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The 3 Secrets to The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction

The secret to the law of attraction is not in believing and receiving, but vibrations! You might have heard such or similar quotes from different LOA gurus and experts, but what do they even mean?

Consider the law of gravity for instance. Masses attract each other. Gravity is a law, it never changes and will never change. The law of attraction is similar. The law never changes — people do. It is objective, but we’ve made it subjective, which is, in turn, hiding a greater truth behind it.

We need to change our perspectives to help ourselves manifest more effectively. Looking at the law from a scientific/psychological perspective will put you in the right light!

These are the truths about manifestation that you don’t want to hear!

#1. The Law of Attraction Finds Expression Through Everything You See

The human mind is the most powerful machine on the planet, But it’s also just a medium through which the law functions. We tend to believe that this law is the science of the human mind– It’s not!

When two planets attract each other, the law of attraction is at play. When someone confesses their love to you, or compliments your beautiful face or charming personality, the law of attraction is at play. When you see a random email asking you for a quick call for a high-paying contract, the law is at play.

#2. The Lesser You Become, The Greater You Manifest

Manifestation has never been easier to us than we believe it is. Because, sometimes, we’re thinking so much about the law of attraction and whether it’s working or not, we tend to create conflicts inside our minds.

If even a non-intelligent celestial body can attract another in space, the mind, which can perform far more complex operations, can attract whatever it desires. Because no manifestation is worth a dime to the ultimate consciousness, nothing is more difficult to manifest! Everything happens automatically when you visualize it.

It all starts gravitating toward you the moment to drop all resistance. And to drop resistance, you need to open your heart!

There’s no need to even address a single negative belief. It’ll all dissolve and transform into pure energy the moment you focus on what you want, and not on what you don’t want.

#3. You Can Tap Into Your Guidance System & It’ll Show What’s Best For You

You don’t have to perform some ritual, summon deities, or work physically or mentally, to access your guidance system. It is your soul, which is always there to answer. All you need to do is relax and look at things from a bird’s eye view.

… Why am I doing this? What do I want to achieve with this? Is this my true calling? Contemplation and self-analysis are two important aspects to knowing where you want to go.

And remember, when you’re in doubt, always know that you’re on the right path. And the next steps will be revealed to you by whoever you deem worthy; the godhead, guru, deity, or your higher self.


Meditation and watching the old patterns collapse is important to any manifestation JOURNEY!

Yes, manifestation is not an overnight thingy, where you believe in something and it immediately happens. Not because it is not possible. It is possible.

The secret to the law of attraction is that it can happen instantly only when you believe in what you visualize and do not fear losing the old you.


The price may sometimes terrify us because we hold a terror barrier. It’s like walking into a new territory without a map. If you walk in without flinching and believe in your manifestation, you will manifest it instantly. This is the real secret to the law of attraction.

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