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What is The Law of Attraction & How to Use it?

The law of attraction will change your life forever.

The law of attraction has made millionaires, top artists, and successful influencers. People have used this law to manifest their perfect life partners, perfect business partners, and a dream lifestyle. In this beginner-friendly article, you’ll learn what the law of attraction is, by definition, and what are the 7 pillars (laws) of attraction.

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is a new thought belief that our thoughts create our reality, and that we can take charge of our destiny by changing how and what we think. According to experts, optimistic mindset and positive thinking play a key role in attracting the things we want in our lives.

If we look at the law from a universal and psychological standpoint, we can see that the law of attraction manifests itself in the form of gravity (that attracts planets) and human desire (that enables humans to create what they want). So, in simple words, our thoughts gravitate us toward the object of those thoughts.

Why Not All Desires Manifest?

So, why is it that you day dream about money and abundance, yet a day dream doesn’t manifest into reality? The truth is we’re in a constant turmoil, thinking why we couldn’t have something. When you want to attract wealth, you don’t want to focus on why you wouldn’t, shouldn’t, and may not get it.

The law of attraction teaches us to think about things that we DO want and not about things we DON’T. And so, having a positive attitude plays a key role in deciding whether we’ll succeed with this law or not. So, if you want to manifest something, think about how, why, when, and where you’re going to get that thing. Visualize, clearly, every detail of the thing you want, and it’ll manifest into your reality. All you need is a bias adjustment, and your perception of your daily situations, your behavior, and habits will change as a result, which will allow you to transform your life the way you want.

The 7 Laws of Attraction

1. The Law of Manifestation

Our thoughts manifest into reality. If you believe you are wealthy and abundant, you will attract wealth and abundance towards yourself. And, in fact, nothing in this world happens on accident or by coincidence. That is to say, every incident, every little situation is a manifestation of the thoughts we habitually run in our minds. Many people have gone through incredible trauma and life situations that they couldn’t possibly think about. Is that too their own creation? They aren’t exactly our “conscious” creation. According to yoga, the subtle memories of our past lives come to us in the form of karma, which create the very fundamentals of the kind of personality we have in this lifetime. Meditation and kriya yoga are two ways one can liberate themself from the cycle of karma and rebirth.

2. The Law of Magnetism

This law states that like attracts like. What you think about, you attract in your life. Now, some people may argue that magnetism actually happens against the opposites, but that’s only a conceptual understanding of magnetism. Even magnets are no exceptions to this law. Yes, a woman is not usually attracted to another woman, but she is always attracted to the ideal picture of a partner she has conceived in her mind. If you want something, create a picture of that thing in your mind, and you’ll start attracting it in your life.

3. The Law of detachment

When you want something, you naturally tend toward attracting it and you actually do attract it into your life. However, people get desperate too easily. The statement “I want it now”, also subtly suggests that “I can’t have it now,” which is a limiting belief. Do you know where all the desperation and attachments come from? They come when you interact with the outside world. You see a friend flaunt his/her new car, and now you want an even costlier version of that car. Such desires are not only disingenuous, they’re also fleeting. And fleeting desires never manifest because one cannot invest their attention on them for long.

Staying detached from the external while creating a reality that “YOU” desire – not someone else – is a blessing. Forget about the world, and focus all your attention on what YOU want, and then work on creating that no matter what the world has to say or show you.

4. The Law of Desire

A desire is always pure, and a desire is all you need to manifest something into reality. Always remember. The stronger desire always prevails in the fight of conflicting desires. If you have a desire to be happier and healthier, but your desire to stay on the couch and eat junk food is stronger, then the latter will manifest into your reality. When you want a specific desire to win, you need to think about why you want it. Meet other people who want it too, listen to YouTubers who have devoted their lives it.

5. The Law of Karma

According to Yoga, Karma isn’t a reward system. The word karma is synonymous with the word memory. And the connotation of this word suggests that everything that you do in the world, from sipping a cuppa to donating to the poor, creates Karma in you, which decides what you become in the future. The actions you take today, can make you a millionaire tomorrow or equally make you broke.

Even when you’re thinking about something, you’re creating Karma. Applying the visualization techniques, creating vision boards, practicing affirmations are also creating Karma that can make your future. Here are all the law of attraction techniques you can learn today!

6. The Law of Universal Influence

The whole universe has come into form through infinite intelligence. Your thoughts are the source of what you see and every individual thought resonates throughout the collective consciousness. Approaching this law with open-mindedness will put things in your favor. After practicing manifestation techniques, people notice that situations and events line up to their desire. This happens because the universe is always listening and ready to serve you because you serve its purpose by “being conscious”.

7. The Law of Synchronicity

The universe is perfect in all ways and everything in the world is interconnected. When you follow your heart and work on manifesting your desires into reality, the universe synchronizes to your actions and people and situations work to help serve your purpose. Every single person who has learnt the law of attraction often notices repeating numbers and coincidences for the same reason. It’s because your personal experience of the universe is synchronized with what you’re trying to manifest.

How to Use The law of attraction

You just have to visualize as if you already have what you want to manifest. Our thoughts permeate throughout the universe and crystallize into physical form. This happens because our thoughts and the universe are made from the same stuff — Energy. While some may question this law and even call it wishful thinking, you can always experiment with it and see for yourself whether it’s true or not. Here’s the science of how the law of attraction works.

Here’s my suggestion. Doubt and question every little aspect of this law, understand it, and learn why it works the way it does, but never create opinions about it. When you approach the law with an open mind and positive emotions, you reassure that you don’t fall into common pitfalls and apply it effectively!


I want you to relax for a moment. Forget about all your worries. Don’t think about things you don’t want, and imagine how you’d be if you had no limiting beliefs. This post has everything you need to succeed in every aspect of life.

If you want to manifest something using the power of the law of attraction you must see it in your mind as a living reality through visualization. For instance, let’s say you want to manifest a car using this power. Firstly, decide which car you want. See how its exterior and interior design is, so you can imagine it clearly in your mind (Google it or watch a car review). And now, imagine as if it’s already in your possession. Imagine that you have this car parked outside your house.

“See yourself in the driver seat, Feel its power, Listen to the sound it makes, Smell the Alcantara seat covers, Feel the textures of the steering wheel. Touch its logo and feel its shape. The shine, the color, the smoothness, the power you feel. Everything!”

Practice Gratitude to Make This Law Magical

Moreover, after you finish visualizing, be happy and grateful for the car you just received. Do everything that makes you happier, because you wouldn’t be sad if the car manifested, because emotions and thoughts are the most powerful tools on the planet. More importantly, steer away from toxic positivity. If you don’t feel happy now, do things that make you happy than “trying to feel happy now”. Happiness is a consequence of right action (Whether that action is mental or physical).

A single thought can lead to the destruction of humanity, or create a beauty like this universe. The atom bomb came into existence from a single thought. And so did the law of attraction!

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