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What Is Third Eye & How to Open it? [Ajna Chakra]

The mystery of the third eye and how to awaken its powers.

Introduction: What is third eye?

What makes the third eye different from everything? — The eyes we use to see our environment do not show us the world in its true form – just the projections of colors and shapes conceived in the firmament of our own minds. How photons bounce back and forth until they flood through the retina – get processed by the brain, and a conception of thought as an image manifest.

To clarify, all sensory inputs are projections of the mind, which makes them illusory. For instance, an owl doesn’t see the world the same way as we do — Our clear daytime vision isn’t superior to the owl’s clear night-time vision. If you run into an argument with an owl about whose vision is faulty, the quarrel will never end, and when push comes to shove, both will come up with wrong conclusions.

So, is there a way to see the world the way it is?

Yes, there is. There is an eye that works as a scaffolding for all perceivable sensory (as well as non-sensory) inputs, which is present an inch deep in the center of our eyebrows. Moreover, In India, people commonly refer to it as the Ajna Chakra. Ajna is not physical nor sensory in nature — It is just different. It sees the world just the way it is… as pure awareness.

What is third eye at a deeper level.

Almost 100% of things we perceive are lies. For instance, just as science says, colors are just different wavelengths of light, and mangoes aren’t sweet, sweet is a sensation we feel on our tongue, we must not confuse the human experience of the 5 senses with the truth.

Anything we conceive in our mind, we see. However, our thoughts, sight, and all other sensory input are just for the sake of survival.

Due to the very existence of the third eye, we can experientially say that we are. It is the true nature of our being. It is pure witness that sees the world the way it is.

The third eye chakra infographic
Sight of Ajna

How to see things using the third eye?

To make a significant impact in seeing things in their real form you have to withdraw your attention from all that is not true. And then slowly you’ll see that what remains is the third eye itself. For instance, do this:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Stop giving attention to your thoughts.
  3. Withdraw your attention from your body parts through relaxation.
  4. Take your attention away from all the sounds.
  5. Withdraw attention from all the 5 senses.

It is pretty similar to sleeping. Act like you are going to sleep. Relax the body totally, but remain alert. Your mind will try to drift off but you must remain awake.

You have to be the cow that jumps over the mind ~ Rhonda Byrne.

The only thing that’ll remain will be your third eye or pure consciousness. We’ll discuss some great meditation techniques to awaken it.

third eye awakening affirmations.

The Third Eye Is The Highest Possiblity of The Human Mind

This doesn’t mean your intelligence and IQ will increase. It means that you’ve reached the highest maturity of thought. You will be able to increase your intelligence if you devote your thoughts in that direction, but an awakened Ajna doesn’t necessarily make you an academic genius by itself.

It only increases the possibility of the mind. For instance, you’ll be able to learn and develop visualization techniques that’ll take you towards a target. If you want to attract wealth, you’ll clearly see what beliefs are stopping you from getting there.

The awareness has become like a pond. It reflects everything the way it is. And a clear awareness will reflect itself upon the mind and make it sharper too.

What Things Does The Third Eye Bring With It?

After awakening the third eye, you’ll begin to live in two parallel realities, the proclaimed physical — and the psychic world which takes time to make sense of — because it’s subtle. Your ability to see the parallel world depends totally on your ability to concentrate on a thing.

For instance, have you ever had a premonition? Or maybe sometimes your dream so vividly, it seems more real than real? When you dream of places you’ve never been to or you see extremely complex and detailed terrain, you’re actually having experiences from an unclear and undertrained Ajna Chakra.

Humans have the power to see anything and everything in this universe through what is called the third eye. You can see how the universe came into being, how physical manifestation and subtler manifestations structure the universe, and why visualizing and believing manifests and bring things into your living experience (The law of attraction).

Powers of the Ajna Chakra

You can also understand and see how and why ancient mystics used the occult (tantra or witchcraft) for various purposes. Many of the powers of the third eye include, but are not limited to:

  1. Clairvoyance
  2. Astral travel – The link to 3 youtube videos: A guide to astral travel in 3 days.
  3. Ability to see the past and future
  4. Experiential Non-duality
  5. Wish fulfillment and mind control
  6. Self-realization (A potential to reach there)
  7. hypnotism
  8. Being able to construct manifestations of kundalini

Many people do Ajna sadhana just for the sake of these benefits, but fortunately, it doesn’t come so easily when done with an intent that serves the ego. If you are a devotee of a god or a curious person who wants to know and understand God (reality + unreality), it will be comparatively easier to awaken.

Third Eye Awakening Practice

There are many different techniques out there that can take you there. All of these techniques are mentioned in the Bharava Tantra if you wish to read. However, they are vague, and also, since you’re reading this, try out the practice I do, first.

  1. Put your attention between your eyebrows (An inch deep from the skin)
  2. Now, visualize a white light at that spot.
  3. Watch or put your whole attention on that light until you lose track of all the other things including the 5 senses and thoughts.

Slowly, you’ll notice that you’re still having thoughts in subtler forms. That would mean you are heading the right way. Don’t try to stop anything, they’ll naturally fade away with time. Just focus on the white light until you become it.

Conclusion: Things to Keep In Mind

The method mentioned above is a powerful one. As your attention gets deeper and deeper, you may start seeing things from your past and your past lives (if you believe). If you don’t believe, just know that you may encounter weird and probably horrific memories. Let everything pass by and slowly, your awareness will become more and more untainted.

You’ll become like a pure reflection of awareness. Once this has happened, your kundalini will begin to rise up quickly. Moreover, shift your attention to your heart or any one of the 6 lower chakras, unless you want to amplify your thoughts. This means, if you are often surrounded by negative thoughts, you will begin to go crazy. This usually happens with undertrained or immature awareness.

Hope now you’re clear about what the third eye is. Thank you for reading through. If you liked it, comment and share! If you want more, sign up or subscribe to the newsletter!

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