract what you want, it’s not. For any affirmation to take physical form, you must be willing to recite it 400,000 times. You’ll have to transcend the body, then the mind, then intellect, and then the self. The sounds and feelings of your recitation must reverberated throughout the Godhead or the cosmos.

400K is not a random figure, it comes from the Rig Veda; a 15,000 year old scripture. Each 100K recitations move you one step forward toward the ultimate Godhead.

However, you will easily manifest what you want before you reach that mark. But if you continue and reach 400K recitations of one affirmation, and realize it (siddhi), you’ll give that affirmation a form. Then, you’ll be able to give that affirmation to others, and it would work for people like magic (only if it is given to them by you).

There is indeed a complex science to the procedure through which you can attain siddhi in chants, which needs a lot of context to understand. So, comment below if you want me to elaborate on it next week.

So, here are the actions you can take right now:

  1. Create a short affirmation.
  2. Download a counter app or a timer.
  3. Devote your time and energy to visualizing the end result.

Start by affirming, then finish one session through visualization. You don’t have to recite the affirmation 400K times. So, don’t use it as a benchmark. It was just to tell you what it takes to truly influence the godhead/ultimate consciousness.

That’s it for this post! Thanks for reading the post on how to use law of attraction when everything goes wrong.

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